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Is There A Nintendo 64 Classic?

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Do you own a Nintendo 64 and wonder if they will ever remake it? Maybe you have heard rumors about the Nintendo 64 Classic and when it might be released. No matter what the question is, you will find the answer in this article. 

So is there a Nintendo 64 classic?

Although a lot of people are talking about it, there has not been any official information from Nintendo if or when a Nintendo 64 classic could be released. Although with all the new mini consoles coming out, the Nintendo 64 classic would be the next in line for Nintendo to produce since they have already made an NES classic and a SNES classic.

If you want to know more about the original Nintendo 64 and the possible release of the 64 classic, you will definitely want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to learn about the games that should be included on the N64 classic and when we could possibly see it! 

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History of the Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 or N64 certainly made the childhood of many people. So in that way, it is already a classic console. N64 has something more than just the nostalgia factor which works for it though. This is truly wonderful because the console itself isn’t anything special to look at. It is boxy and frumpy whereas the new consoles are sleek, modern and run smoothly at Ultra HD and 4K.

The controller has a three handle design which will make anyone who hasn’t used the system feel baffled. Also the graphics are also bad since the N64 was pretty much the precursor of the modern 3D era. So it’s neither as classic as the NES and neither is it too modern like the new consoles. It’s somewhere in between and that perhaps adds to its appeal. But that’s not all that makes N64 a hit.

What makes N64 such a hit today?

It will baffle many to know that when it was first released, the N64 was not the most highly selling console. It was the PlayStation. But even then it is the N64 which has emerged as the one which has stood the test of time. Even today you can buy a Nintendo 64 right here

These are some of the reasons why:

  • On top of all the reasons stated above, it should be added that the games which were made for this console were also very expensive. This made it feel like it always had a collector value where people are always after it to get a good sum out of it. In this way, Nintendo is also a classic as the older its games get, the more its prices are bound to increase.
  • The cartridge system of Nintendo was unique from the CDS and disks which were found back then. This makes it more of a collector’s item and something which people brag about even now.
  • When talking about prices, the selling price for N64 has been constantly increasing over several years. This is because N64 isn’t in production but fans of the console still want it. This is why mint condition N64 consoles are now selling for $1,000 and even more. So the older and the more well kept the console, the better price can be gotten for it.
  • N64 has its fan base which separates it from the NES and SNES. It’s still played on college campuses and there are conventions held for the games which could be played on the console.
  • There are still professional gamers who play on the N64. They stream their games which draw ten thousand viewers and even more. They also try to break already set records on the console and make up new moves on the games.
  • There are also gaming competitions held on the N64 games where the participants try to one upon another when it comes to the scoreboards or records. So it’s a console which is still popular and held people’s fascination in this era of fast streaming consoles which come with better graphics and better controls.

Why isn’t there an N64 classic version yet?

Apart from the nostalgia factor, there is also the fact that Nintendo 64 doesn’t have a Classic version yet. This is unfair because Nintendo has already given long time fans a chance to relive their childhoods by taking out the NES and SNES Classic editions. But people who grew up in the 90s are still hoping for a revisit to their golden era with an N64 Classic. After all, it does seem like the next logical step, but Nintendo doesn’t think so, and here’s why:

  • The two Classic editions of NES and SNES were created as a way to bridge the conclusion of Wii U and the next shift to Nintendo Switch. It was a purely business and strategic decision to do so.
  • Another thing that shows why only two got the Classic version was because it was a limited time offer. So this wasn’t a full-fledged business opportunity.

Will there be a way to get the N64 Classic edition?

Nintendo views this kind of edition like limited-time opportunities. So basically no matter how much consumers want it, if it doesn’t pose a business benefit to the company, they won’t do it. But that doesn’t mean that they want to alienate their audience and so if you want to engage with their classic stuff then you will have to wait. 

Does this decision make sense?

The SNES and NES Classic editions were easy to do for the company and they did well in the market. Of course, this doesn’t imply that an N64 Classic edition won’t do well but there will be a lot of implementation issues surprising an N64 Classic. These are:

  • There are some pure console games which are the third party and so they most likely won’t make their way to a new machine.
  • Other games have already been remastered elsewhere.
  • The graphics certainly haven’t aged well. When compared to NES, which was its era and the SNES that had some gorgeous pixel art; the N64 doesn’t even have a leg to stand on. This is because N64 was brought in right when the 3D era was beginning so it’s not as impressive as it once was.
  • The controllers are also a huge problem since they are pretty big and do take up space. These take up more space than even the NES and SNES controllers.
  • All this would only work to hike up the price and this wasn’t an issue for the NES or SNES Classic editions which offered low price along with a retro appeal. 
  • Nintendo will only release the N64 classic if there is enough market to make money, and as of right now, they are not sure.

While we can certainly rationalize why there won’t be a classic edition of the N64, our hearts still want one. Even with its bulky design and bad graphics, N64 holds a charm that remains unmatched.


Although there is not a Nintendo 64 Classic edition as of yet, we are hopeful that Nintendo will release one soon. The gaming community adores the N64, and even though it may not be the best of the best, those who grew up with it in their homes loved to play it, and loved playing all the games that came with the system.