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What Is An Arcade 1up Machine?

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Have you heard people talking about a new arcade machine that they got for christmas or maybe that they went and bought on amazon? Maybe you only heard the name 1up and wondered what someone was talking about. Well, we are here to answer all of your questions. 

So what is an Arcade 1up Machine? 

Arcade 1up machines are three-fourths scale replicas with a 17-inch LCD screen. They can be purchased at many major retailers, and come preloaded with a specific game on each arcade machine just like the original arcade machines. These Arcade 1up machines are quite popular with retro gaming lovers and normally sell for $300-$500.

If you want to know more about the Arcade 1up Machines, and why they are so popular, you will want to keep reading. If you are like me and you don’t like to read, you may watch this short video instead. 

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History of Arcade 1up Machines 

A lot of people have dreamed of an arcade machine in their home to relive the past! For those who haven’t lived it before, you will have a feel of what it is like to play an arcade machine in the past. While some of the Old arcade machines still exist, they tend to be too expensive to purchase as a lot of them have turned into collectors’ items and are no longer in regular production. This has been a big concern for lovers and enthusiasts of the machines who really wanted to have the arcade machine in their home. The good news is that everyone’s desires were duly satisfied with the arrival of the Arcade 1up Machines. These machines, from Atari, have been built to be slightly smaller cabinets than the original arcade machines, which  offered the users the opportunity to play classic games in their own house and all while not breaking the bank. 

Arcade 1up machines are three-fourths scale replicas with a 17-inch LCD screen. It officially has the license to classic games such as Street Fighter II: Turbo, Rampage, and many many others. Each of the Arcade1up cabinets come with a collection of games and the appropriate controls for each game. For machines that have Tempest, Asteroids, Major Havoc, and Lunar Lander, comes with a spinner control, while other games that were fighting would have buttons and a joystick

Pros of the Arcade 1up

It captures the arcade feel excellently

Unlike the original arcade machine games, the Arcade 1up Machine does not go for amounts as high as thousands of dollars. They are actually very affordable imitations of the original machines. They do not weigh as much as the regular arcade machines, or come with CRT monitors, and they don’t come with the usual name-brand buttons and joystick of vintage arcade machines. Even with all of these, the Arcade 1up still does a wonderful job of giving users that feeling of playing a real arcade game on a real arcade machine. They have multiplayer support and every other thing that made the original arcade machines successful in the past.Also, due to their smaller sizes, even a small child will be able to have a go at the games and have a fun arcade gaming time.

It looks great

These Arcade 1up  Machines have been built to perfection. They have the awesome look of arcade hardware, all while staying affordable. These machines are made with an LCD screen and the cabinet is made from wood and not plastic to make sure it doesn’t appear as a toy.

The Rampage Arcade 1up Machine, particularly, was recreated with the exact art form on its front panel as well as on the control panel. On the sides though, it comes with a more generic, professional and beautiful design. The machines look so close to the original arcade machines, that it would look good right next to one. The only thing that would give it away is the fact that it is shorter than the original arcade machine. 

Because of the small size and the compactness of the Arcade 1up machines, they tend to fit nicely into about any space in the house. They can fit into the bedroom or in a rec room, or even in a corner in the living room.

The 4 feet size of the machine makes it a comfortable play while sitting down on a chair or stool, and also makes it possible for small children to play the game while standing. If there’s a need for the full, stand-up arcade experience, the Arcade 1up has a riser that can be purchased here and used to lift the cabinet to a full classic arcade machine height.

Cons of the Arcade 1up

Rough controls.

The Arcade 1up, due to its affordability, uses some cheaper components. For example, the joystick control which feels rough on the edge when playing and gives the feeling of it giving out and getting slacked after only a few weeks. Although the controls get the job done, there is a need for proper attention paid to the controls. 

A limited selection of games

This is the first and the biggest downside to the machines. After some time, you might just get tired and let it lie in the corner for a very long time until you crave for the experience again. This is as a result of the fact that it has a limited selection of games for your entertainment pleasure. This is why if you want to get the Arcade 1up machine, you will want to make sure that it is the one that offers games that you will be interested in going back to over and over again. 

All in all the Arcade1up machine is a very beautiful alternative and replica of the retro arcade machines of the 1970s to 1990s. As long as you don’t mind having your arcade machine standing idle or as a home decoration sometimes, this game is for you. You will definitely find awesome and beautiful value for the Arcade 1up Machine in your home. They are affordable and with the original arcade gameplay feeling. The Arcade 1up Machine is definitely an awesome way to take a trip to the past, and have a feel of the evolution of the gaming industry.

What arcade 1up machines are available?

Here is a list of arcade 1up machines currently available,and where to buy them. 

Street Fighter 1, 2, & 3 

This arcade machine is available here

Marvel Super Heroes at home

This arcade machine is available here.


This arcade machine is available here

Mortal Kombat 1, 2, & 3

This arcade machine is available here

Galaga and Galazian 

This arcade machine is available here.

Pac-Man & Pac-Man Plus

This arcade is available here

Atari Asteroids

This arcade is available here

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This arcade is available here

Star Wars

This arcade is available here.

Space Invaders

This arcade is available here


Now that you know what an Arcade 1up Machine is, you can go out and start on your adventure of playing and collecting all of these games! The only question you have now is which one do I want to buy first.