Why Do Nintendo Switch Controllers Break Easily?

Why Do Nintendo Switch Controllers Break Easily?

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While owning a Nintendo Switch is extremely fun, there are many downsides to the gaming console. Even though it can be extremely fun to play, many people have had issues with the docking station not working, as well as the controllers not working properly. 

Obviously no one wants to purchase a gaming device that does not work properly and has issues when it is being used. Thankfully Nintendo has corrected these issues that have come up very quickly and has stood with the customer throughout any problems they have had. 

One of the biggest, most recent complaints that Nintendo Switch users are talking about is with the controllers. There are many people complaining that the Nintendo Switch controllers break easily. 

In this article we will go over exactly why they may break and what you can do to prevent your controllers from getting broken. You will definitely want to keep reading this article so you can learn how to save your Switch controllers from being broken. 

Nintendo Switch controllers break fairly easily as they are made out of cheap plastic and are not built very durable compared to the rest of the gaming system. The analog stick is normally the first thing to break on the JoyCon controllers. As of right now Nintendo is still fixing any JoyCon controllers for free that are drifting due to a broken analog stick. 

Many people who own a Nintendo Switch are wondering why Nintendo made the JoyCons so fragile and cheap when they knew they would be used on the go. The entire Nintendo Switch system is based as an on the go device but if your controllers are extremely fragile, they will quickly break making your Switch device unplayable. 

Many people believe that Nintendo was just saving money and did not realize that it would cause them this much trouble when the JoyCons began breaking. After all if they knew that they would have to replace a bunch of them for free they would have just paid a little bit more in the beginning to have them made better. 

Sometimes things do not go as planned though but it is nice to know that Nintendo is standing behind their work and is fixing the issue one controller at a time. Nintendo normally does a good job about standing behind their products and even if your JoyCon is out of warranty they are still replacing it or repairing it for free. 

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How long do JoyCons last before breaking? 

Because many people have had issues with the JoyCons breaking recently you may be wondering how long it will last before you can expect to have issues with it. This is a very important question as you do not want to purchase something that is going to break a few days after you buy it. 

JoyCons can last anywhere from a few days to a few years before it breaks depending upon how harsh you are when you use it as well as if it has ever been dropped. If your JoyCon has never been dropped and you do not get upset and throw your JoyCon across the room it will last considerably longer than if you find yourself rage quitting every time you lose. 

Even with these recent problems with the JoyCons breaking, there are still many people that are purchasing Nintendo products as they are still extremely popular. Anyone who owns a Nintendo switch knows that Nintendo is very good about standing behind their products if there is an issue or a problem that arises. 

This has been seen most recently with the amount of jJoyCons that have had issues with the analog stick breaking, or causing problems when you are trying to steer. Thankfully, Nintendo has been fixing the problem and standing behind their products. 

How can I protect my Switch so it doesn’t get damaged? 

Obviously if you have a Nintendo Switch you want to make sure that it will not get damaged when you are using it. The problem is that most cases for your Nintendo Switch completely cover it which makes it unusable when it is protected. 

This leads many people to wonder if they can protect their switch while they are playing it or if they are stuck just being extremely cautious when they are using it. 

The best way to protect your Nintendo Switch while you are playing it, is to put a protective cover on the device. Even though there are many different cases to choose from, this is the best case that will protect the Nintendo Switch. Not only does this case protect the Switch while you are using it, but it also comes in a variety of colors and does not need to be removed when you dock your Switch. 

There are many other protective cases in sleeves that you can use on your Nintendo Switch, but this one is sure to protect it while you are still able to use it and play games on it. Even though most people have a protective case to put it in when they are traveling not everyone has a protective case that can be left on while it is being used. 

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Nintendo is not known for having many issues with their gaming systems recently, but one major issue they have been having is with their Switch controllers breaking easily. The Nintendo Switch controllers were constructed out of cheap plastic material and with the slightest drops or bumps the analog stick on the controllers have been breaking or not working properly. 

Thankfully Nintendo has been repairing the broken controllers even if they are out of warranty. Although they are currently still doing that, we are unsure exactly how long they will continue to repair them or replace them for free. 

Since we know that the JoyCons are extremely fragile many people want to know how long they will last before they end up breaking. If you are not harsh with your controller and you take care of your gaming system as a whole you will quickly find out that the JoyCon controllers will last for many years without any issues. 

If you find yourself rage quitting a lot though and tossing your controller across the room, your controller may not last very long and may even break within a week of purchasing it. This is why it is very important to make sure you are taking care of your Nintendo Switch controllers and not being crazy with him. 

If you want to protect your Nintendo Switch and your JoyCon controllers while you’re playing on the go there are many different options that you can purchase in order to protect your device. Out of all the protective cases for the Nintendo Switch, this one is the best. 

It protects your Nintendo Switch and your JoyCon controllers while you are playing games on it. The beat part is that it does not need to come off for the Nintendo Switch to be docked properly. 

So if you want to protect your Nintendo Switch and not risk damaging your JoyCons the next time you are using them, you should go and purchase this protective case now! You can buy this specific case by clicking here

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