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Why Won’t My PlayStation Read Discs?

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Have you ever been going to play on your PlayStation and you could not get a disc to load? Maybe it is just one specific disc that the PlayStation doesn’t like to read for some reason. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about how to get your PlayStation to read discs. 

So why wont my PlayStation read discs?

There are many reasons that your PlayStation will not read discs. It could be something as simple as your disc is scratched or dirty, all the way to as complex as the disc reader on your PlayStation needs replaced. In this article we will go over exactly what causes the discs to not work and how to fix it. 

If you want to know more about fixing your PlayStation and getting it back to reading discs again, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video that will give you step by step of what to do to fix the issue of discs not going in and getting stuck and your PlayStation not reading the discs. 

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Why would my PlayStation stop reading discs?

One of the reasons would be if you have an old or worn-out PlayStation then you might be facing the difficulty of it reading the discs. This error occurs many times when you start the game, and the disc is automatically ejected.

There are also many other disc problems such as disk ejecting itself, disc not reading properly or the game not even appearing when the disk is entered. The problem of the disc not reading on the PlayStation can be because of many reasons. Some of them might be small whereas some might require you to do some extensive work to fix it. 

If you have the PlayStation warranty, then it is best to get it checked completely by PlayStation to solve the issue. Using the warranty to solve it might save you from the trouble of fixing it yourself and possibly breaking the system. However, if you have passed the warranty date, you can try several tricks to make sure that your disc runs successfully.

If it still does not work, you can take your console to the local game store to get it checked by a trained professional.

How does PlayStation read discs?

PlayStation operates games using two techniques. The first one is using the blue hardcopy of games. The second method involves the usage of digital games.

Digital games are completely software-based whereas the hard copy requires you to insert them in the CD slot of the PlayStation. Sometimes, you might not be able to play them because the disk displays an error.

You will not get an error message on the screen but your game will not be played at all. This can be very frustrating especially if you are with your friends. If you are at the party and this issue comes up, the whole fun can be ruined. Whether it is your database’s issue, or software application issue, we have the answer for you.  

You may be facing some kind of disc issue or some trouble with the internal software. There can also be the problem of hardware i.e. some kind of screw may be loose. The following are the few reasons that can result in disk loading failure.

Dirty Discs

Many times, discs do not operate correctly because of issues like dirty discs. If you have tried cleaning up the disk and then tried to load it again, you may be able to start the game.

Using the disc, again and again, makes the disc get dirty or scratched. This is why sometimes it needs to be cleaned. You do not need to perform any hard cleaning on the disc though. You will simply want to take a soft cloth and clean the dirty areas and remove the dirt particles.

Burned Disk Problem

If you have tried to use the burned disc on the PlayStation, you will not be able to access it as the PlayStation does not allow playing any kind of burned disk.

You need a DVD or a Blu-Ray to make this works. You will also need to make sure that the discs you use are not burned. If you are trying to use a burned disc in the PlayStation you will probably have quite a few problems trying to get the system to recognize the disc. This is because PlayStation has locked the ability of the PlayStation to play burned or pirated discs. 

Game Database Problem and usage of Safe Mode

There often occurs a database problem with the PlayStation consoles that causes the game data to be operated inaccurately. You will need to set up the database by yourself to fix this problem. 

Many players often engage in these problems which ultimately results in the crashing of the database. Therefore, a proper functioning database is required to solve the issue. You can do it easily using the settings menu of the PlayStation. 

To access the rebuild database option, you will need to use the safe mode. This can be done by first pressing and then holding the start button on the controller for seven seconds. After seven seconds, leave the button and connect the controller to the console using a USB cable. After that, you will see the options you need. 

For the disc problem solution, access the Safe Mode of your PlayStation and select rebuild database option. 

Quick Fixes

Some quick fixes can be used to fix the disc reading issue of the PlayStation. Some of them might work on your console depending upon exactly what the problem is. 

If the disc reading issue occurs only a few times then try to restart the PlayStation. Restarting the PlayStation loads the boot setup operating system again which can be good for the game restarting. Don’t simply turn off and start again, you will need to keep it off for a while and let the PlayStation cool down for a couple minutes. Now you can start the system again to see if the game works or not.

Many users have reported that their disk reading issues have been solved by using this method. 

Sometimes a disc error can be caused because the system is not running on the most recent update. If you console is not up to date, you will simply need to update it to get the discs to work properly. Your game will not appear on the screen if this is the issue. All you need to do is to simply look for the software update of your console as well as the update of the game in order to make them compatible.

If you are still not able to solve the issue by yourself, you can send it to Sony to get a proper checkup from the trained professionals. You might have to pay a small fee or if your PlayStation is in warranty, then you can get it fixed for free. 


Now that you know why your disc is not working and how to fix it, you can quickly fix any issue you might be having so that you can get back to gaming. You can also use this information to fix someone else’s console if they are having these issues with getting the discs to load. 

Once the discs are loading properly, you can then play your favorite game and beat all of your friends on this amazing console.