Is Nintendo Switch Good For A 6 Year Old?

Are you considering buying a Nintendo Switch, but unsure if you or your little sibling would like it? Maybe you are looking for the perfect christmas or birthday present for your kid or grandkid. No matter why you are looking for a Nintendo Switch, we are here to help. 

So is Nintendo Switch good for a 6 year old?

If you are tired of giving the boring gift every year and you want to do something special for your 6 year old, then yes, buying a Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift! Not only is it shaped like a tablet, but it is very easy to use and even has games that can be used to teach them. 

If you are wanting to know more about the Nintendo Switch, and what games are the best you will definitely want to keep reading. If you are looking at buying the Nintendo Switch, this is the best place to do it! If you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch, but aren’t a big fan of reading, here is a video that explains everything about the Switch! 

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What Nintendo Switch games are easy for a 6-year-old?

Although everyone has their opinion, many kids love playing Mario games such as Mario Kart, Super Mario Maker 2, and Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is a game that every age of people can enjoy. You can build it together, paint it together and then play it. You can drive a car, be a robot or even catch fish. This would probably be easy to understand for your kid, as well as help their imagination and mind problem solve. Another fun game is Katamari Damacy, which basically involves rolling a ball into stuff. No matter what game you choose though, they will love it, and learn to play it and pass all the levels. 

Are there any educational games for Nintendo switch?

Although there are a lot of educational games available for the Nintendo switch, there are 5 that are excellent!  These games are:

Letter Quest Remastered

Letter Quest Remastered is a turn-based word combat game that cleverly tests players’ linguistics, phonics, and word analysis skills.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is an individual Labo kit released by Nintendo each containing a set of pre-made cardboard cut-outs and other materials, used to make one or more “Toy-Con”, and a Nintendo Switch game card. Included with each Labo kit’s software is Toy-Con Garage Mode, which allows players to combine cardboard, household items, inputs, and outputs in order to create whatever they want.

Hiragana Pixel Party

Hiragana Pixel Party is a rhythm action platforming Japanese learning chiptune adventure game. This game is perfect for language learning.

Human Resource Machine 

Human Resource Machine is a mind-bending puzzle game. This game teaches the basics of programming via bite-size, challenging levels.

KORG Gadget

KORG Gadget is a music creation game that is now available on the Nintendo switch. One can create and perform music by actively twisting and turning the Joy-Con. The children who love music can play this game to develop music skills from childhood.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

Minecraft is one of the best selling games by Nintendo with more than 16 million copies sold. It is more than just a game. Minecraft allows players to build and create a three-dimensional environment.

Minecraft is a kid-friendly video game that helps to improve your child’s problem-solving, creativity, imagination skills. In single-player mode, children are only exposed to the artificially controlled mobs where combat scenarios are not graphic whatsoever. With cartoon-like designs, even monsters like zombies pose little threat to kids!

There are several reasons that prove Minecraft is good for kids. One of the major reasons is you can play with your kid. You can play in multiplayer mode alongside your child or you can make a team with your child.

You can provide privacy for your child if you want to. If you are concerned about who your child is playing with then you can limit her/his play to a single-mode. You can also create your own server and invite only people you know.

Minecraft develops a child’s creativity because it is not a game just about stacking and unstacking blocks. You can encourage your kids to build something learned in school, like a Scottish castle or an Egyptian pyramid. They can also create an entire world from their imagination.

There is a mode available that you can use if you don’t want your child fighting off creepers and other monsters. This mode is called “peaceful mode.” This mode eliminates all enemies from the entire game.

If you want to expose your child to another language then the Minecraft game could be a good place to start. This is because in Minecraft  you can set the language to a foreign language like German, French, or Japanese.

In Minecraft, you have to learn how to build things like a shelter, or even something as complicated as an entire village. This is where children have to learn how to manage the materials and manage inventory to complete challenges and this will force them to think strategically.

If you are looking for Mindcraft, here is the best place to buy it. 

Is Fortnite bad for kids?

Fortnite today has more than 125 million players.

Many people think Fortnite is bad for kids because players in the game shoot each other to survive, in a last man standing game. Some people say there is no harm in Fortnite as long as kids don’t play too much as kids know the difference between reality and a game. 

Fortnite fans point out that the game looks like a cartoon and the violence is not real. One thing that is noticeable in Fortnite games though, is the fact that it is teaching teamwork.

There is a battle option where 4 players or 2 players can make their team. They win the match through teamwork. They share their guns, bullets and other accessories.

If you are looking to purchase Fortnite for the Switch, you will be happy to know the game is actually free. Although most people like to buy expansion packs like this one.

Is the Nintendo Switch good for families?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect game console for the family. There are a lot of games available in the Nintendo store to play. These games are not only for children, but for adults and everyone in between. They have tons of games for people of every age. Some of the games support up to four people, who can easily join in by using Joy-Cons as little gaming controllers. 

History of the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch is a family-friendly game console with multiple features. This console allows you to enjoy playing with your family. There are many different kinds of games available for the Nintendo Switch, like Minecraft, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Snipperclips Plus, Super Mario Odyssey, and many many more.  

The Nintendo Switch is shaped like a tablet and it’s easy to move so 6 years old can easily play on it. It is easily the most kid-friendly game console since the Nintendo Wii. The content itself is fine for children of all ages, but the controls may be difficult to master for children under the age of 5.


Now that you know the Switch is not only a good buy for your 6 year old, but also for the whole family there is no reason why you wouldn’t just go and buy one right now. This console has over 2000 games for it, and more every day! So don’t miss your chance in owning a part of history with the Nintendo Switch! 

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