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Does The Nintendo Switch Require Batteries? (Battery FAQs)

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When you go to purchase a gaming console one of the first things you probably look at is what battery life the console has. This is because there’s nothing more frustrating than going to play your games only for the batteries to die after a short time. 

Because this is such an issue many people want to know how long the battery life is of every single portable gaming console. Many people also want to know the type of battery that it uses so they can have an extra set on hand in case the batteries die while they are using it. 

The Nintendo Switch only has built in batteries for the console and also the controllers. The Switch and Joy-Con controllers are charged using either the Switch Dock or the USB-C cord that comes with the Switch. 

Even though the Nintendo Switch does not take regular batteries and has a rechargeable one that is already built in, you will be happy to know that the battery itself can last up to six hours. If you are playing a game that takes a lot of ram such as Zelda though, the battery will drain faster and may only last about three hours. 

The last thing anyone wants is to purchase a gaming console that does not have a good battery and will not last very long. This is why Nintendo made the battery of the Switch where it lasts a decent amount of time even with active gaming.

Nintendo listens to what their customers want and they are extremely good about making their new gaming systems incorporate those items. Unlike other portable gaming systems that will only last a couple of hours or more will need to have the batteries replaced regularly, Nintendo made the Switch have a large battery just as the customers wanted. 

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Can I make the battery last longer in the Switch?

If you are going to be on a long trip or not around a charger for a while you will probably want to figure out a way to make your battery last longer. Although you can help make the battery last longer by dimming the screen and playing a specific game, this will not help very much. 

The easiest way to make your battery last longer for the Nintendo Switch is to purchase a Nintendo Switch power bank that attaches to your device. This power bank will easily charge your device while you are playing on it and it can give you an extra 10 hours of battery capacity. If you want to purchase this power bank you can find it by clicking here

This power bank is fairly inexpensive and provides fast charging direct to your Nintendo Switch. If you have this power bank you will not have to worry about what game you are playing or be inconvenienced by worrying about the battery of your device ever again. 

This power bank also is smaller than the Nintendo Switch and has built in clips which make it easily attached to your Nintendo Switch. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easy for traveling with it attached to your Switch. 

Can you replace the battery on a Nintendo Switch?

If you own a Nintendo Switch and for some reason the battery is dying quickly, you may be wanting to replace the battery, or figure out what is going on. This makes many people wonder if they need to return their gaming system to Nintendo or back to a store or how they would fix the issue. 

Because Nintendo listens to its customers, it made working on the Nintendo switch extremely easy. You can easily replace the battery on a Nintendo Switch in just a few minutes with a few tools. You can purchase a new battery and all of the tools that you will need to replace your battery by clicking here.

Because the process is not hard to replace the battery on the Nintendo Switch, many people will simply do it themselves rather than taking it somewhere. It not only saves money, but in the long run because it takes so little time to do it, it will also save time. 

If you notice that your battery is not lasting very long and it seems to die extremely fast, it may need to be replaced. Another way to find out if your battery needs replaced is is by feeling if the device gets extremely hot while it is charging. 

Will leaving my Nintendo Switch charging overnight hurt the battery?

If you own a Nintendo Switch then you have probably left it on the docking station overnight when you were not using it. You may have not thought anything about it until recently, as your Nintendo Switch battery seems to be dying fast or not working as good as it did originally. 

Although leaving a normal battery plugged in for too long can overcharge it and harm the battery, the Nintendo Switch has safety devices built in that stop it from charging when it is fully charged. These devices make sure that your Nintendo switch battery will not be damaged if you leave it plugged in overnight or for a long period of time when it is already fully charged. 

Nintendo does not want you to ever have to worry about your battery going bad or needing replaced which is why they put these safety devices in place. Nintendo is always thinking about the consumer and when they built the Switch, it was no different. 

Nintendo has always been known for having high quality gaming systems and devices that will last you a lifetime. The Nintendo Switch is no different as they built this gaming device for on the go use as well as a home gaming console.  


Now that you know the Nintendo switch does not take regular alkaline batteries but instead has a built in  battery, you can see why so many people rave about this gaming console. Not only that but the fact that it is an on the go console and a home gaming console, but Nintendo made it something that no one else has ever made. 

Although the Switch took a while for Nintendo to design and produce, it was well worth the wait as they did not cut any corners. They made sure that they used good quality parts for the device as well as a long lasting battery. 

If the life of the battery still is not long enough for you though, you now know how to extend the battery life on your own as well as the best portable charger to buy for your device. If your battery does need to be replaced, you also learned how to easily replace your battery in your Nintendo switch with a brand new one. 

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch there really isn’t much you can do to damage the battery because of all the safety features that Nintendo put into the device when they built it. If for some reason though your battery just does not last like it used to anymore, you do have options to replace it, or add a portable charger. 

The Nintendo Switch has brought joy to many peoples lives since it has been released, and Nintendo doesn’t want it to stop anytime soon. This is why Nintendo built the Switch with such pride, and long lasting quality parts.