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Will A Playstation Headset Work on an Xbox?

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If you too are a gaming enthusiast like us, you would definitely know that PlayStation and Xbox are two of the most respected names in the world of gaming. You will most likely own at least one of these if you are indeed the hard core gamer that you claim to be.

However, knowing whether a PlayStation headset will work with Xbox can be a difficult question. Read on to find out.

It is always the best idea to use your Playstation headset with a Playstation console as that will get you the best experience as the Playstation headset is specifically designed to work best with their console. Most Playstation headsets will not work with an Xbox but that isn’t always the case. Some headsets are designed to be used with Playstation but an adapter can be purchased to allow them to work with the Xbox as well. 

Normally the controller will have audio ports that are specifically designed to support the headset that is designed for their brands only. Very rarely can you use these devices by interchanging their headset. Doing this may end up harming your gaming device or your headset or even both. This is a risk you don’t want to take considering how expensive gaming equipment usually is.

In regards to the headsets with adapters, many gaming experts across many online gaming hubs are of the opinion that often the cost of the adapter will be more expensive than simply selling your current headset and buying a new one for the other console.Of course this is only true if you are swapping over to a different device and are not trying to temporarily use a headset like at a friends house. 

Assuming that isn’t the case it is normally best to just buy a headset for the specific console you have or will be playing with and only use that headset for that console. 

If you want to learn more about the adapter or other ways to get your Playstation headset to work in an Xbox then be sure and watch the video below. 

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Things to consider when buying a gaming headset

If you are someone who loves gaming, you would certainly know the importance of using headsets during gameplay. Gamers usually need to interact with their fellow teammates in multiplayer games. Not only that, headsets also enhance the gameplay extensively because of the enhanced sound effects while also keeping you from annoying everyone else in your house with the noise.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a headset for gaming, here are some things that you should remember.


Gaming headsets are usually more expensive than mainstream headphones and hence this factor should be extensively considered before you set out to purchase any kind of headset. 

The biggest misconception that some gamers have is that the more expensive the headset is, the more efficient it is. This may be true in the case of some brands however it is not always true. There are various brands that provide great headsets at an affordable price. It is your responsibility to carry out extensive research and make the best purchase for the money that you can find.


Another important factor that cannot be stressed enough is the brand of your new headset. It is always better to purchase a headset that is from a trusted brand that has a good reputation. Always remember to go for quality over anything else. As gaming headphones are long term investments and are usually expected to last over three to four years, never compromise on quality. 

A bad headset can greatly diminish the level of satisfaction of your gaming experience.

3. Warranty Period

If you’re a hard core gamer and use your headset a lot, then no matter how many headphones you buy, eventually all of them get damaged. Since your headphones are always so prone to breakage and damage, it is always better that you purchase a headset that comes with a good warranty that lasts as long as possible. This will help you get better value for your money even after it has been damaged as a good warranty will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the headset. 

This again is dependent on the brand from which you are purchasing your headset. The best brands make sure that their customers get the best after purchase service hence they will often have a good warranty and warranty period. . This is one of the few reasons why you should only purchase from a reputable brand.


Last but not the least, you should make sure that your headset is compatible with the gaming device of your choice. Usually headsets are expensive and to purchase a different one for  every device is near to impossible. Hence you should always try and purchase a headset that is compatible with all your devices if there is one available. 

It is always a good idea to test out your headset with all of your devices before you purchase it.  

How do you know if  your headset is not compatible with the device of your choice? Here’s how:

  • SILENCE: This is among the most obvious signs of non-compatibility. When you see that the video starts to play without the audio, it may be  that your headset is not compatible with the device of your choice. Try and disconnect the headphones to see whether the problem lies with your headphones or your device. Sometimes the problem may lie with the audio drives in the device that you are testing it on but if you have another headset that was recently working then it is likely that the headset won’t work with your device.
  • GLITCHY OR DISRUPTED SOUNDS: Sometimes non-compatible headsets may play the sound but these sounds will be glitchy or disrupted. Again, to see the root cause of the problem make sure you disconnect the headset and test your device and headphones individually.
  • ONLY ONE SIDE IS PLAYING: Sometimes only one side of the headphones will be working while the other remains non-functional. This is also a sign of non-compatibility.
  • MICROPHONE NOT WORKING: Sometimes both sides of the headphones will be fully functional and the microphone will remain non-functional. Sometimes all three will malfunction.

Hence, we can see how important compatibility is for your headset to truly enhance your gaming experience.


You should make sure that your headset that you are purchasing is compatible with your device. If you cannot test your headset before purchasing, make sure you purchase from a vendor that has easy return policies in case your headset turns out to be non-compatible. 

Online stores will almost always have great return policies but be warned that if you make a mistake on the compatibility then you will often have to pay for the return shipping costs. 

Most headsets will say which consoles that they work with and if they say they will work with your device but don’t then the shipping costs will be covered by the store however if it doesn’t mention the compatibility with your console then you might be on the hook to cover the cost of shipping the headset back. 

If you are trying to find a headset that will work with many different devices then you are probably better off to purchase it locally. You will have to spend more time and gas than you would buying online but that way you don’t have to pay for any return shipping costs.