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Xbox Banned Until 9999? How To Fix It?

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The gaming world is actually not as simple as it seems from the outside. Some people might feel that gaming gives people a space of their own, to express anger or several other forms of emotions which is true but if you are gaming online with other people there are certain things you can’t do and say. 

When gaming online it is less of a personal space and more of a communal space that you share with gamers from around the world. Xbox has specific terms and conditions as well as a code of conduct that you must follow when you are playing online via the Xbox Live service. If you don’t follow these rules properly then you will eventually find yourself on the wrong end of a ban or suspension. 

Suspensions are typical for a short amount of time that ranges from a few days to a few weeks. A ban will normally be permanent. Of course there are different types of bans that Xbox issues as well so knowing what kind of suspension or ban that you received is important when trying to figure out what you can do about it. 

Most of the time a ban will tell you how long it will be until you can use your account again. Some will say days or weeks while others will say it is permanent. What can you do if yours says that it will last until 9999?

If you have discovered that you got a ban that lasts until the year 9999 then obviously that is intended as a permanent ban (at least until the year 10,000)! When you receive a ban the best thing to do is contact the Microsoft enforcement team as they are the only ones who can lift a ban on your account or console. You have up to one year after the ban was originally issued to contact the enforcement team and have them take a look at the ban. 

Bans are sometimes arbitrary so what someone might deem a bannable offense someone else might believe that it only deserves a suspension. If you feel like what you did wrong wasn’t bad enough to warrant a permanent ban or you don’t think that you did anything wrong at all then contacting the enforcement team is your best and only option to get your account back. 

When your account or console has been banned, reaching out to the support team or creating a new account/ buying a new console are really your only options for dealing with a permanent ban (besides the trick that is mentioned at the bottom of the article). To contact the enforcement team you can find the Xbox enforcement website by clicking here. Remember when dealing with the enforcement team you are much more likely to get a favorable outcome if you are nice and polite than if you go in cursing and name calling. 

In the rest of this article we will give more details about why a ban takes place as well as exactly what your options are when dealing with a ban. 

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Why and when would a ban take place?

Life itself is quite arbitrary and hence expecting stuff to be absolutely perfect in the virtual world as well is just not something that is going to happen. This means that in the virtual world of gaming sometimes you will experience certain injustices. Someone who does the exact same thing wrong might not get caught or might get a lesser punishment than you did. Unfortunately that isn’t a defense that will help get your ban lifted or keep you from being banned. 

The only thing that can keep you from getting your account or console banned is by following the rules that Microsoft has set up. There are certain rules and regulations every company has for their users to follow so that they will know what they can and cannot do while using the system.  If and when the company finds you to be continuously violating this sets of rules, even after repeated warnings, then the company will often have a team that is in charge of looking at the account and issuing suspensions or bans.

So, if you abide by the rules and regulations that Microsoft sets up  in the first place, it automatically means that you won’t have to worry about being suspended or having your device banned. 

If you don’t have the time to read all of the terms and conditions that Xbox has for their network then we have given some of the general rules below. Of course this is no substitute for the actual rules that Microsoft has laid out so if you are unsure about something going directly to Microsoft and reading up on the rules is a good idea.

  1. If a console is tampered with you will receive a ban. This is usually when someone physically opens up the device to modify it in ways so as to be able to use the console for nefarious purposes. This has also been applied to installing custom firmware or hacking software. 
  2. Another scenario that could result in a ban is when activities such as account theft, phishing, or any other such activities are spotted in an account. These, in fact, fall under cybercrime and the users can be legally punished on top of the account or console ban.
  3. Repeated violations of the code of conduct such as name calling, racist or sexist remarks, cursing at someone, etc. will result in a ban. Normally these violations will come with a temporary suspension of your ability to communicate via the console but repeated violations will eventually result in an account ban.

How to unban an Xbox if it has been permabanned

Usually, if your Xbox has been banned or your online gaming account has been suspended for a certain period of time, you will be notified via email. After you receive the email about this ban the first thing that you will want to do is determine if you actually did something wrong. Often when you receive a ban you will know exactly what it is that you did wrong as bans/suspensions are normally sent pretty soon after the offense takes place. If you know what you did wrong and are only temporarily suspended then you will want to simply follow the suspension and make sure you never commit that infraction again. 

If however your account or device has been banned then you will certainly want to contact the support team at Xbox and see if there is anything they can do. Normally when a permanent ban is put in place Microsoft won’t lift it but some people have reported having success so it is certainly worth a try. When you contact the enforcement team they will normally ask you for your side of the story and what exactly happened. If there is a little bit of a grey area then they might unban the account but be warned you will be on very thin ice. 

If they refuse to lift the ban and the ban that you received is an account ban then you are left with two choices, create a new account or try a little trickery to try and get the account back up. There is a trick that has been reported to work when you have an account that is banned until 9999. The steps that you need to take are: 

  1. The first step is to sign in to the banned account through the Xbox website. Edit the bio or motto or anything like that and change them by adding some inappropriate words. 
  2. Next, you would need other users to report your banned account for using abusive or inappropriate language. You could ask your friends or other online gamers whom you know to report the account to make it work faster.
  3. Now there is normally a bot that takes care of these kinds of issues and they usually result in just a short term ban.  Needless to say that when so many reports are launched against a single account, the bot will put a short term ban on the account.
  4. Your work is now done but the waiting. All you  have to do is to wait for the time period of the suspension to get over and then check and see if you can access your account again.

The plan might seem quite easy but it, in fact, is a bit tricky. Remember that you either need a non-private Xbox Live account or an account that has a lot of friends on it. Another thing worth mentioning here would be that this process may not work for everyone. Some of the people who have tried it have had good results but for others, it did not quite work out. But whatever be the scenario, it is worth giving it a try since otherwise you are going to have to create a new account anyway. 


Hopefully this article has been of some help to you in knowing what you can do about the issue when your account is banned until 9999. The easiest way to solve the issue is to not get banned in the first place but if you are unable to do that then the other options are to contact Xbox support or try the trick mentioned above. 

Worst case scenario your account is toast and you lose everything in it and have to create a new account.