How Many Times Can You Get Banned On PSN? (Different Types Of Bans/Suspensions)

How Many Times Can You Get Banned On PSN?

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Suspensions and bans can be pretty strenuous. Suspensions can be lifted after a period of time but that is obviously not the case with bans. Once your PlayStation system has been banned, it cannot be reversed and the decision is final.

This occurs especially due to severe behavior and also after several suspensions for less severe behavior. 

Therefore, it is always recommended not to buy banned systems even if it is available at half the price of an unbanned one as you will then not be able to use any of the online services or play any online games either. 

People often ask the question, how many times can you get banned on the PSN? Well, this article mainly revolves around this question and we tried to answer it as clearly as possible below. 

If your console is banned then that is a permanent thing and after one ban you can no longer access anything online. If you just have a temporary ban/suspension many people have reported that they have received a permanent ban after three temporary bans.

There is no exact number however so after you get one suspension or temporary ban then your next could be a permanent one. 

None of the gaming platforms give out specific information as they don’t want people gaming the system and selling their console right before it is permanently banned.

Gaming companies are also not straight forward on what exactly will get you a permanent ban as the strictness can often vary depending on who reviews your account. 

In this article we will give you some general information about Playstation bans as well as further info on how many times that you can mess up before the ban becomes permanent. 

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Console bans, account bans, and suspensions

If a particular PlayStation has been temporarily suspended or banned, then all of its local users won’t be able to sign in to that particular system on the Playstation Network. In other words, it also means that the Playstation Network cannot be used for further online gaming until the ban or suspension is lifted.

You will also not be able to access the PlayStation Store or manage your accounts on that particular console. 

In order to find an alternative to this issue, you can use a different individual account in order to access the PlayStation network if it is an account suspension or ban. If it is a console ban then changing accounts won’t do anything to help the issue.

This solution is only applicable if your provided specific accounts are safe and are not entitled to any kind of ban or suspension.

Speaking about account bans or temporary suspensions, it is done in order to prevent a specific account from getting signed into all Playstation devices and is designed to deter people from committing the same offense again.

With an account ban or suspension you will not be able to use that account to access the PlayStation Network on any device at all. 

How many times can your account get suspended or banned?

According to our research, it has been found that Playstation can ban an account or the system three times for the same offence before they start issuing bans.

If you have been suspended or banned and you don’t believe that you did anything wrong then you can contact Playstation and they will review the report for accuracy. 

For this, the Playstation support reps will check and see if the original report made was accurate or not. If they find the user innocent then they will normally lift the ban or suspension immediately. But, if the same offence is committed over and over again, the user will eventually  get a lifetime ban. 

A lifetime ban might sound pretty harsh but PlayStation has their own terms of service and if violated, individuals have to face the consequences in the form of temporary suspensions or permanent bans.

Playstation reps also have the right to turn down any kind of plea made referring to the situation and they often will not entertain any appeal. As we all know, in today’s age online gaming has become so popular that one ban can turn out to be extremely catastrophic as you can lose all of your progress and friends that you have made in the game. 

Therefore, users must be careful with the way they act online as their actions should not be against the company’s guidelines and Terms of Service if you want to play the game for a long time to come. 

Also, it is quite understandable on the company’s part that Playstation possesses the rights and are entitled to look after their company’s safety as they are often held responsible when someone is bullied or feels threatened on their platform. 

Playstation can deny access to anyone that they feel like has not played within the terms and conditions of the online service. The whole responsibility of protecting all of their users on their platform lies on their shoulders only and they take it quite seriously. 

Therefore, a policy that allows a small number of infractions and if violated can lead to an automatic lifetime ban makes absolute sense.

What really happens to their content and subscriptions if someone’s account has been banned?

If you are someone whose account has been banned due to whatever reasons, then you would not be able to access your trophies, subscriptions, or your purchased content. Everything that is associated with your account would be lost if you get a permanent ban!

Also, individuals won’t be getting any kind of refund for their subscriptions and content that might have been active at the time of the ban. This policy is again in accordance with the SEN Terms of Service.

If you find your system to be banned, then you should be able to still access your account, its subscription services, content etc. from another system. This is only applicable if your account has not been permanently banned as well.

In most of the cases both the account and the system get perma banned which means you will lose everything. 

Can a particular ban or suspension be lifted?

You must know that bans and suspensions are not implemented without being looked over by some support staff. They are applied only after a thorough investigation by the assigned moderation staff. 

In other words, it can be said that suspensions and bans are final and therefore, cannot be lifted. It can be questioned only if you were found to have some kind of account payment issue where the suspension gets lifted as soon as you have cleared the debt by paying off the remaining balance.

You can appeal the decisions but if you actually did what another user reported you for then it is unlikely that your suspension or ban will be overturned. 

If you feel like your account or console got banned unfairly then check out this video below or you can call the Playstation support line at: 1-800-345-7669

How can you find the reason for a particular suspension or ban?

For this, you just need to check your emails and find the one that was sent from Playstation.

The notification email is generally sent to the user’s Sign-In ID i.e your email address.

Also, it is to be noted that customer support can prove to be very helpful in such cases as they can often answer any questions that you might have about why you were banned or suspended. 

You can directly contact them asking them for the reason for the ban. They will be able to give you a more clear answer about the general reasons that have resulted in the suspension or the ban.

Although customer care is not required to enter into any kind of further discussion apart from discussing the notification email.

Also, if you find that you have been banned without receiving any kind of notification email, then for this you must definitely contact customer support. You can also get brief information about the kind of ban or suspension that has been implemented on your account or console.

This can be done by interpreting the error code which flashes on your screen every time when you try to log in.

It is important to note that you will rarely receive more than just general information from the email or support staff and they will often point you to the terms and conditions and say you broke some rule there.

Obviously that is less than helpful but if you think through what you have done recently you can probably find out what led to the suspension or ban. 

Can you get banned for reporting too much Playstation?

Playstation is a platform on which gamers have been able to play for over 30 years. Gamers have always been able to report any other player they think has violated the code. However, recently there has been some chatter that Sony may be monitoring what users are reporting in order to prevent people from reporting too many offensive players. 

This has caused some debate about how people are using this power, as well as in how many cases it is used. It would seem that by taking part in this debate, you might want to consider the consequences of an investigation by Sony when you report something too often 

You will not get banned for reporting too much on PlayStation. You can get suspended for reporting people that are not breaking the rules though as this is false reporting. 

Sony does claim to use their monitoring systems to keep things clean on their message boards. They said that they are all about freedom of expression, but they also want participants to respect one another.

So if you want to report someone for breaking the rules, make sure that’s what they did before you report them. It will keep you on the safe side so that you don’t run into any problems, or possibly get in trouble for reporting too many people.

How many times can you get reported to PlayStation before you get banned?

When you play online a lot, you often wonder if someone you made mad is going to report you even though you didn’t do anything wrong. While Sony tries to stop this from happening, sometimes people will still report you when you didn’t break any rules. 

Maybe one of your friends is playing a joke on you and keeps reporting you to try and get you banned. More likely though is that you want to know just how much you can get away with without getting in trouble. 

Noone wants to get banned when playing online, but you can easily break the rules if there is no penalty. So how many times can you be reported before you get banned?

You can be banned from the PSN if you are reported one time if the offence is serious. Normally, you will have to be reported at least a few times before Sony will take any action. 

PlayStation does not have a set number for how many times you can be reported without getting banned. This is because they know that if they put a number on it, people will continue to break the rules until they are up to that number. 

Sony does not want you to break the rules at all, which is why they will ban people and suspend people’s accounts on an individual basis. You may only be reported one, or you may have to be reported 20 times. 

Once you are reported, it is up to PlayStation to decide how bad of an offence you committed, and if it is bad enough for you to be banned. Most of the time you will not be banned the first time as they try to show some leniency. 

Can I sue PlayStation for banning my account?

If you have been playing online and just received a notice that your account has been banned or suspended, you may be a little frustrated. Maybe this isn’t the first time that this has happened and even made sure that you were not breaking any rules. 

Normally PlayStation will not ban your account unless they have sufficient evidence to prove that you were breaking the rules. If you just got banned though you may be wondering if this is legal! 

You can try to sue PlayStation for banning your account, but you will have a problem finding a lawyer that is willing to help as they know they will not win. This is because PlayStation has it written into their terms of service that they can ban your account. 

PlayStation made sure that when they wrote up their terms of service that they would be covered and that you would not be able to sue them. They also do not ban people unless they have proof of what you are doing, which is another reason why if you were to even try to sue them, a judge would look at the evidence and throw the case out. 

While it may sound like a good idea in your mind to try and sue them for banning you, you will not win, and honestly it should never be attempted for someone as small as them banning you. Your lawyer fees and court fees will cost far more than you just accepting your punishment. 

Why do people get console banned?

Playing online is fun, but there is a risk if you are wanting to always win. This is because PlayStation takes theri rules seriously and does not want cheaters playing all the time. Cheaters make the game not fun, and can drive people away from playing online. 

Because PlayStation wants people to play online, they try to make sure people are not cheating when they play online. If you decide to cheat when you are playing online, you may win, but you also might get reported. 

People get their consoles banned because they modify gaming platforms or software, cheat when playing online games, modify the hardware, or even use racial slurs when talking to people. Sony can detect all of these, and will decide if you need to have your console banned, or just a suspension. 

No one wants to have their console banned by Sony, but sometimes people allow their desire for winning to risk getting banned. This can also happen when people have been cheating for a while and have not gotten caught. 

If you are cheating and have simply not gotten caught, this does not mean that you will not get banned. They may be simply monitoring your account to see how harsh of a penalty they want to give you for your violations. 


Obviously having your account or console suspended or banned is not any fun and not something that you want to have to deal with but thankfully in most cases Playstation will give you multiple warnings before they ban your account permanently.

They could just ban it immediately but thankfully they only do that in the most serious of cases. 

Account and console bans and suspensions are sort of a mystery to everyone but hopefully this article has been helpful and now you know more about the bans that are issued for the PSN. 

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