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Why Is It Called An Arcade?

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Have you ever wondered why the game you are playing is called an arcade game? I feel like at some point we all have. 

Why would this name be given to them, and why would there be non arcade games in an arcade? Have you ever walked into an arcade and seen many different types of games besides the original arcade games? 

Why is it called an arcade? The name arcade used to mean a place of archways. The word arcade then became known as a covered walkway with shops and amusements. Of course this is a pretty accurate way to describe an arcade as it is always a covered area with walkways and plenty of amusements. 

Why would someone have other games in an arcade besides arcade games? Well today you are about to have all of your questions answered. 

Arcade doesn’t allude to the games or the cupboards they were/are in, it alludes to the space/buildings that gives you a spot to play them.

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History of the Arcade

In the beginning, arcades came to be known as “arcades” because of  the way the entrances to the buildings were built with arches as doors.the arrangement of curves that ordinarily associated with each other in event congregations. Where did the word arcade originate from? That is the million-dollar question.

An arcade can be called either an arcade or a video arcade (clearly you can consider it whatever you like in any case). These are the terms that will assist you with discovering information on the business. 

 As you probably are aware, the arcade is where individuals can go to play a wide range of games, ranging  from computer games to games where you can win prizes (for example, the claw machines that you’ll discover). 

Indeed, you’ll regularly find that arcades (in certain states) will even have slot  machines and other betting machines that you can play too. The games in many arcades are housed in cabinets (which keep them protected and make them look beautiful).

Would you like to know a fun fact? Penny arcades were still coin operated just with change rather than actual pennys. You can still find penny arcades in certain places if you look. Although most penny arcades are no longer a penny, almost every game is still under twenty five cents!

The Penny Arcade

Originally penny arcades were set up in meeting places as a way to pass time and help people stay occupied while waiting for a meeting. These arcades were set up using games that normally took coins to operate. Many different varieties of games could be found in penny arcades. 

For instance, the games below could be found at a wide range of locations and really turned out to be genuinely well known: Bagatelles, pinball machines, fortune-telling machines, arcade machines(obviously) , peep show machines (in a non-unpleasant way), Mutoscopes, Love analyzer machines, and many more. 

More Current Arcades

With the development of the CPU in the late 1970’s, computer games became more well-known – which prompted them to be put in the arcades that we’ve come to know and love today. One would have the option to discover a wide range of computer games, for example, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Pac Man, and the well-loved Centipede.

Many arcade games became famous due to their popularity, and the interaction a person was able to have with the game. Even today you can still find people of all ages enthralled with a certain arcade game or games.

Some people are even so controlled by trying to be the best at some of these games, it has ruined their lives! 

The Golden Age Of Arcade Games

The most well known arcade games started in the 1980s. This was when most arcade games found a good location to be set up in. As they became more and more mainstream, the arcade games became widely available in more places besides bars and bowling alleys.

 (It might be said, this was the point where the arcading business started to take off and become something). Arcades started to spring up everywhere throughout the nation and between the years 1982-1989 the quantity of arcades in the U.S. had continued to grow.

It ultimately topped out at over 13,000 arcades. These arcades were spread all throughout the United States with many large cities have many different styles and locations of arcades. 

 This was the period when arcade games had started to increase in development, importance, and profit. You would also find more and more arcade games around. These games became very popular and started being placed everywhere they would fit. 

On 11/30/1982, the Mayor of Ottumwa, Iowa, Jerry Parker named his city to be the Video Game Capital of the World. Of course this declaration didn’t go unnoticed and video game manufacturers took notice.  For example, companies like the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, and the U.S. National Video Game Team were soon formed.

For the first time there was a computer game procession on 1/8/1983

The first historically speaking computer game showdown  took place on 1/8-1/9/1983

The first historically speaking investigation of the cerebrum of computer game victor on 7/12/1983

The first ever billion point gaming experience was created on 1/16/1984 Most of you know this game as Snake

The Decline Of The Arcade Business

While the arcade business entered a significant drop in the year 1994, most people believe it was because of an adjusting commercial center. There were other arcade games coming out that were a lot more challenging, and used more lights and power to operate.

This was a major concern for some people when visiting arcades.

 The bigger issue, was the technological age that was quickly approaching. As the people began using computers and gaining access to email and the world wide web, you will have to ask yourself.  “Are arcades truly biting the dust?

Or on the other hand has the technological age simply overpowered everything else in its way.”

Today there are still many arcade machines in use. Some are in stores and shops, while others are still in arcades and even in people’s homes bringing joy to them and those around them. 

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Today arcade machines are still alive and well. Although they are not in every city anymore, or the center of almost every kids childhood, they are still around. 

Some bars and gas stations have arcade machines in them, as well as even some resorts around the world. If you visit certain cities, they even have very large arcades set up with thousands of visitors in them every day. 

Even if arcade machines ever do become a thing of the past, (Which I do not believe they ever will) there will always be collectors of the precious arcade machines they grew up with. These collectors would never let their childhood, or their parents childhood ever be turned into dust. Plus these games are pretty cool!