Will The Nintendo Switch Download Games In Sleep Mode?

Will The Nintendo Switch Download Games In Sleep Mode?

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With the launch of the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, gamers everywhere are wondering about all the new features. One question that has been debated is whether or not games will be downloaded while in sleep mode. While Nintendo has yet to answer this question, there are some clues that might tell us what’s happening.

If you’ve played any of Nintendo’s many previous consoles (such as the Wii), then you know how addictive they can be for any age group! With that said, it would be great if a game you want to play could still download while your console is not being used. This is the biggest draw for Nintendo’s Switch, as not many other consoles can play downloaded games while offline. However, while the Switch will download and play downloaded games when off, it does not necessarily download them in sleep mode.

The Nintendo Switch does have a sleep mode that keeps your console from playing games or being turned on for up to nine hours (or five hours on standby). The good news is that every game that you want to download, can be done while the Switch is in sleep mode. 

If you are expecting to play the downloaded games immediately though, then you will be disappointed. You should know that the downloaded games will not appear in your Switch library until your console is back in active mode. This means pulling your system out of sleep before trying to play any downloaded games.

There are also some other limitations that may seem a little unfair at first glance. The Switch has a 32GB internal memory and can accept microSD cards for more storage. However, if you download too many games, photos or videos, then the internal memory might fill up fast! So just keep this in mind as it’s possible for the internal memory to be used up before downloading all available games.

One good thing about download games is that they can be played anywhere. This means that owners will not have to worry if their new console will be compatible with an old TV or if the hardware supports bluetooth controllers. We don’t know how much the games will cost, or if micro transactions will be used; so only time will tell what gamers are getting with these new features!

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Is it bad to keep your switch in sleep mode?

This is a question I get from time to time, so I thought it would be helpful to explain the pros and cons of the sleep mode and how it affects your Switch.

Why does sleep mode increase battery life?

The most common reason people use the sleep mode is to conserve battery life for when they play later at night or when they leave their Switch in their bag for extended periods of time. With my knowledge of how the system works, I feel that this is not necessary since you can still turn on your device if you need to use it. The main benefit of using sleep mode is however, saving on electricity or money as some people are unable to charge their devices overnight.

How does sleep mode affect the Nintendo Switch?

The main benefit of using the sleep mode is that your device will save on power or money by not having to use a charger. Most people who do this do so because they are unable to charge their device overnight. When they turn it off, it saves on battery life all while protecting your device from damage.

How can you turn off sleep mode?

Unfortunately, there is no way to completely turn off sleep mode and apparently, it cannot be done with software updates. The only way to completely shut down your Switch is through restarting it.

Can I leave my Nintendo Switch sleeping in a turned off state while it charges?

Although you can technically do this, it is not recommended. 

The Switch doesn’t have built-in power management features that would allow the console to charge its batteries while it’s in sleep mode.

You should make sure the console is completely powered down when it’s charging, or use a separate charger and USB cable for charging, when the system is not connected to any TV with the dock.

How long does the Switch battery last in sleep mode?

Nintendo says you can leave your Nintendo Switch plugged in 24/7 if you want. They also say that you should get more than 10 hours of battery life if you are keeping it in sleep mode even if it is downloading games. It is not recommended to put the switch into sleep mode constantly as it still drains the battery. 

Does the Nintendo Switch use a lot of power when it’s plugged in?

Unfortunately, it does, lthough not near as much as other gaming consoles that are running online gaming.  The Nintendo Switch uses far more battery power than most mobile devices such as phones. 

The NVIDIA Tegra X1 mobile processor is responsible for this, as it is designed to run for long periods of time powered off (typically at 50% load). The Switch uses a lithium-ion battery that even with this powerful processor inside would give you only about 3-4 hours of continuous play time. But thankfully the processor has a “boost” option that allows it to run at full power for 20-30 minutes before automatically shutting down. This allows the Switch to use this “boost” option as much as you want during gameplay.

Will the Nintendo Switch charge in sleep mode?

This is an important question for those who plan on downloading and playing games while the console is charging in sleep mode. The good news is that Nintendo says you can leave your Nintendo Switch plugged in 24/7 if you want.

The bad news is that if you are using the device, the battery will not charge. The only way for it to charge while sleeping is if it’s connected to a low- or no-drain USB port (USB 2.0) and if it has been fully depleted (0% remaining).

The Nintendo Switch does not have a battery gauge, so it’s quite difficult to tell exactly how much power the battery has left . While the console is in sleep mode, it still consumes a small amount of power to remain on standby and remain connected to your Wi-Fi network. This is the same amount of power used to charge the system while in sleep mode.

Since the Switch doesn’t indicate how much battery life remains, some users are concerned about using their device while it’s charging. Other users simply want to be able to leave their device plugged in all night if they want. If you’re one of those users, you should be aware that you will not be able to play on your Switch while it is charging as the battery will not charge fast enough to keep the switch from staying dead. 

You can leave your Switch plugged in 24/7 if you would like to though. Switch battery life is measured by how long it lasts while playing video games. It will last under 3 hours when connected to a TV, or up to 6 hours when deactivated and handheld. 


Now that you understand all about the Nintendo Switch, you can see why it is so popular, and why so many people love playing all the games on the device. It does not matter what your favorite game is to play on the Switch; Nintendo just wants you to have fun and enjoy the time playing with friends and family. 

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