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What Is Inside An Arcade 1up Machine?

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Have you ever seen an Arcade 1 Up machine and wondered what was inside one of them? Maybe you were at a friends house and it totally looks like the whole machine is simply the shell around a TV. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Arcade 1 Up machines and what is in them. 

So what is inside an Arcade 1 Up machine? 

Arcade1up’s cabinet are not as complicated as modern game systems or even retro systems like the NES Classic. Arcade 1 Up machines are much bigger, though because they are built to be very specific machines of nostalgia. If you grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s and have longed to have your own arcade machine, owning an Arcade 1 Up is the simplest and most economical way to do it!

If you want to know more about Arcade 1 Up machines, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to see exactly how to assemble the Arcade 1 Up machine. 

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If you have a game room (or want one) you have to check out this classic arcade game console that attaches directly to your TV.

This machine has classic arcade controls but hooks directly up to your big-screen TV so you can easily move it (even if you don’t have a dedicated game room).

Oh, and did I mention that it has 5,000 games built in that you can play anytime you like?!?!

Are arcade machines still popular?

Arcade games are still used for entertainment purposes in many parts of the world today. There are even many places here in the United States that have big arcades where you can go and play original arcade machines. There are some newer arcades that actually only use Arcade 1 Up machines. These machines are normally only used for people’s personal home collection, or for people to use every day in their home, and not in an arcade. 

Whatever the Arcade 1 Up cabinet side says, is exactly what is running in each cabinet. Regardless of what is under the hood, each cabinet features arcade-accurate operations of its listed games. These are accessible through a very simple menu that appears when you turn on the machine. It takes several seconds for the cabinet to start up and another several seconds to load the game. Holding down on the Player1 button for five seconds boots the cabinet back to the selection menu, and holding down the Player 2 button for five seconds resets the loaded game.

Each cabinet’s screen is a 17-inch LCD screen that is securely mounted on a panel. It has a 20-pin ribbon cable connecting it to the control surface. It’s display is bright and crisp with an unspecified resolution. Arcade 1 Up machines are simply called high definition. Regardless of the specs, the screen is sharp and colourful, but it lacks the option of a CRT filter or simulated scan lines for artificial visual authenticity on the flat panel. If you are wanting the exact machines you grew up playing, you will need to buy the older machines to get the 100% authentic feel. 

The sound of the Arcade 1 Up machines come through a single speaker driver built into the upper right corner of the control surface. It is then located under a series of grille holes. It doesn’t produce the most crisp or powerful sound you will ever hear, but it certainly gets loud enough to fill a small room and attract attention to the machine. It reproduces the synthesized music, sound effects, and voice clips of the games. They are built in with all of these sounds to make the game feel more authentic compared to the old machines. 

How to assemble the Arcade 1 Up machine?

Assembly is a fairly simple process that takes about an hour. It’s very much like building furniture from Ikea.

Your first step is to lay one side panel on the floor. Next you will attach the front panel, marquee and a few supporting panels. Lastly for this step, you will attach the screen panel, and then attach the other side and secure the panels with screws.

Your next step will be to add the control surface onto the front. Simply plug the ribbon cable from the control surface into the display, then attach the power cable to the display. You will need to run this cord through the back panel. Once you have done this, you will need to screw the back panel into place.

Every Arcade 1 Up panel mostly consists of two large sides with the classic overhang. It will also contain a marquee panel, a front panel, a screen panel with a 17-inch monitor, and a control surface with the joysticks and buttons.

Every outward facing surface is a laminated, medium-density fiberboard decorated with the logos and designs of the game.

Once it is assembled, the cabinet is sturdy and attractive. One thing that most people do not think of is that the cabinet is quite short. It is only about three-quarters the size of a commercial arcade cabinet, and stands only 45.8 inches tall. This is a bit small for the average adult to comfortably play standing up. It is comfortable while sitting, but not very many people want to sit in a chair while playing an arcade game.

If you want a better standing experience, you can get an optional riser kit. This is the best place to get one! This simple box is made from the same material as the cabinet and lifts it to a height of 57.5 inches. The riser box is all black with the Arcade 1Up logo on the front. The riser box can be securely attached to the cabinet with four self-tapping screws.

While the cabinets are small, the controls are standard size. The Mortal Kombat cabinet has enough joysticks and buttons for two players. The joysticks feature metal stems and red, plastic baseball bat knobs, with square movement gates and responsive, clicky direction switches. Each joystick is matched with six large, convex plastic buttons arranged with four in a square, a fifth block button in the center, and a sixth run button to the lower left. Player 1 and Player 2 buttons sit above each player’s cluster of controls, and a black power switch and three-way volume switch sit above and between them. This power button sits just below the screen.


Atari is an interactive entertainment production company. Arcade 1 up is Atari’s latest venture. It is currently leading the retro video game trend with their ¾ scale licensed arcade cabinets. After winning the 2019 Tech Toy of the Year Award (TOTY), Arcade 1up continues to be a fan favourite.

The late 1970s and mid-1980s is often called the golden age of arcade games. Sadly the arcade gaming industry faced a major decline in the coming years in the Western Hemisphere. The Eastern Hemisphere still has a strong arcade industry. The best selling arcade games of the golden age were Space Invaders and Pac-Man. The most successful arcade game companies of the period were Taito, Namco and Atari.

The popularity of arcade games started declining by the late 1990’s. The home consoles were the major competitor with arcades. The sprout of network gaming in the 2000s also became a factor for the decline of arcade games.

Today there are many different Arcade 1 Up machines that are available to people all over the world. They are the best way for people to afford having an arcade game in their home and not go broke. Even though they are ¾ scale, the risers make them feel exactly like you are playing on the original arcade games in the arcade. Here is the best place to buy an Arcade 1 Up Machine if you are looking to get one.