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Does Donkey Kong Have A Tail?

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Have you ever wondered if Donkey Kong has a tail? Maybe you are a long time fan of the Donkey Kong game series and are curious if Donkey Kong has a tail. Well in this article we are going to go over everything you need to know about Donkey Kong and if he does or does not  have a tail. 

So does Donkey Kong have a tail?

It is known that most of the Kongs in the Donkey Kong games do not have tails. That being said a couple of the Kong characters do have tails, but Donkey Kong is not one of the few that do have tails.

If you want to know more about which Donkey Kong characters have tails, you will want to continue reading this article. You can also watch this video that has 15 different facts all about Donkey Kong.

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Who is Donkey Kong?

 Donkey Kong’s character is a character who is in the form of a gorilla and is used in the game series called, Donkey Kong, a series named after him. It is worthy of note that he is often featured in most game editions on the Donkey Kong games, and also the Mario games.. This character made his first appearance in 1981, in the game named after him. 

This character is one that has become popular to the people, as he bears the game brand name. The love people have for Donkey Kong is so much that they are interested in his relationship with the other characters in the game. People are interested in knowing the characters Donkey Kong is related to by blood. This has sparked speculations that he is related to one or more of the characters. 

The game in which Donkey Kong is used first came as an arcade game. The storyline was such that in its first release, Donkey Kong was the enemy, an opponent who had Mario’s girl in custody, while the newer  versions had a somewhat different storyline. An example is the 1982 version, where the game was renamed Donkey Kong Jr, where they changed the storyline of the game to make it different from the original Donkey Kong arcade game.. The modified new version spotlighted Donkey Kong Jr. trying to save his father from a cage where Mario held him. He had to do so by overcoming obstacles along his path until he reached where Mario was holding his father, then he would defeat Mario and save his father.

Donkey Kong on the Atari

Donkey Kong  appeared without a tail in the Atari series. Starting from 1983, Atari released different computer versions under the umbrella of Atarisoft. Some have Donkey Kong on the left half of the screen in the barrel level, as he is in the arcade game, and others have him on the right side.

A review of gamers has made it clear that the Donkey Kong on Atari is a very interesting one. The review of one gamer stated “The primary spot I saw Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600 was an in-store show at some point in 1982 or possibly mid 1983. At this point my family claimed a Colecovision and I played the arcade game a couple of times. I had quite a smart thought of what Donkey Kong ought to resemble. That wasn’t it… that day more than some other established the intense conviction that Atari was garbage and Coleco was marvelous into my 6-year-old cerebrum.

Donkey Kong is enjoyable on the 2600 Atari series. It’s the fact that two screens are missing and the bolt screen feels a little called in. The quintessence is there or if nothing else enough of the embodiment is there for me to hold returning to this form more than the first, more even than my once darling Colecovision port. In the event that Coleco was attempting to make an awful game, they flopped wretchedly.” 

From this review, we can see that Donkey Kong’s appearance in Atari was not a perfect one. It had some screen glitches. Despite the fact that Donkey Kong’s appearance in the Atari was not perfect, a lot of gamers thought it was interesting and still fun. If you take a very good look at our analysis of Donkey Kong’s appearance on Atari, you would believe the fact that he actually was on the Atari series. We have given you the different formats in which the character appeared. We told you that he appeared on the side of some game consoles. In others, he appeared on the right side.

Do the Other Kong Characters have Tails?

Donkey Kong actually happens not to be the only Kong that has no tail, but that does not mean that none of the Kongs have no tails. More characters have started to appear as newer versions of the Donkey Kong games were released. Dixie Kong was featured as the girlfriend of Diddy Kong. Dixie Kong is a Kong who appears in many of the Donkey Kong games and some Mario spin-off titles. Her first appearance is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. Dixie is Diddy Kong’s girlfriend and Tiny Kong’s older sister. She is the cousin of both Chunky Kong and Kiddy Kong. 

Dixie Kong is another loved character in the Donkey Kong series but she does not have a tail either. Tiny Kong is another character from the Donkey Kong franchise. She first appeared as a young child in Donkey Kong 64 as Dixie Kong’s taller, younger sister, (much like Luigi is Mario’s slightly younger but taller brother) before being redesigned into her current “teenage” appearance in Diddy Kong Racing DS. She also does not have a tail. So as you can tell a lot of the Kongs in the Donkey Kong games series do not have tails,but of course, there would be one or two which happen to have a tail. 

There are two different characters who have tails in the Donkey Kong games. Diddy Kong and Baby Donkey Kong actually both have tails. Diddy Kong uses the tail for whip fights and simian springs. Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong’s sidekick, best friend, and is described as his nephew wannabe in both the Donkey Kong 64 manual and the Donkey Kong 64 cast list on Rare’s official website. Baby Donkey Kong is another kong who happens to have a tail, he is usually referred to as Baby DK, is the infant self of Donkey Kong who debuted in the Nintendo DS game, Yoshi’s Island DS. He is one of the seven star children.


So from this article, we have given you a deeper look into the fact that Donkey Kong has no tail but he is not alone in that, as we have discussed before many of the Kong characters do not have tails either. It is only Baby Donkey Kong and Diddy that have tails. 

We also told you who Donkey Kong is and the roles and series he appeared in. We told you particularly about his appearance in the Donkey Kong series. We also briefed you on his appearance in the Atari series. We talked about all this to make sure you know the difference between the different Kongs that appear in the very popular game series.