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Can You Play Rayman Adventures Offline?

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Have you ever thought about playing Rayman Adventures but you didn’t have the internet? Maybe you heard about playing it offline, but you aren’t sure if you can? Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Rayman Adventures. 

So can you play Rayman Adventures offline?

Although this game can be played offline, it is not possible in all the adventures. It is only possible to play offline on the current running experience. So if you lose the internet, once you complete that experience, you will not be able to continue to play until you receive the internet again.

If you want to know more about Rayman Adventures you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video which will show you a complete walkthrough of how to play Rayman Adventures on your phone.

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What is Rayman Adventures?

Rayman Adventures is an adventure game that is developed by UbiSoft for multiple platforms such as android, iOS, PlayStation, etc.

This game includes many things, such as in-app purchases and features that are not available offline. Therefore, to have the best experience, you will need to get an online connection.

Since the game surrounds an intact forest, it has tons of adventures. You will not be able to play it offline if you want to enjoy it on multiple platforms. Also, if you’re going to switch between these adventures, you will not be able to do it if you are offline. 

The online facility of all the adventures is available for online modes only. Therefore you will need to have a stable internet connection in order to enjoy the game thoroughly.

The game involves in-app purchases as well that will also need an Internet connection for permanent access.

Is this a new game or an old one?

Although there was an old Rayman game for the Sega Saturn, today, it is on all of the newest gaming consoles as well as even on your phone. 

This game is a redeveloped version of its old parts. These previous parts had a lot of success; and, the developers made this one relive all the memories of the past. 

After the success of the old versions, it was a must to introduce such types of classics; to the gaming world today as well as the world of IOS and Android. 

The game had instant success after the release. If you check it out, it is a rating on the internet. You will find out that it is very much appreciated. It is because it revived the memories of the past for so many people. 

Are the old and new games the same?

The old versions of the game are pretty simple because of the technology of the time. The current Rayman Adventures has many more details than the previous ones.

It includes an in-depth feature and a complete scenario of all the scenes of the game. So if you are feeling bored and want to play something fun, don’t hesitate to play this game. It will give you the cherishing memories of the past. 

Since everyone likes this game, it is available in many languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Arabic, Chinese, etc. You can even switch it to the one you speak to have a clear understanding of the storyline of the game.

Features of Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is not just an ordinary game. It has plenty of features considering the platform it covers. This adventurous game revolves around an enchanted forest that is in trouble. Rayman and his friends are on the mission to save the forest by obtaining the eggs. 

This game has intense graphics and lots of colors. It is the game of choice for action and adventure-loving people. 

Rayman Adventures offers a complete storyline that you can enjoy on multiple platforms. If you want to take your hands off to all the similar and usual fighting games and want the knowledge of something adventurous, then you should play this game. 

The game is very detailed and fun for people of all ages. There are about 55 characters from which you can choose. You will be able to experience the colorful 2D world by simply playing this game. This game will take you back to your childhood as well as blow your mind when you find out just how fun this game is to play. 

Game Scenario

The main character of the game is Rayman. There are also 54 other characters as well that you can choose from to play with. 

The sacred tree in the game gets stolen; therefore, Rayman and his partners are in search of it. The only way that this holy tree can be restored now is with the help of magic eggs. You will need to collect them from the forest in your journey of the woods. 

There are more than 200 levels in this one game alone! This is why you will not be able to finish this game in just one go. It would help you if while you played, that you were careful to avoid the obstacles while moving towards your destination.

Besides this, you will also do swimming, jumping, and skipping through the harder parts of the game.  

You will even get the chance to fight the battle Minotaurs, Bandits, and all the other monsters so that you can get the sacred tree back to life. 

During the game you will get to explore the seven worlds that are divided into the stages of up to 200 levels. You will not be able to play all of them on the offline version. You can only play a specific count for the offline version. This is why these games can only be completed when you have the online access or full text of the online features.

The game includes many mysteries and mythical worlds as well. So you have to stay vigilant while playing this game to know what world you are in in order to win. 

To make the working successful, you will need to look for the points and coins in each level. This collection can get you a high score and allow you to pass the levels. 

If you are playing this game on the mobile such as android or IOS devices, then you will see a lot of ads in the online version. But if you play offline, you will not see any ads. Although this sounds good, you will also not have access to the entire game, and you will want the internet by that time. 

Also, if you try to play this game on the consoles such as PlayStation 4, you will see no ads. THis is because the offline and online versions of the console gaming do not have ads as you pay more for the console version of the game. 

Although this game is fun to play on your phone, it is a lot more fun to play on your tv when you have it on your console. 


Now that you know that Rayman Adventures is created for more than just a few people, and that you can download it on your phone in just a few seconds, you can enjoy playing it. This game is one that will keep you and your entire family having fun for hours on end. The best part is that this game is kid friendly, and does not require any additional help.