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Is The Rayman Legends Game Worth It?

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If you have ever played Rayman before, then you know how fun and exciting the game can be. You are also aware of how difficult the game can be to pass though. 

So is the Rayman Legends game worth it?

Although some gamers do not like Raymond or any of the games, there is something to be said about the raving reviews the game has. Some gamers have yet to finish the Raymond Legends game due to the difficulty of the levels, but when you pass each level that simply gives you the accomplishing feel that we all crave and love. This is the biggest reason that Rayman Legends is worth it! 

If you want to know more about Raymond Legends, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this video about why Rayman Legends is such an amazing game and loved by so many! 

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Critically acclaimed ratings for Rayman Legends

Joystiq scored the game four and a half stars out of 5 and acclaimed. “If you’ve ever gleaned enjoyment from a platformer in your life, there’s simply no reason to pass up Rayman Legends.” 

IGN gave the game a 9.5 out of 10 ratings and noted, “Rayman Legends is a delightful platformer, and one of the best I have ever played.” 

Giant Bomb gave the game a perfect 5-star review. He proclaimed, “…Rayman Legends is one of those games that is so terrifically crafted; so effervescently energetic, so beautifully and colorfully drawn, that it’s genuinely difficult to come up with legitimate caveats to possibly dissuade anyone from it”.

Rayman Legends Gameplay

Rayman Legends game begins where Origins stopped with 2D gameplay with a distinct art style. It is a direct sequel where the player has access to Rayman’s full capabilities of moves right from the beginning. Rayman can run, jump, float with his helicopter hair, swim, run up walls, and make himself tiny. He can also pull plants from the ground, has a cartwheel attack, and can punch in the opposite direction fast. Although Rayman is slightly tweaked and more expanded than in the Origins game, his moves in the Legend game are more or less identical.

What has changed in the Legends game is a map screen. Rayman Legend is presented with a series of paintings, each representing a world. Inside each of these worlds is another set of paintings depicting the levels. Another visible change made in Legends is a reliance on electroons, or rescuing teensies. 

While rescuing teensies is the main goal in Legends, there is a secondary goal of getting Lums. There are hundreds of these Lums in each stage of the game, where the player gets rewarded with bronze, silver, and even gold trophies for getting most of them. The game has lucky tickets awarded to players for completing the levels. The tickets, when scratched, reveal a variety of rewards that Rayman can use later.

Rayman Legends Plot

The game has more than 120 levels, which include 40 remastered levels from the original Rayman Origins. The remastered levels are unlocked by obtaining lucky tickets, which can help one win additional Lums and Teensies. Some of the levels’ features include ‘invaded’ versions. The game gives daily and weekly challenges that players can compete with other players via the leaderboards that involve getting a specific number of Lums in a short time and also surviving the longest on a stage. 

More challenge stages are achieved by increasing the player’s ‘awesomeness’ rating. This rating increases by collecting trophies earned by rescuing Teensies, obtaining a high number of Lums in each level and having a top leaderboard position at the end of a challenge. The local multiplayer game is football called Kung Foot. It featured gamers using attacks to hit a football into the opponent’s goal.

Bosses in the game work similarly like the lums, with three different phases, each requiring three attacks to complete. Teensies in trouble contain a big dragon that matches the castle design. Toad story has a massive toad which takes place in an air current challenging the player to avoid homing missiles while waiting for the toad to drop the magic shield. 

Wrestling with a giant has Rayman battling a massive Lucha Libre wrestler. The match is divided into three rounds, where the player has to avoid getting caught by a series of attacks. When you complete all the three rounds, the giant goes down. Another boss fight is with the boss of 20,000 lums under the sea, who is a giant serpent. After avoiding the various attacks of the beast, its large mouth will remain open, which needs to be hit three times to succeed.

Rayman Legends’ Perks

The game has beautiful graphics that are a visual treat. It has a full HD 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second frame rate. This makes it run as smooth and as sharp as ever offering something that looks amazing on the modern displays. Some of the bosses in the game are incorporated exceptionally well with 3D displays. The soundscape is as incredibly amazing as the graphics, and the music pieces do a great job helping each of the levels feel unique and set the feel for the gauntlet ahead.

Rayman has a lot of quality from the beautiful visuals to the epic soundtrack as the game takes advantage of the gamepad’s touch screen. This makes the game better than just about any other Wii U titles that most gamers play. The updated game engine made the lighting effects magical such as the light beaming through the trees and the lava casting its orange glow to the environment.

There are aspects of the Rayman Legends game that stuck out compared to its predecessor Rayman Origins. First, the game is considerably easier. Secondly, the game has better content where the challenges are less complicated compared to the previous Rayman games. The first three worlds in Rayman Legends are easy to achieve. Enemies are situated in very few numbers around Teensies in trouble. This reduces the difficulties of playing, giving the players few ways to die. The platforming is straightforward, requiring just novice platforming skills to succeed. Obstacles in the game are similar to pedestrian patterns.

History of Rayman

The Rayman Legends game is famously known as the 5th game in the main Rayman series. The game was released in the fall of the year 2013. The game, initially planned to be a Wii U exclusive, was to be a one-time launch title. Sadly it had a few delays, and the Wii U produced disappointing sales figures. It was reworked as a multiplatform game and released on all the big 7th and 8th generation video game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch as recently as 2017.

Like its predecessor, Rayman Origins, Legends was met with a lot of criticism. Rayman’s Legends game has great ratings, the graphics in the environment of the game, the fun in the gameplay, the plot, and the perks. These make completion of the Legends game levels satisfying, and the overall game worth purchasing. If you are interested in purchasing the game, here is the best place to buy it. 


The 2D Rayman games have a reputation for being hard. Some gamers were even unable to complete the games. It is upon beating the said levels that one feels a sense of accomplishment for completing something so difficult. Even though the difficulty was drawn back a little, it is still challenging, and makes people enjoy playing the game even more. Just when you think this level is your favorite, you play the next one and that one becomes your favorite. So go ahead and play the game that is totally worth playing!