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About The Company

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Retro Only is a website that was started in January of 2020 by Matt Robbs, who has always had a passion for retro video games, records, record players, and arcade games. He noticed that there were not many websites that answered questions about these items, and he wanted to change that.

He started Retro Only to be a resource for people who were looking for information about retro items.

As time went on, the website expanded to cover many different things, but in recent years, it has shifted towards covering both retro and new video games, consoles, and accessories. This website is updated regularly with new articles and reviews, and it has become a go-to resource for many people who are interested in retro and new video games.

One of the things that makes Retro Only unique is that it is not just a website that talks about the latest games and consoles. It also focuses on the history of video games and how they have evolved over time.

Matt often shares personal stories about his own experiences with different games and consoles, which adds a personal touch to the website.

For example, he has a story about how he first got into playing video games. He remembers being a kid and playing arcade games at the local mall with his friends. He always loved the feeling of putting a quarter into a machine and trying to beat his high score. This love for arcade games eventually led him to start collecting them and eventually starting Retro Only.

In addition to personal stories, Retro Only also has a variety of different articles and reviews. They cover everything from classic arcade games to the latest consoles and games. They also have a section dedicated to record players and records, which is a great resource for people who are interested in vinyl.

Overall, Retro Only is a great website for anyone who is interested in video games, records, record players, and arcade games. It is a resource that is filled with information, personal stories, and reviews that will keep you entertained and informed. If you are a fan of retro or new video games, consoles, and accessories, Retro Only is definitely a website that you should check out.