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Why Is The Nintendo Switch Lite Cheaper?

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The Nintendo Switch Lite was released in 2019 with the aim to provide an inexpensive Nintendo Switch console to the user. It can only be used to play games on the handheld itself but it cannot be connected to the TV to play on it like the regular Switch can. 

The Switch Lite was developed by Nintendo PTD and Foxconn and Hosiden manufactured it. This console was basically designed for a certain set of users who did not need any fancy or advanced features and just wanted an affordable mobile gaming device. 

These players only wanted a Nintendo console that would have basic features, specifications, etc. but with all the amazing Nintendo games! This led to them coming up with the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

But why is the Nintendo Switch Lite so much cheaper? 

The Switch Lite is cheaper because it is basically a simplified version of the Switch. It cannot be used on a TV and is designed for only mobile gaming. There are no detachable controllers on the Switch Lite and it can only be used for games that support the handheld mode. It has slightly shorted battery life and a smaller screen as well. 

The Switch Lite is cheaper than the Switch because it isn’t a real Switch. It has had many of the coolest features of the Switch stripped away and is only best for someone who is wanting to only play on the go. 

The Switch Lite is available in four different colors and can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop as well as from Amazon and other retail stores. 

To see some of the main differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite you can check out the video below. 

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Use of Nanotechnology

The most important part is that Nintendo Switch Lite uses nanotechnology in its creation. This reduces the overall cost of making the Nintendo Switch Lite. As a result of this, the price of this product goes down. This gaming console that is used for handheld usage, is developed keeping in mind the gaming enthusiasts who want to have only basic features and usage at a more affordable price. Nanotechnology also helps in providing products of less weight and size. Thereby, all of this helps in cutting the cost of the manufacturing of the products. 

If we consider this on a larger scale, the production reduces the cost of manufacturing of large quantities of the Nintendo Switch Lite. This allows the official sellers of the game and online retail sellers to provide this product at a lower price to the customers.

Low Specifications requirements

This is the most important section of the topic. This is mainly due to the fact that specifications and features decide the cost of the product. Likewise, the price of the product is determined. Some of the important specifications, that have an influence on the price of the product, are mentioned below. 

Shorter Battery Life 

So coming to the specifications. Since it is a product that has a smaller size, the battery life doesn’t need to be as much for the Nintendo Switch Lite as compared to other similar products. Other products that have several features and specifications, and higher complexity, require larger batteries to run. This gives an advantage to this product, as lower battery life is required for this product. 

It is important to understand the concept and relation of the cost of the product to the life of the battery. Take the case of a watch; it requires much smaller batteries and less power as compared to a clock that you hang on the wall of your house. Therefore, there is a difference in the cost related to the battery of each of them. The size happens to determine the way the product would operate and function. Therefore, it becomes important to understand this crucial fact. Thus, a shorter battery life reduces the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite

Compact Structure 

As this product has certain items embedded in it, it becomes important to know the spacing between these items. This can be affected by the size of the items as well. It is crucial to understand that the amount of spacing should not affect the way in which the product works. This is because in order to reduce the size, sometimes the companies tend to affect the way products function. Though the compactness can have a chance to have an adverse impact on the product, it can reduce the overall price of the product, thereby cutting down the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Thus, the manufacturers of the product should carefully look at the product while trying to make it compact. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite does a great job of being compact while not sacrificing quality to get that compactness. 

No Advanced Features

While talking about advancements in the facilities that are provided, these facilities make the product more complex. As the complexity of the product increases, often so does the cost related to it. This increases the price of the product. 

Since there are advanced features available on the Nintendo Switch Lite, its price is not very high. Therefore, the customers can buy it for a cheaper price.

Tabletop mode and TV mode

While these connectivity features are available on the normal Nintendo Switch, these are not there in Nintendo Switch Lite. Some users do not really want these features, so these customers don’t have to pay the higher price for the normal Switch and can just buy the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Moreover, the Nintendo Switch Lite does not support high definition quality on that console. Often, while playing games, the user will not necessarily look for the quality of the display especially on a handheld console. The Joy-Cons are detachable controllers for the regular Nintendo Switch while in Nintendo Switch Lite, the controllers are not detachable. 

Some people are only looking to have fun with a handheld console when they are on trips and have no need for attaching the console to the TV so the Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for those people. They do not want or need complex features, which can increase the price of the console so it is perfect for them. 


There are several key factors involved that determine the price of a particular product. The demand for the product, the complexity with which the product is made, and the types of items used are some of the factors. The compactness with which the Nintendo Switch Lite is made played a crucial role in the reduction of its price vs the Switch. Not having any of the special features also paved the way for the reduction of the price.

Ultimately the Switch Lite is considerably cheaper because it is the basic model with many less features than the original Switch has. Think of the Nintendo Switch Lite as a 4 cylinder version of the Mustang. It is still a Mustang but much less powerful than the Shelby model, just like the Switch Lite is much less powerful than the Switch is.