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Will A Japanese Nintendo Switch Work In Australia?

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Have you ever wondered if a Nintendo Switch will work in a different place than where you bought it? Well in this article we will go over everything you need to know about using your Switch in a different place than where you bought it. 

So will a Japanese Nintendo Switch work in Australia?

Because the Nintendo Switch is a region free console, it will work in any location around the world no matter where you purchased it. This is one of the biggest things that sets Nintendo apart for all the other console makers. 

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch you will want to keep reading this article. We will answer all of your questions about the Nintendo Switch and it being region free. 

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Nintendo Switch

It was great news to developers, importers, and, most of all, gamers when they heard that Nintendo had changed their history. Nintendo Switch is region free, but there are various considerations, such as voltage requirements, wireless communication requirements, warrant coverage, etc.

The best Nintendo Switch characteristics is its lack of region locking

The Nintendo Switch didn’t launch with a lot of features, but there is one aspect of its software design that you should be grateful for. Different from every other Nintendo console exported since the company started designing actual operating systems. You can play games from any country without issues often in any language.

Nintendo’s previous restrictions meant that you had to play every legend of Zelda game released in the past decade or so in japan

How Nintendo Switch operates and what you can and can’t do.     

  • You can play games purchased overseas

Physical Nintendo Switch games cartridges are also region free. Do you know that you can buy a match in Germany, a Nintendo Switch in japan, and bring both to Australia to kick back and play? When you buy doesn’t mean the game will automatically translate to English. It will still use the language it was developed for unless designed explicitly with several language options.

  • You can buy games from other region’s e-shops.     

Some gamers have switched their Switch’s e-shop to another area in search of the great deals in the process of taking advantage of global arbitrage. Some consumers argue that it hurts the developer. However, there are no rules that prevent users from taking advantage of low priced products in other parts of the world.

  • E-shop cards are only compatible in the region they are purchased. 

Only the Nintendo Switch is region free, but the e-shop currency card is not. For example, a currency card bought in japan will only work on the Japanese e-shop.

  • Accessories from other countries may not work.

Accessories planned for the Nintendo Switch may or may not work with Nintendo Switch consoles manufactured for other countries. Variation in global voltage requirements can cause problems. Nintendo recommends you use only accessories designed in the same region where you bought your Switch.

  • Nintendo Switch warranties are region-specific.

If something happens to your Nintendo Switch, you can only have the repair done in the area it was initially bought. If you want proper performance, services, and support, use the Nintendo Switch console in the country where you purchased it.

  • Downloadable content is mostly region free.

Gamers are aware that content isn’t released around the world at the same time. 

If you need that brand new downloadable content a few hours ahead of time, you can purchase it in a different region and play it. But this might not work if the content is only supported in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, it will not work for a game in Canada.

  • How to buy Nintendo Switch games from the Japanese e-shop.

The most exciting feature about the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it’s region free, a welcome move for a Nintendo home console. Region free is a much-lauded feature. Nintendo will not publish any tutorials on how to set up multiple accounts.

Here is a guide to help you out get started with your Switch.

Sign up for a new account at Enter your information like your date of birth on the following screen. The next thing is filling out your details like name, email address, and password. Two key points here: first, you need to use a different email address from your main Nintendo account. This account must be unique, so you’ll need to ensure you not only have a second email address but also easy to access.

Secondly, and this is the most crucial part. Under home country, make sure you select Japan. This setting determines your e-shop region.

After doing that, you will get an email from Nintendo with a four-digit code. Enter the code you got on the page and click confirm. If you entered the code correctly, that’s all. You have created a Japanese Nintendo account.

You will need your Switch, so first click the gear icon on the bottom of the home screen to go settings. Once you are there, you need to select users, then click add a user. An expert in this will take through selecting a user icon and entering a name before finally adding the user to your system. Once that is done, you will be presented with the option to link your newly created user to a Nintendo account.

After you click sign in and link, enter your Japanese Nintendo account credentials you formed earlier. Once you have done this, you are set to start perusing the Japanese e-shop. When you click the e-shop icon, you will be asked who is using the e-shop. In case you want to view your local e-shop, use that original account if you’re going to see Japan’s offerings choose your new account instead.

Now that you have your account, you need to buy games on it. But paying can be a challenge. Credit cards from outside your chosen region won’t work. PayPal is a temporal thing. But you can buy Japanese e-shop credit from different outlets, register the code and pay using that method.

How to fix Nintendo E-shop if not currently available in your country.

One of the countries that are not currently supported by the Nintendo e-shop is the Philippines. This restriction is not strictly implemented and you can bypass this restriction easily. What you should do is set your country to the United States, Japan, or other countries that are currently e-shop available. Select the country you like and make sure the country’s language is matched to your preferences

The Nintendo Switch’s portability makes it a great companion for gaming on the go. Nothing makes a long flight pass faster than Zelda breathing of the wild, and if you find yourself craving a new game while you are abroad. Just log into e-shop and buy as usual. Once more Nintendo consoles are not region locked.


Now that you know about the Nintendo Switch and the console being region free, you can play any games you want from any region and not have to worry. This also makes the best gaming console for anyone that is always on the go, or anyone that has kids and their kids travel with them a lot. This device is one that is very powerful as well as special. No other handheld device is similar to the Switch, and that is what sets Nintendo apart from the competition.