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Does The Nintendo Switch Controller Work With Apple TV?

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The Nintendo Switch controller is a favorite among gamers, but what about Apple TV users? If you love all the technology that comes with Apple products, then you probably have an Apple TV. 

Along with Apple TV comes amazing perks such as games that you can play directly on your TV! The real question is, do you have to buy a specific Apple controller to play these games, or can you use your Switch controller?

The Nintendo Switch controller does not work with Apple TV. You will need to purchase a controller that is specifically designed to work with Apple TVs. 

One of the best controllers that is designed to work with Apple TV is the GameSir T4 pro wireless game controller. This controller will connect with your Apple TV without any issues, and can be purchased by clicking here

It is always best to just spend the money and buy a new controller that is designed to work properly with your Apple TV. After all, what is an extra $30 when you spent so much money on a nice Apple TV. 

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Can you pair a PS3 controller to Apple TV?

When looking for a controller that you have around the house to use with your Apple TV, you may be wondering about the PS3 controller. Obviously these controllers are wireless, but will they work with the Apple TV?

Not every bluetooth controller works with the Apple TV. This is proven as the Switch controller does not work. 

You can pair a PS3 controller to Apple TV. It is paired the same way you would pair any controller to the TV which makes it easy to do yourself. 

Just because you can pair a PS3 controller to an Apple TV does not mean that everyone knows how to do it. It can be done very quickly though if you follow the steps below. 

To pair a PS3 controller to your Apple TV, you need to go to settings > remotes and devices > bluetooth. From here you will choose other devices, and then connect your controller. Once your controller finishes connecting, you will get a notification that it has been successfully connected. 

What kind of controller do you need for Apple Arcade?

Now that you have an Apple Arcade, you may be wondering how exactly you play all of these games. The best way to play is obviously with a controller, but what controller do you need?

Some people will try and use a random controller that they have laying around the house and try to get it to work. The problem is not every controller works which can easily frustrate you. 

The Apple TV remote works with most of the games on Apple Arcade, but most people prefer to use an Apple Arcade controller. The GameSir T4 pro Wireless Game Controller is the best controller to use when using Apple Arcade. 

The best controller can be directly connected to play games on your IOS device and will work flawlessly for Apple Arcade. The best part is that this controller will not cost you that much, and can be purchased here. 

Because not every controller is built the same, I recommend going with the GameSir controller to make sure that you do not have any issues connecting your controller to Apple Arcade. You may not want to spend the money though, and simply use the Apple TV remote to play games with. 

Is the Apple Arcade worth it?

The Apple Arcade is a video game subscription service that includes games from the likes of Double Fine, Telltale Games, and more. The service costs $4 for a year of access to new and existing content. The real question people struggle with is should you sign up?

The Apple Arcade is not worth it unless you like paying for random yet old-school remakes of classic games. These games include remakes like Dungeons & Dragons and Tomb Raider. 

Some people do like playing Apple Arcade, and spending their money on it every month, but personally I would rather put the money towards online gaming with my Switch than paying monthly for Apple Arcade. 

Overall you do not get what you pay for when it comes to the amount of money that Apple Arcade costs. If it was a little cheaper, or offered different games, it may be worth it to buy. 

If you’re wanting to play some of the best classic video games though, you should absolutely check it out. If you’re looking for a service that delivers some of the best and most recent examples of “classic game rehashes,” this isn’t your best bet.

The Apple Arcade is a standalone app, and if you’re a subscriber, you can download games on any device with the Apple TV app. If gaming is your thing then all you need is your iOS device and an Apple TV with an HDMI port to get into all these great remakes and revamped classics.

Is the Apple Arcade worth it for families?

With so many people talking about Apple Arcade, you have probably wondered if it is something that would be good to try out. Thankfully you do not have to pay to try out Apple Arcade. 

Your first month of Apple Arcade is free, which allows you to try it out and see if it is something that you like and would be interested in paying for monthly. Since it’s only $5/month, is it worth it for families?

Apple Arcade is worth it for most families. This is because it can be extremely fun, and having a lot of games with no ads is a huge bonus. 

If you are thinking about getting Apple Arcade for your family, you should look into Apple One. This subscription allows you to simply pay $20/mo and gain access to Apple music, TV+, Arcade, and 200gb of iCloud storage for up to 5 people! 

This means that each person would only need to pay $4/mo for all of these added perks! Most people will pay $5-10/mo just for Apple music for one device. This is another reason that Apple Arcade is just another free perk of having an Iphone.