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Are Stacker Arcade Games Rigged?

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Are you currently standing in front of a stacker arcade game that just seems to be taking your money? Maybe no one ever gets the jackpot on the machine you have been watching for hours! At this point you probably think that stacker arcade games have to be rigged!

So are Stacker Arcade Games Rigged?

Stacker arcade games are not actually rigged. They are however set up to make the player of the game fail unless they stop the machine at the exact millisecond. So while they are not technically rigged, they are definitely not user friendly, and some might argue they are rigged as it is nearly impossible to stop it at that exact time. 

People are used to the idea that every time they play an arcade game they should win. Sadly, the truth is an arcade machine is there to make the owners of the game money. Even though sometimes you may win, most of the time you will not win very much if any.

In the rest of this article we will go over different stacker arcade games, and how to win.

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What is a stacker arcade game?

A stacker game is an arcade game that contains blocks that should be placed in an arrangement to win the prize. If you have played Tetris before, then you should know exactly how difficult these games can be. 

Stacker games are known to be hard and very difficult especially as you get to higher and higher levels. This is why stacker games are also known as merchandiser games because they tend to award you with prizes if you are able to win it. 

There are typically two types of prizes in a stacker game. The first one is for an 11-row stacker. These prizes are very small and significantly lower than the amount you paid to play the game. The second prize is for the top layer stackers. If you make it here, you will normally win a big prize way larger than what you paid to play. 

Are stacker arcade games hard to win?

Most of this hasn’t been proven however some videos appeared on the internet that suggested they are extremely hard to win and even rigged. This video is one of the most watched videos showing why some people consider them to be rigged. 

They say the ratio of a standard stacker machine to win is 1:600. But the Mega stacker can be tweaked and set to have a ratio of one winner for every 3200 players if wanted! Here is another video of someone who shows you exactly how to hack a stacker machine! 

Stacker game history

Stacker games began to be released in 2004.This is when a lot of improved game consoles started to be released as well. The game was created by LAI Games, a company famous for Let’s Bounce and Hypershoot. Other famous LAI games include Amazing Valley, Pearl Fishery, Outnumbered, Virtual Rabbids, Monster Munch, and Toy Frenzy.

How do you play a stacker arcade game?

The game involves blocks moving in every direction from left to right. A player has to align the blocks from the bottom to the top to receive the reward.


There are so many types of stacker games. Some of them include:

Stacker Standard

This was the first stacker game created. This is why sometimes it’s referred to as the original stacker. It was created back in 2004 by LAI games

Stacker Club

This was an improvement over the stacker standard version. At first LAI games aimed at the youth consumer market, but as the game became successful they created a version in which adults and teens alike can play and have fun. They made improvements in colors and also they slightly adjusted the graphic resolution.

Stack It

This version is almost the same as the stacker standard. It was meant to be an improvement for the stacker double up version.

Mega Stacker

This stacker is an improved stacker game of all of the previous versions. The game took it to the next level after increasing its size and adding an adjustable stool to create the best experience for the user. It also has something good for the owners too. Its ticket amount is adjustable so they can charge more than the usual amount, or make the payout bigger. 

Mini Stacker

This is exactly the opposite of the mega stacker. The Mini Stacker game is the smallest among all stacker games. This can be for household uses in case you don’t prefer something big or for places with very small spaces.

Stacker Giant

This is the biggest version of the stacker game. It’s three times the width of normal stacker games. It weighs over a thousand pounds! This is the biggest attacker game made, for giant arcades, or just people who love big things. 

Stacker Double Up

The stacker Double Up is a special type of stacker game. First, it has levels in which are double up zones and Super bonus zones. Since this is a ticket-based stacker, the double up zone is the zone that makes you win double your number of tickets. The super bonus zone is the zone where if you win you will win an actual prize, and not just tickets. In case the owner wants to profit from stacker quickly, this is the ideal stacker for him.

Stack n’ Grab

This stacker is shorter in length of play and less complex than another stacker. Its merchandiser level allows you to gain unlimited tries in which you get to pick up your prize with a claw machine just like the carnival festivals.

Mega stacker lite

This is the type of stacker that is similar to the double up in terms of paying tickets. Unlike Mega stacker’s first version it doesn’t offer a place for the player to sit neither does it contain a metal bar. This is why it’s referred to as the lite version

Stacker Wall Street

This is a standalone stacker. The stacker unlike another stacker can’t be mounted. Also the stacker’s merchandiser level is divided into 4 parts each with its own prizes.


Although there is some truth to what is being said about the stacker arcade machines being rigged, they are only rigged to a certain point. No matter how much you want there to be a game that is rigged, they just don’t make them right now.

If you are interested in purchasing your own stacker arcade machine, there are many places to purchase one. If you do purchase one, you will then be able to set your own machine to where every single person is a winner, and you lose any money that you have gained from people playing the game. 

Just remember that the whole point of playing arcade games is to have a good time and enjoy time with your friends and family. If you are trying to make money off of them, it just isn’t going to be quite so fun for them. Afterall who wants to go over to friends or family’s house and have to pay to play some games!  

So just sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice evening playing the games and spending time with those who matter.