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Is Nintendo Banned In Mexico?

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Have you ever wondered why a company would ban someone from selling their items? Maybe you have recently visited Mexico and realized there were no Nintendo products there. So I am sure you are wondering,

Is Nintendo banned in Mexico?

Although it is not illegal to own a Nintendo if you live in Mexico, Nintendo has banned Mexico from ever selling its products. This happened because distributors in Mexico released one of the Nintendo games early so Nintendo pulled their contract.

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Why did Nintendo ban Mexico from selling their products?

Nintendo is one of the world’s largest and best game development company. They make home video game consoles and ship them all over the world and Mexico was one of those markets where Nintendo was sold.

They released a lot of the games and consoles for Nintendo but sadly when they sold Super Smash Bros early in Mexico they got banned because they were violating Nintendo’s rules.

There are rules that Nintendo holds each region or country to that prevents them from doing exactly what Mexico did. Nintendo had a specific release date for the game to be released, and when Mexico released the game early, Nintendo punished them for it by banning sales of Nintendo products entirely in that country!

What type of game was banned?

Super Smash Brothers was the game that Mexico released early that caused them to get banned from selling Nintendo items but since the country was banned there are now NO games sold in Mexico as brand new releases!

Super Smash Bros is a series of crossover fighting video games. This game was first released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 home video game console. These games are released in different variations; the latest one is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released for the Nintendo Switch. Every variation is released for different game consoles.

The series features many characters from Nintendo’s most popular franchises, including Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, and Pokémon. The original Super Smash Bros. had only 12 playable characters, with the roster count rising for each successive game. Later it included third-party characters and Ultimate contained every character playable in the previous games.

Some characters are able to transform into different forms that have different styles of play and sets of moves. Every game in the series has been well received by critics, with much praise given to their multiplayer features, spawning a large competitive community that has been featured in several gaming tournaments.

Why did China ban video game consoles?

China banned video game consoles in their country for 15 years because they worried about the negative impact gaming might have on children. Because PC games were running in China; PCs actually became the biggest gaming platform in China.

Is Nintendo still banned in China?

According to the gamers in China they said that Nintendo uses Google servers and at this time, Google is completely banned in China. This is the reason the Nintendo Switch is still not officially available in China. Xbox and PlayStation are allowed in China though because they do not use Google servers. When the ban was lifted, China allowed next-generation consoles like the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 into their country.

If Nintendo changes its server to dedicate a new server for China, then maybe China would allow them into their country, but as of right now, that has not happened. 

Can a console get banned in the United States?

Although most consoles today do not get banned, Nintnedo does still ban certain consoles if you are found doing illegal stuff on them. The main console Nintendo has been banning as of late is the Nintendo Switch. 

When a user connects to the Nintendo multiplayer system then Nintendo identifies an individual console by a unique ID that is tied to each console. If the user of the console violates certain policies, which include things like cheating in online games, modifying platform or game software, physically modifying the hardware, or other kinds of violations, which can be detected in various ways, then Nintendo will ban the Switch. 

This ban is applied to the console itself, and thus any user attempting to use the console online, whether that user is the one who committed the violations or not will not be able to connect to the network to play online multiplayer games, send messages, etc. Even if the console is banned, it can still be played offline with physical games.

Nintendo and other game console companies do this to discourage policy violations and to prevent repeated violations. So you should be aware of that when you try to buy a used game console. Before buying a console, you will want to make sure it is not banned if you have the opportunity. Otherwise, you should buy a used console from a place where you can return your product if anything is wrong with it. Here is the best place to buy a Nintendo Switch that is not banned. 

Related Questions

Can you play Xbox or PlayStation in Mexico? 

Yes, you can currently play both consoles in Mexico. Xbox and PlayStation are still allowed in Mexico, as it was Nintendo that was punishing Mexico for releasing the game early. The Xbox One is also region free, so if you travel to Mexico or another country with your console and games then you can play them easily.

If you download a game and that game is not available or not allowed in that country, you can still play it on your console. 

Can you get banned from changing the region on Nintendo? 

Even with the proper Spot pass and Friends List settings disabled, playing online with an out-of-region game still poses some risk. A ban is still possible, although it doesn’t appear to have happened before. If it is region free though, then you have the answer. Region free means you can play it in any region, so there is no need to worry.

Are downloadable games region free?

Although most of the downloadable games are region free, if your console is not region free, you may run into problems trying to load the games or play them on your console.  If your game console is region free though, then you can move one country to another and change your region and never have to worry about any games you want to play not working.  


Now that you know about Nintendo and Mexico, you are able to tell your friends that it was Nintendo that pulled their game systems out of Mexico to punish them, and not that Mexico is punishing Nintendo. Nintendo is very smart in the way they operate, and they take the people and countries violating their rules very seriously.

They not only take it seriously for countries, but all the way down to an individual level where they have banned many people’s gaming consoles because of mods they have added, and other reasons. So if you don’t want to worry about getting your Nintendo console banned, then the best thing to do is to follow the rules and guidelines set up by Nintendo.

Following the rules allows you to stay safe as well and ensure your system will never be banned.