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Why Do Nintendo Switch Cartridges Rattle? (Do They Break Easily?)

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The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that is unlike any other gaming console ever created. What sets it apart from all of the others is its ability to be used as a home gaming console and have it connected to the TV, as well as an on the go console, where it works all by itself. 

This is accomplished through the screen that comes on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a portable gaming device, but comes with a docking station that allows it to be connected to your TV. 

When you go to purchase a game for the Nintendo Switch you have multiple options. You can either purchase the game in store, or you can purchase it online. If you purchase it online,  you will receive a physical gaming cartridge that you can put into the Nintendo Switch. 

You can also purchase the game on the Nintendo Eshop. This will simply be a digital download that will always be downloaded on your device. 

If you go for option one you probably are excited to get your Nintendo Switch game home and open it up. The problem is that when you open up your game, you hear a rattling inside the cartridge. 

Although rattling on the inside of a game normally means that something is broken that is not true with the Nintendo Switch. The rattling on the inside of the Nintendo Switch cartridge is actually the Nintendo Switch gaming chip. Because not all the gaming chips are big enough to fill the cartridge completely sometimes it will rattle, but it is still connected and working properly. 

If you have a rattling Nintendo Switch cartridge you are not alone. Although not all Nintendo Switch cartridges rattle, most of them do since the gaming chip itself is smaller than the actual cartridge. 

Nintendo could probably place a tiny piece of foam inside the cartridge to stop it from rattling but this would add more expense to the games and take longer to produce them. Because the rattling does not affect how the game plays or the game itself, Nintendo decided to just leave the gaming cartridges that size and let them rattle since it does not affect anything. 

When the Switch is connected to your TV the controllers that were originally connected to the Nintendo Switch can slide off and be disconnected and used as regular controllers with accessories or used as controllers by themselves.

If you do not have small hands though or you are not a child you will probably want to have an accessory that allows you to make the controller feel bigger and easier to hold.

Now that you know a little bit about the Nintendo Switch you’ll probably want to know about the different games that are available for it. Nintendo did a great job and they made the Switch by making sure there were plenty of games produced for this console to keep everyone happy for a long time. 

Some gaming companies will release a gaming console when there are only a few games produced for it and then the user will have to wait for the other games to finish being produced. Nintendo is not like that though and made sure there were plenty of games that were ready to play from the moment you made the purchase. 

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Are Switch cartridges safe around babies?

When you purchase Nintendo Switch games for your console you will probably not think anything about them being really small until you open the package. If you have small children or toddlers or even babies that are beginning to crawl you know just how much they like to put things in their mouth and try to eat them. 

This has concerned many parents with the safety of the Nintendo Switch cartridges as they are extremely small and could easily fit in the mouth of a baby or toddler. So are the Switch cartridges safe to own when you have a baby or toddler?

Although you should always keep the Nintendo Switch cartridges off of the floor and a place where a baby or toddler can’t reach them for safety reasons, Nintendo has also helped you out. When Nintendo produced the small gaming cartridges, it added a bittering agent onto the cartridge so if the gaming cartridge was accidentally stuck into someone’s mouth they would immediately spit it out because of the bad taste. 

Although most people are not going to lick their Nintendo Switch game in cartridges to find this out, this is just one way that Nintendo shows that they care about their customers and take safety extremely seriously.  The bittering agent that they use is called Denatonium Benzoate. 

Denatonium Benzoate is the most bitter chemical compound known to man at this time. Nintendo believes in the safety of their customers and adding this to their gaming cartridges proves that they go the extra mile. 

Do Nintendo Switch cartridges break easily? 

When you purchase a Nintendo Switch game and take it out of the package you will realize that it is extremely small. Because it is so small, and made of plastic, many people wonder if it will break easily. The last thing someone wants is for them to spend money on a brand new game only to have it break a few days after because it was dropped on the floor. 

The Nintendo Switch cartridges do not break easily and are actually far more durable than any DVD or Blu-ray disc that other consoles use Even though they are made of plastic, they are extremely hard to break and will not get scratched or damaged if they are dropped or slid on items. 

There is one way that Nintendo Switch cartridges get damaged and that is if they get inserted into your device wrong. The device has metal connectors that will hold in the switch cartridge and if it is not inserted properly you can easily bend the metal connectors on the Nintendo switch or on the switch cartridge and damage them. 

This is why when you insert the game cartridges into the device you always want to make sure that you are not forcing it in. The games should insert into the Nintendo switch device fairly easily and if it does not you should take it out and make sure the metal is not bent. 


Now that you know about Nintendo Switch and their cartridges, you can see why so many people are concerned about the rattling inside of them. There is no need to worry though as the rattling on the inside of the cartridge is 100% normal and happens to most Nintendo Switch gaming cartridges. 

Because these cartridges are so small you also know that Nintendo cares about its customers and added a safety precaution to ensure they are not put in anyone’s mouth. If they do happen to go inside of someone’s mouth though Nintendo has added a bittering agent to make sure that the cartridge is immediately spit back out.

Not only does Nintendo make their cartridges taste bad for the safety of you and those around you, they also make them extremely durable incase they get dropped or stepped on by someone on accident. Nintendo loves their customers and always does a good job listening to their needs when it comes to producing the next gaming Console and it’s games.