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Will Nintendo Ever Make PC Games?

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Have you ever wondered if Nintendo would ever reach into the PC gaming world? Maybe you heard a rumor that they are going to start making PC games? Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Nintendo and if they are going to start making PC games. 

So will Nintendo ever make PC games?

Unless something drastically changes in the future, Nintendo is not planning on ever making PC games. Nintendo has plenty of games as well as handheld devices that its fans love. They would not move into a niche they do not know unless something drastically changes in the company. 

If you want to know more about Nintendo making PC games, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also check out this video to learn about Nintendo games being on the Computer. 

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Nintendo is a multinational Japanese video game Console company headquartered in Kyoto. Fusajiro Yamauchi founded it in 1889 as a handmade playing card producing company. It tried various small niche businesses with little success, later on, developed as a video game console company and released its first home video game console Color TV-Game in 1977. It sold approx 3 million units worldwide, with this, it got a boost and continued as a video game console developer with world-famous game consoles like Nintendo Switch, Wii, etc and some first-hand famous games of all time like Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

There was a good pace in the video game console industry, and more companies were coming up to compete with Nintendo. Some of its rivals are Sega, Sony, and Microsoft (Xbox). To remain at the top of the market, companies were doing their best and releasing new features and consoles frequently. This rat race grew hard with time. With rising competition, everyone was trying their best and moving one step forward from each other every day.

It was during this time that PC games were introduced. With the introduction of PC games, there was a shift of gamers from consoles to PC. PC can do many more things as compared to any console. Companies were trying to maintain a balance in PC games. But Nintendo was staying out of PC games as they were not having much interest in it. The PC game industry is a boom and will grow at a rapid pace. It is a must-to-invest sector. This is why many people want to know about Nintendo games coming to PC. 

Will Nintendo ever make PC games?

Probably not since Nintendo has no plans to enter the PC gaming market. They clarified that the PC game market is not in their focus.

It is observed that the war between the consoles has come to a halt with the release of PC games, which provides an edge over the consoles. This resulted in a great competition between PC and console gaming, which was not seen before. Companies were trying to tackle it. Some companies flopped and others struggled as PC games were compatible. Some features of PC games are listed below.

  • Reach

PCs are considered better because of their high reach. They do not limit it to gaming only as the consoles are. A person having a PC for its personal use can also use it for gaming. This gave a clear edge to PC and PC gaming.

  • Controls and durability

PC could use its input devices like keyboard and mouse as controls or the games. It doesn’t require buying special controls to play the games. It is durable. It lasts long and can be used after years. It also does not go out of fashion in a short period. It is cheaper to repair a PC than to repair a gaming console. It gave a favorable environment to PC gaming.

Besides these benefits, Nintendo kept itself away from PC gaming. In its annual shareholder’s meeting, Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of the Nintendo company told that they are not interested in PC gaming and want to work to provide a better hardware-software interface for their customers. He supported his answer by explaining the small size of the PC gaming market and clarified that PC gaming is not part of their strategy.

They observed that Nintendo has expanded its games to smartphones with Android and IOS, covering the two sectors but still away from the PC market which is showing incredible growth.

Kimishima argued that they want to provide new game play experience and surprises to their consumers, for which maintaining an integrated software-hardware business is the best way. Ultimately, it will lead to an increase in the sale of their game consoles. They want to attract the consumers by providing games for consoles and mobiles but remain as a console developer. They want to focus only on console gaming.

Because of this, we expect that Nintendo will stick to its consoles only and will not make PC games. This can lead to the downfall of the company because of the changing environment and changing preferences of the gamers who loved PC games because of their high-end graphics and accessibility on PC or laptops without buying a separate new console just for gaming.

What are the benefits of PC games?

PC or a Personal Computer provides better features when compared with consoles. We do not limit them to gaming only, and can provide various benefits. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Customizable

One of the biggest benefits of a PC is that you can customize your PC as per your requirements. You can upgrade it with new devices or replace their older device, which is not possible with consoles. A person cannot customize his console. He depends on the developer company to release a new console or a better version.

  • High-end graphics

When we talk about graphics, there is no match for a high build PC. Consoles cannot stand in the front of a PC for graphics. PC can provide custom solutions to all the problems whereas consoles are limited to their standards only.

  • Upgradability

We can upgrade PCs as per our needs and wants. It is up to us, when and how much up-gradation we require. But with consoles, we need to buy the whole new console as an upgrade. This leads to an increase in price and leads to the loss.


Nintendo is a well maintained and popular video game console company that looks at consoles as its primary product and source for better user experience. They are not interested in PC games. If this remained continued, then Nintendo will stay away from PC games and this can lead to a decrease in the company’s sales. Its president Kimishima clarified that the PC is out of its focus strategy. So, we should not expect PC games from Nintendo. Because PC gaming is a vast and incredibly growing sector, some people think that companies like Nintendo must indulge themselves in PC gaming. That is simply not true though. 

If Nintendo does not ever make PC games, and they continue to make consoles, that could be a good thing. Sometimes spreading a company too thin is not good for the company, and can even make a company go bankrupt. Nintendo is a smart company and is going to stick with what they are good at and continue to make consoles and games for those consoles.