Can You Get Banned For Swearing On Playstation? (What Type Of Ban?)

Can You Get Banned For Swearing On Playstation?

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Have you ever been playing a game on the PlayStation and got so caught up when you got killed that you accidentally cursed? Maybe you are worried that you are going to get banned from playing on the PlayStation.

Well, we have all of your answers in this article.

So can you get banned for swearing on PlayStation?

Although PlayStation does ban people who swear or curse while playing on the PlayStation, they do not start out with a permanent ban. They will normally start out with a 24 hour ban, and if it was just a slip up and you weren’t directly cursing at someone it is likely that nothing at all will happen unless someone reports you.

Many people think that the most recent update has increased the liklihood of being banned for cursing but it actually hasn’t… at least as of yet. No recording can take place on the PS4 so until far more people have upgraded to the PS5 it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

It is important to remember that Playstation won’t actually listen in on any voice chats unless those chats are reported by someone so this makes it even more important to only be in chats where you trust the other people not to report you or your friends.

If you want to know more about the different types of bans and what you can get banned for, you will want to keep reading this article.

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Types Of Bans and Suspensions

In general, there are two broad kinds of bans that PlayStation can impose on you. 

  • System bans or suspensions.
  • Account bans or suspensions.

It should be remembered that a ban is more permanent in nature whereas a suspension is temporary and you can start playing once the suspension is over.

  • System bans or suspensions:

In this situation, no local users that are signed into the PlayStation will be able to access it. Since the all-over access is restricted, you cannot manage accounts, nor can you access the PlayStation store or play online from that console.

You can get around this ban by buying a different console or if it is a temporary suspension then by waiting it out.

  • Account bans or suspensions: 

If you are unable to access your personal account while the other accounts on the PlayStation can still be accessed, then PlayStation probably saw fit to ban or suspend your account. 

An account ban or suspension can be temporary or permanent so if your account was permanently banned then you will need to create a new account and you will lose everything on the old account that was banned.

If the account was just suspended then playing on another account temporarily is a good work around.

Now that you know the type of bans or suspensions on PlayStation, let us talk about how you’ll know whether your account is banned or not:

  • The first step is to try and log into your account to check whether it is an account ban. If you cannot log into your account, you will need to try and log onto the other accounts on your system.
    If you cannot log onto the other accounts, then PlayStation felt the need to ban or suspend your entire system. If you can log onto the other accounts, then it is only your account that is banned or suspended. This is the most common way to check to see what it banned or suspended.
  • The next step is to simply check your email. Usually in cases of an account or a system ban, PlayStation will send you an email notification. If you do not check your email often, you may have missed the email from them, but you can go back and look for it. In the email, PlayStation will state what ban they have imposed on you, and for how long the ban or suspension is going to last. The email will also normally state why you have been banned as well as a number to contact for more information.

Here are a few examples of what would be included in the ban or suspension email. 

  • The date when the account or system ban or suspension has been imposed.
  • The reason for the ban or suspension.
  • The fact whether your ban is permanent or if temporary then for how long.

You will want to read through the email carefully so you don’t think you are banned forever only to realize it is simply a 24 hour ban or suspension. 

Can An Account Ban Be Lifted?

If the moderation staff of Sony finds that your reasons are justified, then your ban may be lifted. However, if it is a suspension, then you don’t have to reach out to moderation.

The suspension will be lifted once the suspension period is over so contacting them will normally not do a whole lot.

If you received a permanent ban then it is certainly worth your while to contact them and try and get it lifted.

Remember that they don’t have to lift the ban so being kind and polite can go a long way towards helping you get a better result.

What happens to your content and subscriptions if you have been banned or suspended?

In the case of subscriptions, you will not be able to access your account and you will also not be getting any refunds on your existing subscriptions or be able to make new subscriptions for that account while it is banned or suspended. 

However, if your console is banned, you can check on your subscriptions from a different system. This is also subject to the condition that your account isn’t banned as well as sometimes Playstation will ban both the account and the console at the same time.

Many people wonder whether they can lift the ban from a second hand PlayStation by calling and talking to a representative. However, just because you bought a console that is banned does not mean Playstation will lift it.

Afterall, if they lifted these types of bans regularly then they wouldn’t be very powerful and people would not be scared of being banned.

Bans are imposed on PlayStations only under severe circumstances so even if you bought a Playstation that is banned it is unlikely that they will unban the console for you.

This is why it is so important that when you go to buy a PlayStation, you should always get it from a reputable seller such as this one. You will always want to make sure you test your second hand PlayStation to know whether it is banned or not if you choose to buy it from places like Facebook or Craigslist. 

Can I get away with swearing?

Although PlayStation does not constantly listen to matches for swearing, if someone reports you, then they will begin to listen while you are online. If you are not reported by anyone though, then you can often swear quite a bit and get away with it. 

Some people think that because they can curse and swear during a game and not get banned, that they can get away with sending a message with curse or swear words in it.

Unfortunately, these messages are what gets people banned the most for having curse words and swear words in them.

Because there is proof of exactly what you said and the cursing was directed at a specific user, Sony will take action quickly, and a lot of the time will suspend your account for a few days or weeks depending on what you said.

Sony takes action quickly to ensure the mental wellbeing of all the gamers on the entire platform. As we know, there are many young people out there who love to play on their PlayStation. Being exposed to online bullying and bad environments could extensively harm their cognitive development, which is why Sony takes these reports so seriously. 

For many, gaming is a way to destress, and to unplug from their monotonous lifestyle. Gaming may also be the only way to deal with chronic physical and mental problems for some people as well.

You should never let your competitiveness overrule your empathy.

At the end of the day, not just for the sake of the game, but for you and your fellow gamer’s mental health, learn how to express your anger correctly.

The world is indeed a small place and who knows, you might end up making some great friends. 

Why else could my account be banned?

There may be many more reasons for being banned or suspended such as non-payment for your account, or your account was linked with another person’s account, or PlayStation noticed an unfamiliar login and you may be hacked. In all of these situations, PlayStation will ban or suspend your account so you can contact them and get the issue taken care of.

PlayStation always sends an email that will let you know exactly why your account is not working. 

Needs subheadings 

Can you get banned for swearing on PlayStation

What happens if you report someone on PS4/PS5?

When playing online, it is very easy to get excited when you get a good kill, or are just beating everyone else at the game. Maybe you are on the opposite end though and it seems like no matter what you do there is always one player who is always winning and killing everyone else. 

If you are on the losing end of one of these types of players, you probably think that they are cheating. If they are, you will probably want to report them to PlayStation so they can be taken care of. 

When you report someone, a moderator will look over what you reported. They will determine if the person broke the rules, and how long their suspension should be for, or if they should be banned permanently. 

Just because you are constantly winning in a game does not mean you are cheating. If you are playing against someone though who is clearly doing things that you should not be able to do, reporting them is the way to go. 

They may not get banned or suspended immediately, but PlayStation will look into their activity and see if they are cheating or breaking any rules. 

Just because you report someone, it does not mean that they will get banned or suspended. PlayStation does a good job at looking into the video footage and determining what is needed and not just suspending someone who was reported. 

This makes the most sense as some people just do not like to lose, and will report the winners of games even if they are not breaking any rules. PlayStation wants to be fair to everyone which is why they do not immediately suspend or ban people. 

Can I create a new PSN account after being banned?

If you have been caught breaking the rules, even if it wasn’t something that bad, sometimes you can still get banned. That has been the case for many people when they changed the rules about cursing while playing online. 

A bunch of people were told that they were not allowed to say whatever they wanted while they were playing the game, and PlayStation ended up banning them. So does this mean they can never play again?

You can create a new PSN account after being banned. If it is an account ban, you can simply just create a new account. If it is an IP address ban, then you will need to contact your internet provider to change your IP address. 

While it is not hard to make either of these changes, PSN has done their job to ban you from playing. If you create another account, they will have to go through the whole process all over again before banning you. 

This is because you have paid for a new account, and even though it may have a similar name to one that they just banned, they are not allowed to just ban new accounts. This is why many people will continue to cheat and curse online and then continuously create new accounts. 

Although PlayStation may try to stop people from cheating and cursing, if someone really wants to, they will find a way. There are many deterrents, but people can always find a way around the rules if they want to. 

Can Sony ban your console?

We all know that Sony can and does suspend peoples accounts as well as even ban them if the offence is bad enough. We even know that they have in the past banned a specific IP address for the same reason. 

The real question though is can sony go one step further and ban your console if you break the rules? If they can, is it legal for them to do so?

Sony can ban your console if you are breaking the rules. If your console has been banned, it will no longer connect to the PSN and will only be able to be used to play games offline. 

Sony does not mess around when it comes to banning people. They give them plenty of chances to fix their errors before they will even consider a console ban.  They will ban your console though if you continue to break the rules. 

Sony will ban a console of a player who does not follow the rules to make sure they are deterred from creating a new account. When your console is banned you would be forced to buy a whole new gaming console in order to play online ever again. 

This is a lot harder and more expensive than simply creating a new PSN account. When someone receives a console ban, most of the time they will not continue to cheat and break the rules as buying a new console is expensive. 

What does Nintendo ban for?

Because you own a Nintendo device you are probably wondering what specifically you would have to do in order for it to be banned. After all, you want to have fun while playing, and not worry about getting banned for every little thing you do while you play. 

On the other hand, you know that Nintendo banning people helps keep a clean lobby, and is a necessity. What exactly does Nintendo ban for though? 

Nintendo will ban you for hacking, cheating, or tampering with the console. Some people have also been banned for cursing and using racial slurs. 

While most people do not hack or cheat while playing games, they can still be banned. This is because if you curse a lot or use racial slurs, Nintendo will also ban you. 

Even though they will probably not ban you immediately, you will probably earn a short suspension. 

If you continue to break the rules, Nintendo will eventually ban you from their platform. 

This is why it is best to watch what you say, and never use racial slurs or cheat. The last thing anyone wants is to be banned from playing online, but if you do not follow the rules, Nintendo will ban you. 


Now that you know you can be banned on PlayStation for swearing, you will need to be careful with what you say online as well as what you message people on the gaming platform.

Even if the message is not swearing, but a racial or sexist statement, you will also more than likely be banned as PlayStation takes all of these things seriously. 

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