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What Does Nintendo Switch Online Do? 

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If you are like me and you own a Nintendo Switch you have probably thought about buying the Nintendo Switch online many times. The problem is it is not a necessity to pay for an online account in order to enjoy playing games. 

This is one of the biggest reasons that people have not purchased a Nintendo Switch online account. The other reason is because people do not understand what they are paying for with a Switch online account. 

A Nintendo Switch online membership gives you access to play games online, cloud backup to save your games, members only special offers, and free NES and Super NES games. 

Even though you may not get as much for a Nintendo Switch online account as you do with other gaming system online accounts, it is considerably cheaper than other gaming systems. While other gaming systems online accounts can cost five to ten dollars a month, the Switch online membership is only $20 per year!

For only a couple dollars a month you get quite a few things that you can use from your Nintendo Switch online membership. Everyone loves the online access as well as the free games that you can enjoy. 

The couple dollars a month that you pay for a Nintendo Switch on my membership is worth it just from the free games that you get to play. On top of the free games you also can play your Switch games online with your friends and family. 

The Nintendo Switch online membership is the cheapest online membership from any gaming company ever produced. 

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Do you get free games with the Nintendo Switch online?

When you purchase the Nintendo Switch online membership you get many perks. One of the biggest perks of the Switch online membership, is being able to play games online. 

Many people want to know if you get free games with the Nintendo Switch online membership as well as being able to play games. Other gaming memberships will give you trials of new games for free, but does Nintendo do this? 

You do get free games with the Nintendo Switch online membership, but they are only the games that were originally on the original NES and the Super NES. 

Nintendo does not give you free games to play that are new like other gaming systems do. Even though they give you original NES games and super NES games that you can play for free it is still extremely fun because those games were so amazing. 

Many people still play those original games on their original consoles even today which is why being able to play them on a console like the Nintendo Switch is even better. 

Although you do get the games for free, you only get them for free if you pay for the monthly membership fee. Since you are paying for this fee, are the games really free? 

While you can play the games for free with an online membership, if you stop paying for the membership you will not be able to play any of the original NES games or Super NES games. 

Even the games that you do get with the membership are not all of the games that were made for the NES or Super NES. This is because there were so many games made for the systems that were not that popular. Nintendo only gives you the ones that were popular on the consoles. 

Can Mario Kart 8 deluxe be played offline?

With Mario Kart 8 deluxe being so popular, and so many people playing the game, not everyone who owns it would have an online account. This is because there are so many people that have the game and you can still play the game normally by yourself without an online account. 

The problem is, a lot of people want to play this game with their friends, but they may not have an online account. Can you play this with your friends even if you do not have an online account?

You can play Mario Kart 8 deluxe offline with up to 4 players! If you want to play with more than 4 players at the same time, each person will need to have a Switch online account. 

This is great news for so many people as this is such a popular game. Because the game is so popular, they did not want to force people to buy an online account just to play one game with their friends. 

Even though it is only up to 4 players, most people will only play with 3-4 players at a time as it is hard to get all of their friends together in the same place to play a game. This is another reason that a lot of people will purchase a Switch online account. 

It makes playing games like Mario Kart 8 deluxe with all of your friends extremely easy to do. They do not have to be right next to you, or even in the same building with you in order to compete against them. 

What games can you play online with Nintendo Switch online?

If you are going to spend your money on a Switch online account, you will want to make sure you can play the games you want online. If you only play one specific game all the time and online is not compatible with that game, you would not want to pay for a Switch online account. 

You can play almost every single Switch game ever made with an online account. Below is the list of all the games in alphabetical order that work with a Switch online account. 

Now that you can see the exact titles of all of the games you can play online with friends, you can see why so many people pay for the Switch online account. It is so much fun to play online with all of your friends, and having this many games that work with the account is a huge bonus.