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Where Is The Serial Number On Arcade 1up Machines?

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Arcade 1up machines are relatively new to the market with most of them being released in the last few years. They are a much more affordable option than an original arcade machine but they are also smaller. 

The size of the unit can be a pro or con depending on your situation. They fit into your house or game room much easier but they aren’t as sturdy as the original machines and don’t have the same type of feel either. 

In this article, we will talk about the serial number of the Arcade 1up machines, and what they are used for. So…

Where is the serial number on an Arcade 1up machine?

The serial number is located on the back panel that is on top of the cabinet (it says Arcade 1up and has some other information). The serial number is a short series of letters and numbers.

The serial number for an Arcade1up machine is important so that way you can register the machine for warranty or to see exactly what type of machine you have.

You can also watch the video below to learn more about Arcade 1Up machines and serial numbers in general.

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What’s A Serial Number?

As we all know, a serial number is a unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to an item, to uniquely identify it. The pattern of the serial number of Arcade 1up machine looks like this (ABCDE-0000-000001)

To register an Arcade 1up machine, you need to know the serial number as it’s a requirement for registration.

In General, Why Do We Need Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers are unique for every product that’s manufactured and they have the ability to give outstanding stock control. It’s crucial for companies to comprehend the subtleties between a serial number and how it separates from other recognizing codes or item numbers.

Serial numbers can be spoken to as both numeric and alphanumeric and are different from item identifiers, for example, scanner tags, parcel or group numbers.

Item identifiers, a part of the serial number, show a group/lot or the particular generation run in which the item was produced.

These item identifiers are applied to the entire group/cluster, though the serial number is an unmistakable identifier allotted to singular items or you can say components. Every item will in this manner have a group number equivalent to all parts inside the machine and a serial number that is unique for every individual product that’s manufactured.

What Are The Benefits Of Serial Numbers?


Serial numbers are used for the authenticity of a product. Serial number tracking assists with the adjusting of shopper guarantees, where a serial number is recorded against a deal, and appears in a client’s buy record. 

Many times just as with counterfeit money, the serial numbers will all be the same on them. The same is true of any fake items including arcade machines. If someone is making them and copying them without the company’s consent, they more than likely will have the same serial number on all the machines. 

If they do make the machines with different serial numbers, a quick search by the company will show exactly which one is a counterfeit and which ones are the real items. That is the best thing about serial numbers, they are very unique and help stop counterfeiting. 

Tracking made easy

The main advantage of item identifiers and serial numbers is the capacity they give to track and follow everything back through its production network. When an item has been given a serial number it may be followed from the beginning all the way to the end user. 

Assembling and product production

Almost all pieces in assembling and production will have an individual serial number and the last completed piece that makes the entire machine likewise will be given its own long serial number. This detectability helps with following merchandise between distribution centers, warehouses, and retail stores. 

Item Inspection

On the off chance that an item inspection is required, the inspection can be completed by using serial numbers. A company would know whose machine needs inspecting or fixed by permitting clients to enroll the serial number of their machine on the web and by looking at which machines made the defective items.

Inventory control

Serial numbers and the tracking process they provide, have significant importance to inventory control. They provide companies with the ability to maintain quality control through providing the means that assists in addressing warranty claims or, if necessary, to administer a product recall. This video explains how using a serial number for inventory control works. 

In addition, serial numbers help facilitate better stock control through integrated tracking with other business systems and applications. These include the capability of integrating ordering, stock control and billing software.


Serial numbers improve tracking adaptability by recording the serial numbers as the item is bought and additionally when an item is sent via shipping. 

The company can tell based upon the unique serial number exactly where the item is being shipped, what the item is, how much it cost, and how much it is going to be sold for. They can even use them to determine that certain packages go on a truck to a closer location while others go on plane. 

Accuracy of stock control

The nature of serial number tracking assists with improving the accuracy of stock control by removing the requirement for numerous databases that cause a lot of confusion and errors.

Expiration dates:

Serial numbers likewise give a record of expiration and best by dates that let you oversee what stock is picked and sent, lessening the possibility of waste through perishability or outdated nature by delivering more seasoned stock first. 

The serial number can also show a stock person where the item goes, what section, and even shelf it is to be placed on. It can also tell them how many are in the case as well as when they are expected to expire. 

Although this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it really can be. As they scan the product as stocked on the shelf, the computer system will be able to see when an item is sold, how many are left in stock, when they expire, and how many are sitting waiting to be restocked. 

Although we are referring to serial numbers on an arcade machine, they can still be used in a similar fashion to show when parts normally break, and keep track of how often people need to replace a certain piece. 

Quality of product

Serial numbers also help to keep up a standard quality by allowing a supervisor to see each machine being built and when it was assembled. They can be used to find out if there are any issues and then to trace those issues back and see if a specific machine or person is responsible for some errors.

If the consumer calls in with any issues they will be able to give the technician the serial number so he knows exactly what model and item they have rather than guessing.


Now, as we all know how important a serial number can be when you buy a product, you will want to make sure to know yours and verify the product by the serial number. 

Most companies will offer a discount on future purchases, or simply have the customers fill out a form and submit it so the customer can be informed if there is a defect or recall on the item or items you purchased. 

Serial numbers and the tracking procedure they give, have huge significance to stock control. They give companies the capacity to keep up quality control through giving the means that helps with addressing guarantee claims or, if important, to regulate an item review.

Likewise, serial numbers help encourage better stock control through incorporated tracking with different business frameworks and applications. These incorporate the capacity of requesting, stock control and software used for billing.