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Is The Nintendo Switch Kid Friendly? 

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The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo‘s best selling gaming devices they have ever created. The thing that made the Nintendo Switch so popular was the fact that it could not only be used on the go but it can also connect to a docking station and be used as a regular home gaming console. 

Just because something is extremely popular does not always mean that parents are willing to trust their kids with it. There have been many games and devices that are extremely popular but are not very kid friendly. 

This has led many parents wondering if the Nintendo Switch is kid friendly, or if it is geared more towards teens and adults. 

The Nintendo Switch is extremely kid friendly and is great for children of all ages! The device is labeled ages 6+ due to the fact that the controls may be hard to learn for younger children. 

Because the Nintendo Switch is great for people of all ages you do not have to worry about your kids playing a game that is not appropriate for them. Nintendo does a great job with making their games geared towards people of all ages. 

Some gaming consoles will have games that should not be played by young children but the Nintendo Switch is geared more towards kids and teens of all ages. This has also led to the popularity of many other Nintendo gaming devices being purchased by parents such as the Nintendo Wii. 

Children love the ability to play their games at home as well as take them on the go when they are on the road. Parents also love the fact that Nintendo creates their games for everyone rather than just teens or adults. 

Even in today’s age where the majority of games have extremely high graphics and are shooting or racing games, Nintendo has stuck with making games that are rated E for everyone. This means that even young children can play Animal Crossing New Horizon or Mario Odyssey without any issues. 

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What games can a 7 year old play on a Nintendo Switch?

Because there are many different games for the Nintendo Switch and it is designed to work for children of all ages, many people are curious about what games are appropriate for their children. People are looking for more of a specific answer than just all of the games are appropriate for their child. 

Because people want an exact answer when it comes to appropriate games for their child to play on the Nintendo Switch, many parents will ask what games are best for a child who is their own children’s age. 

One of the most popular questions is what games can a seven year old play on the Nintendo Switch? 

All the games made for the Nintendo Switch are safe for a seven year old to play. The most popular games that they play are Animal Crossing New Horizons, Super Mario Brothers Deluxe, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, Luigi‘s Mansion 3, Minecraft, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and many more! 

Parents have become very cautious about what games they allow their kids to play in recent years because some games are not appropriate for younger children even though they claim to be rated E for everyone. Nintendo has done a great job with making their devices kid friendly as well as all of their games suitable for young children as well as teenagers and even adults. 

If Nintendo had simply changed this one thing about their systems it may have gained them more users for a couple of games but in the long run it would have hurt them. Nintendo was very smart by not following the trends and simply sticking with what they know and what their customers love about them. 

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch for my son/daughter?

Because the Nintendo Switch is so popular and there are many games created that are appropriate for children of all ages, you probably want to know if it is something that your son or daughter would like. Buying a present for your child, especially a gaming system can be difficult. 

There are many different choices when it comes to purchasing a gaming system for your kids and knowing which one they would like the best is something that every parent should know. Just because your child wants a specific gaming system does not mean you should buy that specific system for them.

This is because some gaming systems have games that are made for teenagers and adults and your child is… well still a child. So should you buy a Nintendo Switch for your son or daughter? 

You should buy a Nintendo Switch for your son/daughter as they have fun games that are safe for children of all ages. Your child will also like the ability to take the Nintendo Switch on the go with them when you are on the road or when they are with their friends. 

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If you’re purchasing one for your son you may be wondering if they make games for your daughter as well or if she would even like it. Many parents find themselves purchasing two of the Nintendo Switch Lite systems rather than one Nintendo Switch system. 

By purchasing two systems both children are able to have their own device with their own games on it. This eliminates any fighting or issues that the siblings might have. 

Even though the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be used with the docking station and connect to a TV, you are able to get two of these systems for almost the same price as one Nintendo Switch so both of your kids can be happy.