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Will A Playstation Play Blu-Rays?

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When it comes to entertainment, nothing can beat the features of the PlayStation system. This video game system is likely one of the best household entertainment devices, which needs no typical introduction. Having a Playstation in your home means that not only can you play a large variety of games but you can also watch a ton of different movies via streaming platforms or on DVDs.  

However, since the perks of entertainment are on the rise, people are expecting more and more from the Playstation. Many people have wondered if the Playstations is able to play Blu-Rays in addition to playing video games and dvds. So, can they play Blu-Rays? 

The Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5 are all capable of playing Blu-Ray discs. The first two Playstation models cannot play Blu-Ray discs but they are able to play regular DVDs. Being able to play Blu-Rays on the PS3, PS4, and PS5 is a great feature and really makes both of these systems an all-in-one entertainment device! 

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How to set up your Playstation 4 for playing Blu-Rays?

Every Playstation model is equipped with its own setting options. It is important to use some basic configuration actions so that proper aspects can be considered for playing Blu-Ray. The Playstation 4 allows you to play the latest Blu-Ray versions, which is the firmware version of 1.5. 

Below this range, it can cause some basic settings trouble. Therefore, in order to allow your Playstation to use the Blu-Ray, simply follow the steps below for setup:

  • One of the basic ways to adjust to the settings of the Blu-Ray is to target the disk rate to be above 1.5 or simply 1.5. Once you have this set properly, go to the settings options.
  • Next, visit the settings information section and update the Blu-Ray column. You have to be sure of the correct Blu-Ray information before you change anything.
  • Next, simply insert the disc into the Playstation’s disc tray and click on the icon. You then just have to let the Blu-Ray begin playing and click the play button on the main menu like normal.

It should be noted that the 4k video quality cannot be assured all the time. It is advised to check the video and audio settings beforehand so that you can get the proper movie viewing option. Also, make sure that if you have installed a surround sound system, do not forget to connect it to your Playstation 4 to ensure that you have the best movie viewing experience. 

Can 3D Blu-ray movies be played in a Playstation 4?

It is not possible to play 3D movies on all Playstation systems however, the Playstation 4 does support 3D watching of Blu-Ray movies. If you are trying to watch a 3D Blu-Ray you also need to have a TV, which is compatible with the whole setup. Just because you have a 3D Blu-Ray and that the Playstation 4 can play it doesn’t mean that you can watch a movie in 3D yet. There are other things that you need to be able to watch the movie in 3D. Further help about playing 3D movies can be found on Lifewire

Do you need the internet to play Blu-Rays? 

The Playstation 4 is one of the most recent and exclusive gadgets that have helped to pave the way to watch all kinds of Blu-Ray movies, without any additional effort. But do you have to have the internet to be able to play Blu-Rays? 

Thankfully you don’t need to have the internet to be able to play Blu-Rays on your Playstation. The internet is required if you are trying to stream movies but with a Blu-Ray disc you won’t have to have internet to play it. 

Not requiring the internet is one of the main reasons that people choose Blu-Rays and DVDs over streaming services as there is only the original cost of purchasing the movies and no costs after that. 

What to do if your Playstation doesn’t play Blu-Rays?

If your Playstation is supposed to play Blu-Rays but the Blu-Ray that you have isn’t working there could be a few different reasons for this issue. 

The first possible issue is that the Blu-Ray that you have is for the wrong region. DVDs and Blu-Rays are designed with specific region codes on them and are locked to only play in regions of the world. For example, Region 1 DVDs and Blu-Rays play in the United States and in Canada. 

These Region 1 discs will not work in other areas of the world since DVD and Blu-Ray players are designed to only work with that region’s discs. 

So all of that is a little confusing but basically you just need to look on the back of the Blu-Ray’s case and see what the little number code is at the bottom. If it has a number 1 (if you are in the USA) or says the word all (which works everywhere) then that shouldn’t be the issue. 

You can learn more about the regions and how that affects your Blu-Rays you can find more region code information in the video below. 

The second possible issue with your Blu-Ray is that it might be defective. Sometimes during the manufacturing process there are issues that happen that cause the disc to look normal but not work properly. Products aren’t inspected very often and so when there is an issue during manufacturing there can be quite a few defective items produced before the issue is caught and fixed. 

If you are able to play other Blu-Rays but not a certain one then this is likely the issue. 

The third possible issue is there is a problem with your Playstation. If no discs are being read by your player or if no Blu-Rays will play then it is likely an issue with your system itself. If your Playstation is still under warranty or you recently bought it then returning it or getting service under the warranty is the best way to go. 

If your Playstation is older and no longer under warranty then you can find some tips for fixing this issue in the video below. 


The Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 will both play Blu-Rays as well as DVDs. The Playstation 4 will also play 3D Blu-Rays but those require you to have other things in your setup besides just the PS4. 
If you have a PS3 or PS4 and it is not working to play Blu-Ray discs then there is likely something wrong with either the Blu-Ray or the console itself so you will have to do some digging to see exactly what the issue is so that you can fix it.