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What Words Can Get You Banned On Xbox? (Always Avoid These!)

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Xbox is one of the most renowned brands for gaming in the world, which is developed and handled by Microsoft. This is one of the most popular platforms in the whole world for playing video games only coming into second place behind Playstation.

If we talk about the users of this gaming platform, then there are many users around the world. With Xbox One selling over 45 million consoles and the 360 selling over 80 million there are certainly many people that play on the Xbox console. 

The Xbox network allows users to get a personal Xbox Live account with the help of which they can access online multiplayer of the games that they own or even play multiplayer online without having to spend a dime on the games! 

Before entering into the world of gaming, you need to be very sure that you are maintaining the decorum of the network because if you are caught doing anything which breaches the community standards, then you may get banned from the Xbox network entirely!

As a user of an Xbox Live account, you are supposed to get along with everyone else who is online or at minimum not make the online community a hostile place to play. 

In that regard, there are certain things that if you say will cause you to get a communications ban. This ban will mean that you cannot message, chat, etc. on your Xbox Live account for a specific period of time (normally days or weeks). But what can’t you say?

There are a variety of things that you can say that can get you banned but basically the things you shouldn’t say are: 

  • Name-calling
  • Racist remarks
  • Sexist remarks
  • Specifically cursing at someone 

These will all likely end up with you getting a ban. Most of the bans happen because of things that are said via message so if you avoid messaging people who are upset or when you are upset you will often avoid most of the issues with bans. 

In the rest of this article, we will go into more detail on what exactly could result in a ban but if you avoid those four basic things you should very rarely if ever get banned. 

If you would prefer to watch a video instead of reading the article you can do so below.

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What Words Should A User Not Use On Xbox Live?

There are strict rules regarding the usage of coarse and offensive language on your Xbox Live account and not abiding by these rules will result in a communications ban. 

While playing games on your Xbox Live account, users should interact with other players in a way that can easily be described as: don’t say things to users that you wouldn’t say to your Grandma or great-grandma!

Users are supposed to talk in a soft tone and use non-offending words to any other user who you are interacting with. Often this is difficult because gamers often get in the heat of the moment and get mad at “campers” or someone who gets a cheap kill. It is your responsibility to make sure that everything that you say or message someone abides by the rules that Xbox has in place no matter what the other person did.

If you feel like they are cheating then you can report them to Xbox but cussing them out or calling them names will only result in you having to deal with a ban. 

It is mentioned in the community guidelines of the network that there should be healthy interaction between the players and they should avoid conflicts between them in regard to messaging and trash-talking.

It is a good idea for users to use their words cautiously so that everybody can be happy and not be offended while trying to play online. 

Xbox also knows that people of all ages use their platform and they want those people to continue to use it going forward so if they can avoid parents getting upset and pulling the plug on the Xbox Live membership then that is better for Microsoft’s profits. 

What Words Can Get You Banned On Xbox?

It is important for users to understand that any interactions that they have with other players should not be offensive to the player or to anyone else around. Any message or player can be reported easily so avoiding trash-talking, name-calling, etc. is always the best course of action. 

There are certain rules which should be followed while interacting with other members on Xbox Live. Although I won’t give a list of words (this is a family-friendly site after all) I will give you the things that you should do you best to avoid saying.

Some of those specific rules are: 

  1. At any point in time, you are not supposed to lose your temper after being called names, cussed at, etc. You are supposed to react calmly and simply report them to Xbox.  If instead, you get into a war of words you will often discover that both you and the other person will end up banned. If someone is being inappropriate report them and then block them.
  2. Some users have said that they have seen people get banned for telling someone to go and “kill themselves” or even calling people derogatory names. They can be banned by the network if that user registers a complaint against them. You must abstain from saying anything that could be construed as being offensive.
  3. All sexist and racist remarks (or a sexist or racial slur) should not be used by the users of an Xbox Live account as this can lead to the ban of your Xbox Live account permanently. You should respect other users present on the network and treat them equally without any disparaging remarks or anything that resembles sexism or racism. Again, treat someone how you would treat your Grandma or other beloved relatives.
  1. Along the same lines, you should not make offensive remarks in regard to sexually suggestive content. You are not allowed to make sexually explicit remarks or even suggestions. There are many kids on Xbox Live and you never know who you are talking to so just don’t do it!
  1. The use of any abusive words should not be used by any of the users. The platform of Xbox Live is immensely large and there are innumerable users of this network. If you are using abusive terms, then you may get banned from the network and chances are high that you may get banned permanently if you continue to do so.
  1. Harassing a user with your words or threatening a user is also seen as a breach of community standards and for this, you may get banned from the network. For Xbox Live, the code of conduct and decorum is everything and if you don’t abide by the rules you will often find yourself receiving a temporary ban for a few days or weeks.

These are some of the things for which a user may end up on the ban list. As a user, a good motto to have is that you do not say anything that you would not want to be said to the most revered member of your family.

Of course, everyone will have their own threshold of what they personally will and won’t say however when you are on Xbox’s platform you have to abide by their rules.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this is an initial list. So things that might not be considered offensive at one point in time could be considered that way in the future. Again, just do your best not to say things that you wouldn’t say to your dear Grandma and you should be fine in most cases.

To learn more about the things that can get you banned be sure and watch the video below. 


Microsoft is a multinational company with lots of users around the world. Xbox is highly successful and one of the prominent reasons behind its progress and success is its non-tolerant policy against those who are breaching community standards and code of conduct.

Before entering this world of gaming, users are asked by Xbox to agree to the terms and conditions so that none of the users will break the rules. While being on the Xbox Live network, users need to act like they are with their family members. 

If you use the Xbox network it is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t say or do anything that violates the rules that Microsoft has put into place. If you do say or do something wrong Xbox will temporarily ban you from communicating on the console but with repeated temporary bans will eventually come permanent ones as well! 

If you get banned on Xbox that is a sign that you need to change the things you are saying or doing so as to prevent a permanent issue in the future. 

While I haven’t given you a complete Xbox Live banned words list (for obvious reasons) I hope that detailing what types of words and phrases should be avoided has been helpful to you.