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Where Can I Buy Original Super Nintendo Games?

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Do you own an original Super Nintendo and want to get some more games? Maybe you like to play it, but want some new games as the ones you have you are tired of playing? Well, in this article we will go over the best place to buy games for your original Super Nintendo. 

So where can I buy original Super Nintendo games?

There are many places to buy original Super Nintendo games today. They range from local yard sales and thrift stores, to online using Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, and various other websites. The best place to buy original Super Nintendo games at the best price is often Facebook Marketplace or at thrift stores and yard sales. This is because some people do not care what the games are worth, and they just want the games out of their house.  

If you want to know more about buying original Super Nintendo games, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video to see what the most expensive original Super Nintendo games today are! 

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Do stores still sell original Super Nintendo games?

Quite a few stores today actually sell original Super Nintendo games. GameStop and other gaming stores that sell used and new games most of the time will have quite a few original Super Nintendo games you can purchase. Besides getting brand new Super Nintendo games, you can get a whole lot of good used ones at more affordable prices if you do not care that they are brand new. 

How Much Does a Super Nintendo Cost?

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as Super Nintendo or simply SNES, was released in the United States in 1991 following the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES came with a 16-bit system and offered upgraded graphics as well as a standalone sound system. Basically, the SNES offered twice the capacities of the original NES. The Super Nintendo, or SNES received immediate success after its release and has remained a very popular system among retro gaming enthusiasts, fans, and collectors! Even today many people still own the SNES and will even play on them every day.

 It was the Super Nintendo that established the fame of game characters like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda’s Link. Plus, its unique gray and purple console is so iconic that a lot of new SNES-compatible consoles that were not even created by Nintendo imitate the color scheme.

Super Nintendo consoles are sold through retro gaming stores, and shops like GameStop that sell already used games. Super Nintendo game consoles are generally sold for $25-$150. The price would normally depend on the condition of the console as well as the accessories included. The more expensive consoles typically come with not just games, but extra accessories. The less-expensive consoles, on the other hand, normally come with only the console itself.

SNES consoles that are sold on online auction sites normally go for between $30-$80.  These consoles also depend on the condition of the console at the time of sales as well as the games or accessories they come with. The thing you need to know about online auction sites is that the consoles are often sold as is, and there is often no guarantee that the device is well and functional.

If you are going to buy a SNES console from a retro game store like DK Oldies, you would have to be prepared to buy it for $60-$150. Just like the others, this would also depend on what the bundle comes with. The less expensive consoles normally come with a smaller number of accessories while the more expensive consoles come with more, including a selection of games.

What do you get in a brand new SNES package?

A brand new Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which comes in its box, includes the console itself, a power cord, two game controllers, and a TV-hookup cord. Some consoles also come packaged with a game like Super Mario World. Game consoles that have already been used can be sold in different conditions, and they also include a variety of extra accessories.

Costs for SNES games

Games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems cost between $2 and $50. These prices depend on how scarce the games are, how popular they are, and what condition they are in. Super Mario World, which is one of the most famous games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, normally sells between $10-$20. However, it can be sold for as much as $1,000 when it is still brand new and in the original box never opened. 

Donkey Kong Country is another game on the Super Nintendo System, and it sells between $25-$35. This game actually broke sales records when it was released.

The SNES console’s accessories are generally sold at about the same prices as the games. A Super Gameboy adapter,  which allows you to play Gameboy games on a Super Nintendo system, normally sells between $10 and $20. A single controller for the SNES controllers normally sells between $8 and $20.

Are there discounts for the SNES?

A number of new game systems are similar to retro games and are sold in stores for $30-$70. Urban Outfitters, for example, sold a Retron 2 gaming system that is compatible both with Super Nintendo games and NES games. They sold the Retron 2 at the price of $65.

Retro gaming platforms like DK Oldies sell new SNES compatible game systems as well. They sell game systems like Retrobit Duo systems, Yobo Group’s FC Twin console, or Hyperkin’s Retron systems. These systems which are compatible with SNES also work with any original Super Nintendo game. However, even though they play older games, they are created from new components. They also resemble the original SNES console both in function and in look. Occasionally and mostly depending on the retailer, they are sold with a variety of games.

Stores like GameStop that sell already used games actually let customers buy and sell games for store credit that they can use for future purchases. Normally, the choice to have store credits earns a higher profit on the trade-ins than taking cash. 

Here are some of the most expensive Super Nintendo games 

  • NintendoPowerfest 1994

Powerfest 1994 was hosted by Nintendo to market the Super Nintendo. The first cartridge on this sold for $10,000 to a collector after an epic garage sale. The second cartridge was sold on eBay for $23,000.

  • Campus Challenge 1992

Nintendo hosted a video game contest on 60 US college campuses. A nationwide winner was picked from the calculation of the overall score.  To run this contest Nintendo made custom SNES cartridges. Only two NTSC versions of this game still exist. You can get a used copy at $4000.

  • Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge

After the 1995 Blockbuster Video Game Championship II competition, the cartridge was sold through the Nintendo Power catalog. The catalog confirmed that 2,500 copies were made. You can get a used copy at $1425.

  • Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally & Speed Racer

Working in partnership with Life Fitness, Nintendo developed a SNES compatible stationary bike. Just two games were created for this bike: Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally and Exertainment Bike Rally & Speed Racer combo. The combination cartridge never made it to stores even though Nintendo officially licensed it.  Many currently available copies were found at a Nintendo warehouse. You can get used copies at $1300.


Even though you may not have one of the most expensive SNES cartridges, there are so many games for the SNES that are still available today. There are many places to get them, and a wide variety of pricing for those games. No matter what game you are looking to buy, your best bet is probably right here