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Will The Nintendo Switch Update In Sleep Mode?

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 Are you having trouble downloading your games quickly because your device is slow? Is there an easier way to update your Switch?  Take advantage of Sleep Mode and be able to download games faster.  

So will the Nintendo Switch update in sleep mode?

The Nintendo Switch will update just fine while in sleep mode and it will normally download faster as well. As long as your console is not completely shut off it will update. 

 So if you want to know more about this topic, you will want to continue reading this article. Also the video below will give you more information about the Nintendo Switch updating in sleep mode. 

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How to put your Nintendo Switch into sleep mode or turn off

 It’s recommended you turn off your Nintendo switch if you are not around the console for an extended period of time. Turning the device off lets the hardware rest, reset, and potentially glitch software, and allows the battery to charge faster.

You can put the Switch into sleep mode, which turns off its screen and most functions, but allows you to use the console again with a single button press. The Switch can be put in sleep mode from the controller or by pressing a button on the console itself while turning it off requires using both console and remote at once.

If you want to take a break, then the Switch’s sleep mode is a better option. This option turns off the screen and puts the console into a lower energy mode but allows you to resume playing right where you were in a few seconds.

How to completely power off a Nintendo Switch:

  • Hold the power button on top of the console down for five seconds.
  • A menu will open. In this menu select the power option.
  • Then, using the director, scroll down to turn off and press the A button. If the Switch is unlocked, you can also tap it with your finger.

Three ways to enter sleep mode on the Nintendo Switch:

  • The easiest is to push on top of the console.
  • Another way is entering sleep mode by holding down the home button on the right-hand joy-con controller, then selecting sleep mode when the pop-up window appears.
  • Lastly, from the Switch home screen, you can scroll down to the task icons at the bottom of the screen, and then select sleep mode, which is the power button icon at far right.

In every console, there are some hidden features or unnoticeable functions on the hardware and in the UI. Below are tips and tricks that will assist you to use those features so that your time with the Nintendo Switch is more enjoyable.


The Nintendo Switch dock has a light on the bottom left that lights up when it’s outputting a signal to your TV. It’s through a USB-C port where Nintendo Switches support external barriers.

The Switch charges the laptop when you plug in a Nintendo Switch to a MacBook pro. The Switch console takes approximately three hours to charge when powered off or in sleep mode.

Nintendo Switch cartridges are coated with a substance that makes them taste bad so that children won’t swallow them.

All errors your system experiences can be reviewed by going through to the system setting > support/health and safety > error history.

To see the controller’s battery percentage, select the controller’s page on the home menu.

The micro SD port is behind the kickstand. Micro SD cards don’t function with several systems. If you insert a micro SD card into a Switch after it has been used on another, you must wipe it first before it is used.

Screenshots and games can be saved on SD cards, but game save data can’t be transferred to the SD card. You can share screenshots with your friends through the use of Facebook login on the Nintendo Switch. You can have a maximum of 300 friends.

A parental controls app is not necessary. You can set parental controls without it.

You can plug in USB keyboards into the Switch dock and use it to edit text on photos.

Handheld mode

For you to see what percentage of battery you have left, you can tap the battery icon in the right corner on the home page when in handheld mode.

Pressing the off button once puts the Switch to sleep, but it doesn’t close or suspend any game or software you may have open.

To get access to sleep mode, airplane mode and the brightness settings hold down the home button.

If you don’t plan on docking the console overnight, ensure to turn off the Switch entirely instead of putting in a sleep mode.

You can double-tap a player icon on the homepage to visit their player page.           

Album and photo editing tips

More keyboards can be added to the image editor by hitting the globe button on the keyboard then hitting “Add Keyboard”.

You can also select a different language keyboard by hitting the globe in the bottom left and then choose the keyboard you like.

When previewing an image, hold the right joystick down to see a zoomed out version of the picture. To zoom in on an image, hold the right joystick forward.

Eshop and online systems

You can access different Eshops by signing in with “My Nintendo Account” set to a region. If you change your Switch’s region, game art can change if it’s different between the two areas. Even if you are connected to the internet, the user account is displayed as offline if they are not signed in an open game.

You can access Facebook through the social sign-in feature found on an individual’s profile page since the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a web browser.

You can designate your primary Nintendo Switch by going to the Eshop settings. Nintendo accounts are automatically linked to a Switch when they first sign in to a Switch. You can only download and play Eshop games on your designated primary Nintendo Switch.


New Nintendo Switches come with the genuine joy-con charged. Let your controllers charge for a bit when you first open the console. To stop any issues you may have with the joy-con, try not to block the joy-con from the line of sight with the Switch.

Joy-cons works natively with android windows and mac, but you will need a third-party app to help the device recognize the joy-con button arrangement.  


So, in this article we have shown you that sleep mode doesn’t affect Nintendo’s update. In fact it works faster. You’ve also learned about how to put your device into sleep mode. And we have also listed some of the features that are hidden in every console.