Are 3rd Party Switch Docks Safe? 

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While owning a Nintendo Switch can be extremely fun due to all of the games that you can play on it as well as being able to take it on the go with you. There are some downsides to owning the Nintendo Switch. One of these downsides is that Nintendo only gives you one docking station for your Switch. 

One docking station will work if you only use your Switch at your house, most people will take their Switch to their friend’s house and want to play it on their TV as well. This left many people constantly carrying around their Nintendo Switch dock with them wherever they wanted.

This made carrying the Nintendo Switch more of a hassle than it should have been which people didn’t like. After all, the Nintendo Switch was supposed to be compact and easily used on the go. 

Being forced to carry around the Nintendo Switch dock with you was basically the same as carrying around a big console like the Xbox or PlayStation. This had people wondering if they could purchase a secondary Switch docking station for their device. 

Originally, Nintendo did not offer a docking station that could be purchased separately which forced people to look at third-party options. Because buying a third party docking station could lead to issues with the Switch many people want to know if they are safe to use. 

Third-party Switch docking stations are safe to use if you buy from a reputable website such as Amazon. There have been reports about some third-party docking stations damaging people’s Switches if they come directly from China. This is why you should be careful where you purchase your docking station. 

Obviously no one wants to damage their Nintendo Switch by purchasing a third-party docking station! All you want to do is simply not have to carry around a docking station with you everywhere you go or any time you go to visit your friends house. 

Because there are many different third-party docking stations available you may be wondering which one is safe and which one is the best. The best third-party docks for your Nintendo Switch can be found by clicking here

There may be other options that are cheaper, but you take the risk of buying a third-party device that is not safe to use with your Nintendo Switch. You should only purchase the Nintendo Switch docking station listed above to protect your Nintendo Switch from damage. 

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Does Nintendo sell Switch docks?

If you were tired of only having one docking station for your Nintendo Switch you have probably looked into purchasing a second one to use and put at your friends house. Having a second docking station would allow you to use your Nintendo Switch at a second location on someone else’s TV without having to carry around your Nintendo Switch dock. 

The problem many people have come across is that Nintendo does not sell just the docking station unless you purchase an entire Switch system. Because this was true originally, and the Switch has been out for a while, many people want to know if this has changed or still holds true. 

Nintendo does currently sell a Switch docking station on their website. This docking station is the same as the one that would come in the Nintendo Switch package and is guaranteed to work with any Nintendo Switch device. 

The Nintendo Switch dock can be purchased directly through Nintendo and only cost $50-$75. This is considerably cheaper than purchasing an entire Nintendo Switch system just to use the docking station. 

You can buy a Nintendo Switch docking station that is made by a third-party for cheaper, but you take a risk of it not working with your Nintendo Switch device. This is why many people prefer to spend a little bit of extra money and buy one directly from Nintendo. 

You do not want to risk purchasing something that does not work with your device and being out the money or even worse purchasing a docking station that ends up damaging your Nintendo Switch. If you purchase a third-party docking station and your Nintendo Switch becomes ruined you will not be able to get a brand new Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo warranty. 

This is why it is always best just to spend the money and purchase the official docking station through Nintendo. 

Is the Nintendo Switch dock safe? 

If you have just purchased a Nintendo Switch you may have heard some rumors that the docking station is not safe to use with your Nintendo Switch. You might have even seen some videos about it damaging a Nintendo Switch or even worse completely frying the motherboard. 

Because you do not want to damage your Nintendo Switch by using the docking station, you obviously want to know if the Nintendo Switch dock is safe. 

The Nintendo Switch dock is 100% safe to use with your Nintendo Switch. It was specifically designed to work with your Nintendo Switch and unless you modify your device it will work flawlessly. 

Just because someone says something online about the Nintendo Switch dock damaging their device, does not mean that it is true. Some people will post things online to try and damage the reputation of a device, or to try and get a new device for free. 

Nintendo also offers a manufacturer’s warranty on their Switch device which will take care of any issues you might have with your Switch or your Switch docking station. 

Overall the Nintendo Switch, and the Switch docking station are safe to use, and are loved by people all over the world! With over 61 million Switch consoles sold, and even more docking stations, there is plenty of evidence that they work perfectly fine! 

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