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Will Sega Return to Making Consoles?

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Have you ever wondered if Sega will ever start making consoles again? Maybe you heard a rumor that they might come out with a brand new console. Well, in this article we will answer all of your questions and go over everything you need to know about Sega making consoles again. 

So will sega return to making consoles?

Although there have been many rumors about Sega, at this time, they have said that they are not going back to making consoles. As we know though, with time, anything can change. We have seen this over and over again where a company says they are not going to do something, and then they turn about and do it. This is why we think there may be a chance even though it is small. 

If you want to know more about Sega making consoles, you will want to keep reading this article. 

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The rise and fall of Sega

Among fans in the gaming business, there is something many refer to as the “console wars.” Today it is a conflict between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to see which gaming console gets fans willing to spend the most money. In any case, before Microsoft entered the quarrel with the primary emphasis of the Xbox in 2001, there was a different company that finished the heavenly trinity of gaming.

Sega is a Japanese computer game organization that gained much popularity during the ’90s. Be that as it may, it went from selling more than 30 million Sega Beginning consoles at the stature of its acclaim in 1993 to selling only 3 million units of its last reassure before reassessing its equipment realm. But exactly what happened?

In the year 1988 “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson hit the top 1 number in the billboards, and Sony’s Disk Jockey Album player sold out for $400. Additionally that year the Sega launched the Mega Drive in Japan. At that point, the overall computer game industry was being ruled by Nintendo, whose Nintendo Gaming setup was by a wide margin the greatest gaming console available. By the mid-‘90s in the US, Nintendo held 94% of the nation $3 billion gaming market. It is silly to challenge that predominance, but this the time Sega arrives in the market.

Sega had just become well known in Japan by making arcade games, however its home comfort, the Sega Super Drive, was battling. That is when Michael Katz, the leader of Sega of America, concluded that so as to challenge Nintendo, Sega needed to concentrate its sights on the west. The Mega Drive was launched as the Genesis in the U.S. Katz proposed going after the jugular by assaulting Nintendo’s image with retail.

Will Sega return to making consoles?

As indicated by the production, Sega has hallmarked two names known as; “Ring Wide” and “Ring edge,” and also a logo which contains rings. The trademark unmistakably says that the names will be utilized for “arcade game boards, stand-alone computer game machines, or arcade game machines with screens.”

So what would this be able to mean? Clearly it’s too soon to tell, however some are stating that it could be Sega’s arrival back to the arcade business. They surely would be enthusiastic for that; however the arcade business is a reflection for its previous self. Since console gaming turned into a backbone, it has lost quite a bit of its significance. We simply don’t see Sega putting resources into the arcade business.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which this recording is for a top-mystery console the organization is creating to challenge the coming age of equipment. Will Ringwide or Ringedge dominate on the Wii 2, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 720? Sega can make a successful come back to the business of console, and it could be probably the best decision the organization could ever take.

Moreover, Sega has lost a lot of its allure. Sonic games are not as enjoyable as they used to be on the Genesis or Dreamcast and major Sega establishments like Shenmue have been everything except overlooked by the organization.

Be that as it may, in the event that it built up a console to challenge Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, Sega could make something happen. Truly, its officials have said on various events that they are upbeat about creating games, however the organization despite everything appreciates a practically enchanted image in the market and its following is as yet steadfast.

For those who grew up in the times of Genesis-SNES wars, the very idea of another Sega console gets us energized. On the off chance that Sega declared its decision to get once again into the console business, we will be expecting fan boys from Japan to Europe to North America to remain as one and cheer fiercely subsequent to hearing the news. It would be a grand declaration that would put Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo on notice that Sega has returned.

Entering into the console market can be hazardous for Sega. As Nintendo is getting a charge out of successful achievement and the once-prevailing PlayStation is working devastatingly to stay equivalent to the competitors in the market.

Sega has a faithful fan network that has been requesting a new console from the organization since the time the Dreamcast was stopped. Sega additionally sees how to be fruitful in the equipment business and hosts the first-get-together properties set up to be a significant rival to Nintendo’s lineup on their day of launch.

We can say that Sega has experienced much from its past mix-ups. It currently knows not to launch a console on the very day it declared to a select gathering of retailers and it presently knows to begin getting along with designers. It presently realizes that the key to be successful is not launching the console immediately, but it needs to give the most imaginative and fun game.

However, the time is running out. Sega might be adored by millions over the globe who despite everything hold their Genesis and Dreamcast in high respect, however memories still blur and we proceed onward to new inventions, things and gadgets. On the off chance that Sega stands by too long to even consider releasing a console or doesn’t launch a gadget by any stretch of the imagination, a completely new age of gamers will develop during a time where they will never know Sega as anything besides a product designer. When that occurs, the significance and intrigue of another Sega console would be long gone for them.

In an ongoing meeting with Yahoo! Japan, the COO of Sega games Kenji Matsubara said that the Japanese giant is considering launching another console in Japan. However it is not exactly what you think, or what some different locales have revealed, either. So there is no chance of Sega returning back at this time.


Now that we know Sega is not going to return back to making consoles, we can continue to collect the great consoles that they did make. There have been many great consoles, and many gamers all over the world want them to come back to making them. Sadly we know this isn’t going to happen. Even though they are not going to make any new consoles, we can still play the great ones that they did create and play all of the amazing Sega games that we love.