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How Do You Get Banned On Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative gaming consoles that brings a unique gaming experience to all of its users. Investing in a new Nintendo Switch won’t cost you a fortune and there are many different ways to use the Switch console.

Often there are lots of young people who want to get this console due to the portability factor. This innovative factor makes it quite good for playing in any location whether you are on the go or hooked up to a large TV. 

One of the best attributes of this console is the portability.  This portable approach is due to the fact that the Joy-cons can be detached or attached depending on how you are going to be using the device.  With this console, you can play a lot of online games or in offline mode, you can play games by downloading or installing the games beforehand.  

One downside to all of the online capabilities is that you can get your Switch console banned and lose access to all of those online capabilities! Of course you won’t get your Switch banned for no reason. 

There are some specific things that you can do that will cause your Switch to get banned. Some of those reasons are: 

  1. Hacking
  2. Custom Firmware
  3. Piracy

There are certainly many other things that you can do to get banned but those happen much less often then the above three do. 

Getting banned on your Switch is certainly something that you will want to avoid to know exactly what causes the ban and what you can do to avoid getting banned is important for you to know. We will discuss what causes the ban as well as what a ban would mean to you in the rest of this article. 

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What Happens When Your Nintendo Switch Is Banned?

When your Switch is banned or you buy a banned Nintendo Switch there are certain things that you can no longer do with your console. Some of the most noticeable ones are:

  • The first thing that  you will notice when your Switch gets banned is that you can play only offline games and you no longer have access to any online playing or the eShop. This is the biggest issue that will arise when your Switch gets banned. 

  • Another thing that happens some of the time (but not all the time) is that you will not be able to play some brand new games that are released. This is because once your Switch is banned you will also not be able to update your Switch and some new games require an updated console. Not having access to all of the games even when played offline is a huge downside to a banned Switch.

  • Another thing that happens as soon as your Switch is banned is that the value of the console goes down substantially. For example right now a banned Switch is selling for $100-$150 less than a similar used console is selling for. When your console gets banned your value immediately drops.

3 Reasons That A Nintendo Switch Gets Banned

There are many ways that your Nintendo Switch can get banned. You just have to keep these things in mind when using your Switch or trying to do something with it. These things should all be avoided if you don’t want your Switch to get banned. 

Some of the reasons that your console might get banned are: 

1. Hacking

People often try to hack their Switch games or system to get free access to some games or so they can cheat on games. Nintendo takes hacking and this type of tampering very seriously. If anyone is trying to hack their console Nintendo has a special system that is designed to catch it and ban your console.

Whether you are ignorant or willfully trying to break the rules Nintendo doesn’t really care. They will ban you without a second chance if you get caught hacking your console.

2. Custom Firmware

Custom Firmware is one of the prominent causes of getting a Switch banned. Using a custom firmware violates the service agreement and that will lead to the possibility of getting banned. Custom firmware is one the biggest problems nowadays that the gaming console industry is facing. 

Nintendo is quite firm on preventing the Switch from getting custom firmware. Often people disable the error reporting to try and keep from getting caught but if you are using custom firmware you are likely to get caught eventually and at that point you will likely get banned.

If you are going to use custom firmware and want to avoid getting caught your best bet is to delete the error log all of the time to try and prevent Nintendo from seeing it. Deleting the error log all of the time might help you last longer before getting caught but all it takes is Nintendo seeing the error log one time before you delete it and you will be in trouble. 

3. Piracy 

Piracy is probably the biggest reason that most of people’s Switches will get banned. This is one of the easiest ways to get banned as piracy is a pretty popular thing and people are always looking to get things for free. Nintendo, of course, wants all piracy removed from their platform so anyone caught with pirated games or software will get an immediate ban. 

Nintendo has a system that checks every game on a console when it is played and if the game you are playing is pirated then they will ban your console. The way Nintendo does this is when a game is being installed it takes time to get the certifications. In the case of piracy, certificates get mismatched.

The Nintendo server always looks for the authentic certification while you are online. If they find out the certificates are missing, then your Switch will get banned.

If you want to learn more about the Nintendo Switch being banned then check out the video below. 

Where To Buy A Nintendo Switch For A Good Price?

If you want to purchase a Nintendo Switch but don’t want to spend a bunch on a new one, then following are some of the places that you can buy a used one. 

Pawn Shops

 Pawn Shops are a great place to go if you have a decent one near you. In recent years many of the smaller Pawn Shops have gone to mainly selling all of the smaller items online through eBay or Amazon and you won’t even find game consoles online. 

If you can find a Pawn Shop that actually still buys and sells only locally then this can be a great place to find a Switch for a decent price.

Local For Sale Groups

Local for sale groups and sites are excellent places to buy a Switch at a discounted price. Many people don’t want to deal with selling their Switch online so they will sell it locally for cheaper than what you could find it anywhere else.

Some of these type places are Offerup, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook for sale groups, etc. 

One thing to watch out for when buying a used Switch console is to make sure it isn’t banned. It is also possible that a Switch that isn’t banned right now could be banned in the future so be sure and figure that in when deciding on a price to pay.


If you buy a banned Nintendo Switch or get your Switch banned then you will miss out on all of the online features that your Switch can offer. You will lose the online gaming, the access to the eShop, downloading games, and even updating your console. 

Losing all of these things might not seem like that big of a deal but when the newest games come out and require that your console be updated then you will likely feel differently about the issue. 

Ultimately the best way to avoid having a banned Switch is to only buy a new one and never violate Nintendo’s terms of service to keep your console from being banned.