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Why Was Pokemon Brick Bronze Banned?

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Pokémon Brick Bronze was one of the most popular games inside of the Roblox world. The game was a fan project that was obviously their take on the popular Pokemon series that was produced by Nintendo.

It was essentially a Pokemon style game that someone had created in Roblox. It had a similar storyline to the regular Pokemon games that you would play elsewhere but with the Roblox style graphics. 

So since the game was popular then why was it deleted/banned? 

Pokemon Brick Bronze was banned because it did not have Nintendo’s approval to make the game. Even though it was a work created by Pokemon fans Nintendo is very strict on not allowing any reproductions or any artist renderings of anything related to their copyrighted work. 

Nintendo has always been very strict about their games, consoles, etc. being copied or even used as a basis or parody. Nintendo also has a history of going after any site that has roms or emulators that allow people to play Nintendo’s games on other devices.

Nintendo has even sued people who have leaking information about games and consoles early!

Since Nintendo has a history of suing companies for many millions of dollars for small violations (such as this company that got sued for renting go karts) it is no surprise that when Nintendo came calling Roblox quickly banned/deleted the game. 

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Pokemon Brick Bronze creation

The Pokemon Brick Bronze game was created by a variety of developers and loosely followed the concept of the original pokemon TV series. The game began with you waking up in your house and then going on a “quest” to get Pokemon characters.

You then went through the game collecting and battling Pokemon just like was depicted on the Pokemon TV series. 

The main creator goes by the name Lando64000 and currently has 18 different games inside of Roblox that him and his team have created. That number doesn’t include games that have been banned or deleted such as Pokemon Brick Bronze. 

Surprisingly even with how strict Nintendo is the game actually lasted over three years on the Roblox platform before it was banned and deleted. No one is sure if it took the creators that long to give in to Nintendo or if Nintendo just never realized the game existed inside of the Roblox World. 

Of course the game was popular because of the Pokemon element but it was also popular because of the ability to play with or against friends inside the game as well. That and the fact that playing the game only cost 25 Robux which is the equivalent of about 30 cents! 

To see some actual gameplay of Pokemon Brick Bronze from before it was deleted you can check out the video below. 

Should Nintendo be blamed for the game being banned?

It is important to realize that the original games that are made by Nintendo are really expensive to not only purchase but also to create. There are no exact numbers released by Nintendo about the costs to develop specific games and estimates are hard to make because people are often working on many projects at once which makes exact numbers hard to pin down.

There has been speculation that most games cost well into the tens of millions of dollars to develop but again no one knows for sure. 

Since the development of these games are quite expensive it is pretty obvious that Nintendo wants people to keep buying the games to pay for the development of the games and also net Nintendo a profit.

If people can buy a Pokemon game in Roblox for thirty cents in Nintendo’s mind they are much less likely to buy a $60 game for their normal Nintendo platform. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess (I personally don’t think a Roblox game will hurt Nintendo’s sales) but Nintendo wanted to make sure that no one can play a Pokemon game without paying for it! 

Whether Nintendo should be blamed for protecting their copyrights is certainly up for debate. No one was actually stealing anything from Nintendo but they certainly based the game on the millions of dollars of work that Nintendo has done in the past. 

So should Nintenod be blamed? Ultimately yes, it was Nintendo who took down the game and made it not able to be played by its thousands of fans and players however to place all of the blame on Ninttendo wouldn’t be fair.

The creators of the game could have just as easily used a similar storyline and created characters like dragons or other mythical beasts that you could battle against each other. Instead they chose to try and ride the coattails of Nintendo and create a game based on Nintendo’s popular work. 

In my opinion there is plenty enough blame to go around. Nintendo should be allowed to protect what is theirs even if the game is made to be played inside a different system. If Xbox decided to rip off Mario you wouldn’t blame Nintendo at all.

Just because the game was popular and didn’t make the developers a ton of money shouldn’t make it any different. 


Pokémon Brick Bronze was created and developed to be played inside the Roblox platform and was a great hit in the years before it was deleted.  It can certainly be a lesson for many developers and players out there that if they create something that blatantly copies or uses the work of a company they could certainly expect their work to eventually be banned as well. 

Pokémon Brick Bronze got banned because of the silly mistake that the developers made of copying someone else’s game.. Had they created an original project, the game would not have been deleted.

Even if it would have had a similar storyline with people battling against each other with animals or other creatures it probably would have been fine but since it was actually a Pokemon game made without Nintenod’s approval then it was banned. 

It was a fun and different game and was loved by many of its players. The features and game play were different than that of the original Pokémon but there were many other things copied including the names and characters.

The game could have avoided being deleted in a variety of ways but the developer didn’t take any steps to try and prevent that from happening. 

If it is anyone’s fault why the game was banned/deleted it was the creator for not getting Nintendo’s approval or for not making a different game in the first place.