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Where To Find Cheap Nintendo Switch Games

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Nintendo is one of the most well known video game companies in the world. Nintendo has been making consoles for almost 40 years and the most recent console that they have released is the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch is a console that can be used as a handheld console or connected to your TV via the Switch dock. Because of the amazing games offered on this console as well as the cool features it has been incredibly popular as a gift for children, teens, and adults alike. 

If you have recently bought a Nintendo Switch or have been given one you are probably wanting to know where you can buy Switch games for the least amount of money as it seems like they all are quite expensive! If that is what you are wondering then read on because we will cover that next. 

So where can you buy cheap Nintendo Switch games at? 

When trying to find the cheapest games you are going to want to buy used games either online or via Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other similar person to person sales. For example Mario Kart 8 is available for the Switch for approximately $50 at online retailers but you can currently find it on OfferUp for $35. 

When trying to find a deal on games you do have to be careful however. Meeting someone locally via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist is fine but always be sure to meet in a public place and take along your Switch so you can test the cartridge and make sure it works properly. OfferUp is nice in that it isn’t just local meetups and allows shipping the items to you which then gives you protection if the item is not working or isn’t what they said. 

There are a few other ways that you can save money on the Switch games besides buying them in used condition. We will discuss those below. 

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Obtaining games by subscription

Subscriptions are considered the best option to obtain Nintendo Switch games. Buying games for online usage is considered as an inexpensive option by many people as often the monthly cost is far less than what you would pay for the same games when purchasing them. The main issue with the Nintendo Switch subscription is that it includes 70 NES and SNES games but doesn’t include any of the more modern games with the subscription. 

Of course 70 classic games is nothing to sneeze at and it is available for only $19.99 a year! (as of now). 

With the subscription you will also get the opportunity to purchase Nintendo Switch game vouchers which will save you $10 per game on the newest Switch releases. You will also get some additional special offers over time with the subscription so it is certainly worth the $20 a year! 

Using a Nintendo eShop Card

With the help of the Nintendo eShop card, it becomes easy for users to access and purchase the games that they want. In addition to this, users are also provided with special prices and discounts as the eShop has various sales from time to time. Since many users use this card to buy games regularly, they are rewarded with special points. They can use these points to get Nintendo Switch games at a cheaper price. 

When you are looking to buy games online be sure and look at the current offers carefully. Certain offers are only valid for a limited period of time so if you see a deal it is important to snatch it up right away. 

Purchasing from Online Retailers

Many online retailers come up with their own set of deals for Switch games. These retailers will have a variety of different offers depending on what time of the year it is as well as what they have a lot of extra stock of. For example, Amazon often runs sales on a variety of products from the week before Thanksgiving until the week after. During these weeks of sales you can often find great deals on many products including Switch games. 

If you want the best deal on a specific game you will have to follow these online retailers regularly to check and see if their prices have changed and act quickly if they have.  

Another great way to get deals from online retailers is to constantly scour the used item section on Amazon as well as look for deals quite often on eBay. Many times people will list their old games for sale on those places not knowing the true value of them and you can score a bargain this way. 

On eBay you can also try and look up common misspellings of a game title as sometimes people who list products will spell it wrong and you can get a great deal on the auction or buy it now price because of that misspelling. 

There are many other online stores where you can purchase Switch games and some of them might look quite cheap but you have to be careful. There are many stores online that sell items from other countries that might not work on your Switch. Also be wary of stores that sell just the download codes as often those codes are purchased with stolen credit cards and once Nintendo tracks the game down they will remove your access to it!

Purchasing from Game Store and Nintendo Store

Purchasing the games from the Game Store and Nintendo Store is quite easy. There are several menus and filters that you can use to help find the special deals that are currently available. You will need to login using your account details and then you can look and see if there are any special deals available on your account. 

If you do purchase a game on the Nintendo store it is important to know if the internet is always required to play it or if you can download the full game onto your Switch or memory card.

This might be more important to some people than others as if you travel a lot with no internet, having a game that requires the internet would be no good for you. Most games that you pay to purchase can be fully downloaded but it is something to watch out for when buying games for your Switch. 

Most of the time the best deals that you can get on Switch games will be used ones through the methods mentioned earlier or the game vouchers that you can purchase with your subscription but sometimes the Nintendo Store will have a deal on something and that makes checking it regularly worthwhile. 


There are a variety of ways that you can save money on your Switch games but most of them require patience (finding deals on Amazon or eBay), buying used games (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.), or paying for a monthly subscription (through the Nintendo service). 

That isn’t to say that it is impossible to score a deal on some games but the most popular ones will almost always carry a high price for a long time to come. As mentioned at the beginning of this article Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch still costs over new and the game is over three years old as of this writing! $50 for a three year old game is unheard of outside of the Nintendo world so finding cheap Nintendo Switch games will always be a challenge. 

Hopefully this article has helped you figure out some things that you can try so you can save a little bit of money on your next game purchase.