Does The Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite Come With Games?

When looking to buy a Nintendo gaming system, you will come across many different questions that you will want answered. The first question might be if you should get the Nintendo Switch or the Switch Lite. 

Once you know what Nintendo device you are going to purchase, you will want to get the best deal that there is available. This is where many people wonder if these devices even come with games, or if they have to be purchased separately. 

Most Switch and Switch Lite Systems do not include any games. One exception is the Mario Kart Switch that includes the Mario Kart game with it for free. Other special edition Switches in the future might include games but as of now that is the only Switch system that includes a game. 

Even though these gaming systems do not come with games most of the time, you are able to find cheap games for your system. Because Nintendo wants you to have fun playing with their system, and they want you to play all of the most popular games, they will even have sales for their mobile downloadable games. 

This allows everyone to be able to purchase games for their Switch or Switch Lite even if they do not have a lot of money. Nintnedo does a good job at making sure its customers can play their systems, even if they do not have much extra money after buying the gaming system. 

After all, it would not be very fun to buy a gaming system and only be able to play the one game that came with the system. That would get very boring extremely quickly. 

Are there free online games you can get with the Switch Lite?

If you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, you’ve probably wondered if you can get free games for your system. There are a lot of good games for the Switch Lite, but if you can get them for free then why would you pay for them. 

This is one of the biggest questions people have when they purchase a new gaming system. Thankfully Nintendo does a great job about taking care of their customers, and giving them plenty of opportunities to have games for their system. 

If you sign up for a Nintendo Switch online account, you can choose from a variety of games for the Switch that you can start playing for free. These games are free to start playing now, but may cost money if you continue to progress in the games. 

Even though these games can cost a little bit of money to continue playing, it allows you to decide if you like the game, and if it is worth spending money on. Most other gaming companies do not do this, as that would cut into the sales of new games. 

What are the best free online games for the Switch?

When you want to get a free game to try out, you don’t want to spend your time playing something that isn’t fun to play. To be honest, there are a lot of games that have no point, and are not even that fun to play. 

This is why we have made a list of the top games that you can and will want to play on the Nintendo Switch. Even though some of these games require you to pay some money if you want to keep playing past a certain level, they are totally worth playing just the free part until you can come up with the money to buy the whole upgraded game. 

The top 5 best free online games are:

  1. Fortnite 
  2. Rocket League
  3. Asphalt 9 
  4. Arena of Valor
  5. Pokémon Quest


In the next part of this article we are going to go over a little bit about every one of these spectacular games. Although you may be familiar with these games, you may also find out something that you did not know. 

With Fortnite being first on the list, we will start with this amazing fun game. Fortnite was released in 2017, and by 2019 was one of the most popular games in the world. 

This game is made up of 100 players battling it out on one map to be the last person standing. This game is free, but if you want to win, there are quite a few items you will be tempted to purchase to help you get there faster. 

Rocket League

Although most gamers have heard about Rocket League, there are surprisingly still some people that do not play it, or even know what the game is all about. If you have seen it played, then you know it is similar to soccer, but there is a lot more that goes into the game besides getting the ball in the goal. 

The best part about this game is that instead of players, you are a race car that has boost, and can do jumps and flips and tricks in mid-air in order to get the soccer ball into the opponents net. 

This game is extremely fast paced, fun to play, and will make you want to scream. You will scream in joy as you make the game winning goal, or scream in defeat as you barely miss the block of the final shot. 

Asphalt 9

If you love racing, then this game was made for you! Don’t look now, but Asphalt 9 has all of the racing thrills and high speed chases as you race down streets and try to beat your opponents to the finish line. 

In this game, you will start with a simple Mitsubishi, and need to work your way up to a better car. You can do this by winning races in order to win money and buy blueprints for other cars, or you have the option to spend some money on upgrades and be one step ahead of your opponents. 

Arena of Valor

The game is a multiplayer online battle arena where you will battle against other people playing the game. If you choose, you can even partner with those people and battle other online players in a 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 match. 

In order to win at this game, you will need to practice, and have quick reactions as well as think about how to destroy your opponents from a tactical standpoint. This is a fun battle game that can also test your mind as you play. 

Pokémon Quest

When it comes to games that people are familiar with, I do not think there is a single person in the world that does not know what Pokémon is.  This game is extremely popular and fun to play. 

If you like or even love the original Pokémon game, then you will love to play Pokémon Quest! This game is similar to the original Pokémon, but it is made in cube form. 

No matter who you are, this game is a fun one to play, and the fact that it is free, just makes it that much better. Everyone loves a free game, but a popular free game is even better. 


You can easily see why so many people are talking about the free games on the Switch. It is sad that more gaming companies do not have free games for their devices like Nintendo does for the Switch, but that is just one reason that Nintendo is better than other gaming companies. 

Now that you know what the top 5 free games are for the Nintendo Switch, you can see why so many people are always talking about their Switch and raving about how amazing it is. The Switch is an extremely good gaming device, and having free games, just makes it that much better. 

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