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Is Donkey Kong Married?

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Have you ever wondered if Donkey Kong was ever married to someone? Maybe you were playing the game and you noticed there are girls in the game, but it never talks about Donkey Kong being married. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Donkey Kong and if he is married or not. 

So is Donkey Kong Married?

Although Donkey Kong does have a girlfriend in the series, as of right now, Donkey Kong is still living the bachelor life on his own. His girlfriend in the Donkey Kong series is Candy Kong, but they are not married yet as she thinks he is too immature. 

If you want to know more about Donkey Kong being married, you will want to keep reading this article. We will go into detail about Donkey Kong and who some people say he is married to, as well as his entire family tree. 

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Who is Donkey Kong?

In order to know who Donkey Kong is, we need to go through the entire family family tree to see if he has ever been married. We can see from his family tree that he has never been married in the game. Donkey Kong is the leader of the Kong family and keeps the jungle safe from all of the evil animals. 

Was Donkey Kong Married in the first game?

It would interest you to know that Donkey Kong is an arcade game brand. The storyline in the first game actually had Donkey Kong as the enemy. He was not married, but actually stole Mario’s girlfriend from him.  In the second version of the game, the story changes where Mario has captured Donkey Kong and you play as Donkey Kong Jr. to beat Mario and free Donkey Kong. He had to do so by avoiding a lot of obstructions on the path until he got up to where Donkey Kong was being held.

What characters are in Donkey Kong?

There are many characters in the Donkey Kong game series that are almost all part of Donkey Kong’s family tree. It is worthy of note that he is often featured in most game editions on the Donkey Kong games and also the Mario games. 

The original game where Donkey kong was first seen, was called Donkey Kong. It was released in 1981. Many gamers from all over the world instantly fell in love with Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong series has grown in popularity over the years, and even today is well known. 

Many gamers and fans alike want to know who Donkey Kong is related to in the game and how all of the players are related. This has sparked speculations that he is related to one or more characters in the game. 

Many people from all over want to know how Diddy Kong is related to Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong’s sidekick, best friend, and Nephew. 

Was Donkey Kong married in Donkey Kong Jr.?

Because Donkey Kong was not married in the first donkey Kong game, many people want to know about Donkey Kong Jr. Well, in this game, he still was not married even though there is a Donkey Kong Jr. In the Donkey Kong Jr. game, Mario becomes the villain and captures Donkey Kong. It is then up to Donkey Kong Jr. to defeat Mario and free Donkey Kong! 

Who is Donkey Kong’s family?

If you want to know about all of Donkey Kong’s family tree, you can keep reading this paragraph, or you can watch this short video as a lot of people learn visually. 

Donkey Kong’s family is one initiated by Cranky Kong’s great grandfather who was never named in the series. Cranky and Wrinkly Kong were married and had a son named Donkey Kong Jr.. Donkey Kong Jr. gave birth to Donkey Kong, the well-known family leader at present. There is also the family of Dixie Kong. She has family relations with cousins, Chunky and Kiddy Kong. You will not want to forget that she has a sister named Tiny Kong.

There are some family relations whose kinship cannot be traced. We will simply refer to them as family members. These members are Lanky, Funky and Swanky Kong. Although Candy Kong is in the game and shares the same last name as Donkey Kong, Candy is actually Donkey Kong’s girlfriend. 

The Donkey Kong family is well known for its power and dominance in the kremlings krew. They are a family that has mastered the art of restraining any opposition on the island. They have resisted enemies such as Brothers bear, K. Lumsy, Timber and many others.

Now that you have a general idea of who is in his family, let’s dive into each family member a little deeper.We will start with Cranky’s great grandfather, Donkey Kong’s great-great-great grandfather. Next, we have Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong’s grandfather. We also have Wrinkly Kong, which is Donkey Kong’s grandmother. 

We now have Donkey kong Jr., this character happens to be the father of Donkey Kong. Now, Donkey Kong is the leader of the island, and grandson to Cranky and Wrinkly. He also happens to be Diddy Kong’s best pal and Uncle. There is also Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong’s  older sister and also the one Diddy Kong likes.

We also want to take note of the fact that we were introduced to a younger version of Donkey Kong This younger version was used in the super Mario sluggers and Yoshi Island’s DS.

Who is Candy Kong?

Candy Kong is a female gorilla that performed various duties for the Kongs as the series progressed. She was first seen in Donkey Kong Country, and then later in Donkey Kong 64 and others. She was usually associated with her headphones, a pink short-sleeve top, pink short shorts, and some footwear. Candy and Donkey Kong were never recorded to have had a child, but we can conclude that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. 

It was never mentioned in the series if Donkey Kong and Candy were ever married, but based upon how Candy is always frustrated at Donkey Kong’s attitude it appears to be clear that they never are. This is because in one of the Series’ of Donkey Kong, Candy is actually only mentioned as his girlfriend. 


Now that you know about the family tree of Donkey Kong, and how they are related, you can see that Candy Kong is not in his family tree. Instead it is said that candy Kong is Donkey Kong’s girlfriend. Even though she is his girlfriend, it is never mentioned in the series that they were ever married to each other.

You would think that if Donkey Kong was married to Candy Kong that they would have mentioned it in one of the many games that they have made with Donkey and Candy Kong in them. Because they are not done making games about Donkey Kong, it is still possible that Donkey Kong and Candy Kong will be married sometime in the near future.

For all of us fans that have been rooting them on, it would be nice to finally see all of Donkey Kong’s hard work saving the jungle rewarded by finally getting to marry Candy in the next Donkey Kong series.