What Happens If You Hit Your Opponent’s Ball Into The Pocket In Pool?

What Happens If You Hit Your Opponent's Ball Into The Pocket In Pool?

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Have you ever been playing a game and you wondered what the penalty was for hitting someone else’s ball in a pocket? Should it be brought back out, or left in the pocket? Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about this and all of the rules for different pool games. 

So what happens if you hit your opponent’s ball into a pocket in pool?

Although there are different rules for different games, if you hit your opponent’s ball into a pocket while you are playing 8-ball, the ball will stay in the pocket and your turn will be over unless you were able to pocket one of your own balls as well. 

If you want to know more about pool and pocketing someone else’s ball, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video to learn all of the official rules of 8 ball as that is what most everyone plays. 

Rules for English Billiards

It is very popular not just in England but all around the world thanks to the British Empire. It is a cue sport that is played by two players that use an object ball that is red in color as well as two cue balls that are yellow and white color. Each player is using a different color cue ball. This is to attempt to score more points than their opponents and reach the agreed total points required to win the game. It is like chess where you use extreme tactics and strategies. It requires you to think of an offensive move and defensive move at the same time.

It is played on a table that has the exact same dimensions as a snooker table. Its dimensions must be 3569mm by 1778mm. Each player has a cue that is made from either wood or fiberglass. This cue is used in striking balls. What differs this game from other games is that it uses chalk. While on the game, each player will chalk the end of their cue to ensure that there is a good contact that will happen between the cue and the other balls.

This is played with three balls with different colors. Their colors are red, yellow and white. Each player will also have their own cue ball. One will have the white ball while the other will have the yellow ball. Players will decide who will break first. Usually they decide this by hitting their cue balls to the length of the table. They’ll be hitting the cushion and must be able to return to them.

Whoever gets the cue nearest to the bulk cushion will have the chance to decide as to whoever breaks first. After the winner is determined,  the red is placed on the billiard sport and whichever player is going to break must place their cue ball in the D. After this, the player then plays the ball. 

Players will take turns to attempt to score the most amount of points. Players may score in three ways.

  • In Off

This is when the cue ball hits one or more balls and then goes down into a pocket. This will earn them 2 or 3 points. 

  • by pot

This is when any ball other than you cue ball goes into a pocket. This will also earn you 2 or 3 points.

  • By cannon

This is when the cue ball hits both other balls which scores 2 points. Players shall stay there until they fail to score in a shot.

Rules about touching balls in English Billiard

Spot occupied

A spot can be called occupied when the ball cannot be placed on it without that ball touching another ball.

Push Stroke

This happens when the cue remains in contact with the cue ball after the cue ball has commenced its forward motion. Also it can be as the cue ball makes contact with another ball except where the cue ball and an object ball are almost touching each other.

History of Snooker

This pool game is one of the world’s most popular games because of India and China. Ironically, this game is not dominated by Chinese nor Indian but of British players. Many think of this game as one of the biggest sporting events which are the Snooker World Championships. Snooker is developed from another cue sport that began way back in the 16th century. The first official snooker tournament was played in 1916. While its first world championship appeared in 1927 and since then the game has already become very popular.

Rules of Snooker

This game’s objective is to use the white cue ball to pot the other balls in the correct sequence and ultimately score more points than your opponent to win this game. Players enjoy it and go to reprieve or start the casing with a coin hurl choosing who gets to go first. The break is made with the sign ball in the D and a red must be struck. It isn’t important to cause the cue ball or any object ball to contact a pad or drop in a pocket after the prompt ball has reached a required item (ball-on). 

The inability to contact a required object ball initially is a foul. As long as reds are on the table, the incoming striker that takes his first stroke of a turn always has a red as his legal object ball. Any red balls that are pocketed on a legal shot are legally pocketed shots. By then, the striker does not need to call any particular red balls or pockets on how the pot will be played. When the striker has a red ball on its legal object ball then that player must hit the cue ball first, then red ones. 

Failure to execute shall be assumed as a foul. Illegal potted balls are not spotted and they will remain off the table. However, if colored balls are illegally potted then they are considered spotted. While balls are in play, it is a foul when the striker touches any object ball or if the striker touches the cue ball with anything other than the tip during a legal stroke.

Rules about touching balls in Snooker

When the cue ball is touching another ball the referee shall state “touching ball”. The player then must play away and it is automatically a touched ball. If a player committed a foul, like not hitting the whole next legal ball then a free ball will be declared. If this happens, the player will have a chance to select whatever ball there is to be hit. Potting the cue ball is a foul as well as if it leaves the table.

How to win Snooker

The winner of this game must have the highest points by the end of the game. Once a player will have a lead of more points than what is left on the table, the player then wins. The objective of snooker is to force a foul and earn as many as four points.


Snooker and English billiards are the two most popular pool games. Thinking and making strategies in attacking and scoring points are very essential in playing pool games like this. To win you have to think for defensive and offensive strategies simultaneously. This makes things difficult and challenging for your opponent. 

Hitting your opponent’s ball in any pool game is never a good idea, and no matter what game you’re playing, you will get a penalty if you hit the other player’s ball into a pocket. Some games even go as far as giving you a penalty if the cue ball even touches their ball before it touches anything else.

This is why it is important to make sure that you do not hit another player’s ball, and you definitely do not want to hit their ball into the pocket as that can easily cost you the game. 

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