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Why Are Pool Tables So Expensive?

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Have you ever gone to buy a pool table, and you realized they were extremely expensive? Even used pool tables today can still run almost $1000. Well in this article we will go over everything you need to know about pool tables and why they are so expensive. 

So why are pool tables so expensive?

There are many reasons why pool tables are so expensive. The main reason though is because good pool tables use slate which can last a lifetime as well as solid wood construction for the table. 

If you want to know more about pool tables and why they’re so expensive you want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to see exactly how a pool table is made. 

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Is the pool table important? 

Pool is a game that is one of the many games in cue sports. If you are an expert in playing this game, you understand how important the pool table is. The modern pool tables have flat surfaces and are covered with a cloth or cushion. With the demand for this game increasing, manufacturers are coming up with new designs of the pool tables. 

Nowadays, there are very many pool tables. Some are individually customized, while others take a standard model. With all these factors in mind, pool tables can be cheap or extremely expensive. They cost differently, based upon what materials they are built out of. 

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Factors that make pool tables expensive.

There are numerous factors that affect the overall price of a pool table. Some of these factors are:


Pool tables differ in size. They are not designed with similar dimensions. Size is one of the factors that affect the price. Some pool table owners would want their pool tables to be customized depending on their needs and preferences. In such cases, the table maker will have to make as per the required dimensions.

Pocket shape and size of the tables vary considerably depending on the manufacturer and the table size. To customize the size of the tables, the pockets have to be shimmed. This activity is challenging for the maker. In such cases, a lot of labor cost is required, and this increases the overall value of the table. The Coin-operated pool tables are mostly out of specification. Usually, the bigger the pool table, the more expensive it becomes.


The material used in making a pool table determines how expensive the table will be. For instance, a solid wood pool table costs more than the wood laminate or veneer. A slate pool table, on the other hand, costs more than the wood pool table. The types of material used also determines the quality and thickness that the table will have. It is the quality and width of the table that affects the general cost of the table.

Better quality and a thicker width mean that the cost of the pool table will be very high. Nowadays, pool table owners prefer purchasing slate pool tables rather than wood pool tables because they last a lot longer. For this reason, manufacturers are producing more slate tables. Since the demand is high, the prices also increase, and this makes the tables go up even more in price. 

Available Options

Many pool tables can be customized differently. There are different options when it comes to model, design, material, and even size. On narrowing down, other variations are a result of differences in the wood stain finishing, the difference in leg construction, difference in pocket types, and difference in shapes. 

The latter further variations cost more because they require more expertise and skill. Creating a standard pool table will require general knowledge in making pool tables. However, if the pool table owner requires a specific leg design and pocket type, professionalism is required. In summary, the more sophisticated the design of a pool table is, the costlier the table becomes.


When tables are bulkily produced, they are priced cheaply. They can simply be defined as a robust box frame that has a smooth surface. They also have cushions, which are pieces of a mixture of foam and rubber. The mix is elegantly crafted to a specific shape then covered. This work is not very tedious, and that is why the cost is low.

However, those pool tables that are made from distinct pieces of beautiful furniture, or customized according to the preferences of the owner are far more expensive. For example, the fit-and-finish of high-end pool tables is flawless and hence, very expensive. Such tables are usually hand-engraved and crafted together by the work of art. They are also identified for their lovely craftsmanship and contain several large panels. Generally, the customized pool tables have an excellent blueprint, and this explains their high prices. This work is tedious and more involving, thus the higher cost. As with most things though, you get what you pay for. 

Design Features

Most pool tables have creative designs. These include features like a patented or leveled rail-anchoring systems or the frame-joinery design. All these design features increase the quality of a pool table, making them very expensive. 

The cushioning of some pool tables are beautifully adorned with decorations like ribbons. Others have portrait figures and quotations from famous authors like Tennyson or Shakespeare at their legs. All the creative works are put on the tabletop or pockets.

In the long run, the design and craftiness of the pool table are inlaid and the look is beautiful. The features are positioned at exact places and therefore, serve as guidelines and markers. These design features define the esthetic woodwork skillfulness of the manufacturer. 


Quality is classified when the product is done. This feature affects the price of the table. The pool tables are considered very expensive because, among all the sports equipment, they have admirable qualities. 

Quality is very crucial as it affects how your pool gaming skills will be sharpened at the end of the day. A poor quality pool table will destroy the gameplay fun. Therefore, if you are a pool lover, you will want to consider investing in a high-quality pool table. They may be very expensive, but they are worth every penny spent from your pocket. If you get one of these tables, you will not regret the investment.

Are there any cheap pool tables? 

There are some cheap pool tables available at certain online retailers as well as used. There are a lot of people today that will purchase a used pool table from someone as they cannot afford a brand new one. Even though prices of a quality pool table are still expensive, people are willing to sell them cheaper if they need to get rid of them for no longer have a need for the table. This is the easiest way to get an expensive good quality pool table for a fraction of the cost. One of the best places to do that is through Facebook marketplace. You can normally search your local listings and find people that are getting rid of a good quality pool table for a decent price. 

If you do want to purchase a smaller or cheaper table that is good for beginners you may purchase a brand new one online here


Pool tables have superior quality and beautiful designs. Most of them have lovely surfaces and cushioning. The pool tables are given exceptional attention and therefore, are designed with skill. It is the additional features that make these tables expensive. If you love to play pool, then you can instantly tell the difference between a good pool table and a cheap inexpensive one.