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Are Switch Controllers Waterproof? (Switch Games?)

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles that has ever been made by Nintendo. It really goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations when it comes to usability and durability of the console. 

When you think about the Nintendo Switch the first thing that comes to your mind is probably how you can use the Switch as a console at your house as well as take it on the go. This is accomplished through a docking station that connects the mobile console to the tv. 

When the Switch first came out there were many people who criticized how it would work and that it would not be flawless as something like this had never been done. Thankfully they were wrong though as Nintendo made Switches conversion from mobile to the tv and back flawless. 

If you own a Switch you probably realized that the controllers are considerably smaller than you originally anticipated them to be. Although they work great for the device, this has many people worried about them being left in pockets and accidentally washed. 

But what if you wash them? Will they still work? Are they waterproof?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch controllers are not waterproof and can easily be damaged if they get wet. The Switch itself is not waterproof and will also be damaged if it gets wet in the rain or dropped in water. 

This is why many people prefer to purchase a carrying case for their Nintendo Switch as it will keep it safe from drops as well as safe from any spills that might happen when you are not using it. Keeping the Switch safe and dry is extremely important since no one wants to play on a Switch that does not work properly cause it has been dropped. 

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Does the Switch warranty cover water damage?

The Nintendo Switch comes with the longest device warranty of any gaming system ever made. The Switch comes with a twelve month warranty that covers any defects that your system might have. 

Because Nintendo is so good at taking care of their customers, some people wonder what exactly the warranty covers. Does it cover if it is dropped or has a cracked screen? Does it cover water damage?

Although the Switch warranty is the longest and best warranty, it does not cover water damage, or damage to the console such as it being dropped or a cracked screen. This is because those are not issues with the device when it was built, but simply problems that were caused by the device not being taken care of. 

Nintendo has the best warranty, and they are normally incredibly helpful when it comes to helping their customers out when they have an issue. They will not replace your Switch if it has those issues as they were not caused by manufacturing defects. If the device was meant to be waterproof and it still stopped working due to water, there is no doubt that Nintendo would replace the device considering that is the type of company that they are. 

Nintendo always takes care of their customers, and that can easily be seen when customers  complain. The complaints were about the controllers that came with the system drifting on their own when they were in use. At the beginning people were having to pay for repairs if it was outside the twelve month window, Nintendo eventually replaced all the controllers or fixed them for free. They have reimbursed people who had already paid for the controllers to be fixed. 

Can Switch games get wet?

There are many differences when it comes to Nintendo games and other gaming system games. Nintendo has a very specific way it produces games, and that is by having them in a plastic shell. 

Nintendo games are not on a disc like other gaming system games are, and because of that they are more durable. This is good as many people carry these games on the go when they are carrying their Switch around. 

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch games cannot get wet because this can easily damage the electronics on the inside of the gaming cartridge. You will always want to make sure that you keep the Switch games safe and dry when you own them to make sure that they do not get damaged. 

Because Switch games cannot get wet, many people will choose to purchase a Nintendo Switch carrying case which will also carry the games in it. These carrying cases are not that expensive and can be purchased by clicking here. 

These carrying cases will hold your Nintendo Switch, extra JoyCon controllers and cables as well as eight or more games. These cases have a hard outer shell which will keep your Switch protected from a drop while the inside of the case is soft to keep your Switch safe from scratches. 

Can you fix a Switch that has water damage?

If you’ve been looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch and found one that has water damage you may be wondering if it is worth it to purchase these as they are considerably cheaper than a working one. Maybe your Nintendo Switch has some water damage and it is not working properly anymore and you want to know if there is a way to fix it. 

Even though it is possible to fix a Nintendo Switch that has water damage it is normally more expensive than simply purchasing a new Nintendo Switch. This is because the motherboard and the screen are the two main things that get damaged and they are the most expensive parts of the Nintendo Switch. 

If your Nintendo Switch just had some water or liquid spilled on it you may be able to save it by powering it off and putting it in a bag of rice. This does not always work but there is a chance that it could save your Nintendo Switch and the hassle of replacing the console. 

If your Switch is already not working because of the water damage you will probably need to simply go and purchase a new console. If you do need to purchase a new Nintendo Switch you can find them by clicking here. 


No matter if you carry the Switch in your pocket, or if you have a case that you always put it in, you always want to make sure that the controllers stay away from water. Now that you know they are not waterproof, you will want to be extra careful when you are using them as well as when you are traveling with them so they do not get wet. 

Because the Switch warranty does not cover water damage as it is not a manufacturer defect, you will want to make sure you do not get it wet, or you will want to purchase additional coverage that does cover water damage. 

Because the Switch controllers and the console cannot get wet, you also now know that the Switch games are not waterproof either and will also require to be kept dry to avoid damage. Water and electronics just do not seem to mix well.

Hopefully in the near future  Nintendo will be able to waterproof their gaming systems and games so you do not have to worry about them getting wet and breaking.