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What Can I Clean An Air Hockey Table With?

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Do you own an Air Hockey table and are having problems with your puck sliding like it should? Maybe you have heard about cleaners that you can use to help, but you don’t want to damage your table.

Well, in this article we will go over the best product to use, or if your table is extremely bad and still does not work, what you can do to fix it. 

So what can you Clean an Air Hockey table with?

Although you can use basically any polish or shine or even windex on your Air Hockey table to clean it, the best cleaner to use is Murphy Oil Soap. This product will not damage your table as it does not have ammonia in it, and it will clean as well as polish the top of your table far better than other cleaners. 

If you want to know more about the best way to clean your Air Hockey table, or the proper way to make sure you do not damage it, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video that will show you the best product as well as the proper way to clean your table. 

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How Often Should I Clean My Air Hockey Table?

If you’ve at last chosen to dive in and buy the best air hockey table, then you probably know it is going to cost some money to get one. Although no one wants to think about maintenance on a brand new product, there will come a point where you will need to clean your Air Hockey table.

But how often should you clean your Air Hickey table?

Ideally you will want to clean your Air Hockey table every 4-8 weeks. However, exactly how often it needs to be cleaned will depend on the type of table, where you have it at, and how often you use it.

If you use your Air Hockey table daily then it might need to be cleaned/polished every couple of weeks so the puck glides smoothly across it. If you don’t play it but once every couple of months then it might only need cleaned and polished to remove the dust before you play on it.

Our guide on the most proficient method to clean an air hockey table will give you some extraordinary tips on the best way to keep the surface spotless andthe holes clean of debris for an extreme gaming experience. We’ll additionally go over fundamental consideration and what you can do to keep your table looking new.

You don’t need to commit a great deal of time to extremely clean your Air Hockey table consistently. The best thing to do is to center around keeping the playing surface clean from gunk, residue, dirt and dust. No matter what, a messy playing surface can have a significant negative effect on the playing experience. Good cleaning ought to be done at regular intervals depending upon how often the table is used.

If you take care of your air hockey table, there’s no reason it won’t last all of your lifetime and well into your childrens and grandchildrens lifetime as well. 

Why Do You Have To Clean Your Air Hockey Table?

So, why do Air Hockey tables need to be cleaned? One of the biggest reasons is because a table that’s dirty can seriously hinder gameplay. A dirty playing surface will slow down the puck and can make it difficult to make certain shots. 

When a lot of dirt or dust accumulates on the playing surface it can even clog up the holes on the table. If this happens, it causes what are referred to as dead spots.

In these dead spots, air is not able to make its way through the dirt and grime. This means when you shoot a puck over one of these areas the puck may stop in its tracks or significantly slow down, ruining a great shot.

If there is dirt, debris, or another type of substance on the surface it can cause the puck to jump, buck, or slide in the wrong direction. This can be very frustrating for players.

Even worse, it can also end up damaging the surface of the table causing nicks and chips. If this happens, even a regular deep clean won’t help to improve gameplay.

In order to avoid this issue, the playing surface should be cleaned right before and after use. Routine maintenance should be done once a week. If you only use the table once in a blue moon, then you should do a deep clean before adding a cover and another deep clean when you pull the table out of storage.

A typical deep clean should be done every couple of months.

How To Clean Your Air Hockey Table (4 Steps)

Now that you know how often you should clean your Air Hockey table, your next question might be exactly how you should do it.

  • Should you use a wet cloth and thats all?
  • Should you use a polish to clean the table?
  • Should the table be turned on while cleaning?

Well you don’t have to worry, I will cover the best way to clean your Air Hockey table below.

1. Switch On the Blowers

Before you start cleaning the table, make sure you switch on the blowers. This will help prevent any of the dirt and grime from settling into any of the holes on the table’s surface.

You will want to use an extension on your vacuum to get up as much of the standing dirt or dust that is on the table.

Make sure you carefully go over the surface using a light touch in order to avoid damaging the surface of the table with the nozzle attachment on the vacuum.

2. Wipe Down the Playing Surface

After the table has been vacuumed, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down the playing surface. I recommend using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

I would also recommend using the same cloth to wipe down the sides of the table. Some hockey table players will tell you to avoid this step since many feel that a small amount of dust can help when making a bank shot.

Basically, this is a personal choice. I recommend wiping down the sides of the table simply because the same dust can travel to the table’s surface, potentially clogging the holes in the playing surface.

3. Clean Any Clogged Holes

One of the biggest issues that can negatively impact your playing experience is clogged holes throughout the playing surface. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, although if your table has never been cleaned before, it can be a very lengthy process.

If your table has many clogged holes in the playing surface, then you’ll need to do a deep clean. Most deep cleaning processes can involve polishing after cleaning the playing surface, the sides of the table, and the legs.

It will also include cleaning out the holes in the table. Fortunately, cleaning the holes out is an easy fix, although, if your table is pretty filthy then this step can be time-consuming.

To clean out the holes, you’ll need to use a toothpick to carefully poke through each of the clogged holes. Another option is to use a small drill bit. Always remember to keep the blowers going to help dislodge the holes and remove the gunk from the surface of the table.

Make sure that any item that you use to clear out the holes on the playing surface is smaller than the holes so you don’t end up accidentally damaging the table.

4. Use Cleaning Products

Some Air Hockey table owners are absolutely against using any sort of cleaner to clean their tables. These individuals will try and sell you their own specific cleaner to simply make more money.

While some people like to use regular furniture shines, window cleaners that are ammonia free and dish cleaners such as Dawn also work well to make sure Air Hockey table slide like new again.

Whichever item you choose to use, make sure that you thoroughly dry the table once you’ve cleaned all the dirt and grime off. You ought to also make sure you don’t splash the outside of the table with these cleaners.

Buildup can get trapped in the openings of the playing surface and transform into a clingy gunky surface, stopping up the gaps and making the puck fly in odd directions. Along these lines some people simply use a microfiber material in warm water and go over the outside of the table after you’ve used the cleaner so it does not stay on the table. 


The most effective method to clean an Air Hockey table table is to start with a vacuum, move to a damp cloth, clean out the holes, and then move to a cleaner/polish to get the Air Hockey puck sliding like new again. If you prefer not to use harsh chemicals on the table you can simply use some soap and water to clean and shine the table.

If you don’t mind using chemicals things like furniture polish or Murphy Oil Soap will work really well to get the table sliding again. You may need to do a touch of testing as far as what chemicals work best with your machine.

No matter what chemical you use though, as long as you follow the above steps and maintain the table regularly, it will last a long time.