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Does The Nintendo Switch Charge In Sleep Mode?

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The Nintendo Switch has taken over much of the gaming world. With its portable design it is able to be played on the TV like the Wii or as a handheld gaming device like the DS. 

This unique and addictive gaming console comes with a special feature called sleep mode. If you aren’t going to be using your Switch for a while, leaving it on can drain the battery and so you will want to turn it off or put it in Sleep Mode. Speaking of this handy feature, if you want to charge your Switch, does it charge while in sleep mode?

The Nintendo Switch does charge if it is in sleep mode. As long as you have its chargers plugged into the console itself or the dock, a Switch in sleep mode will charge. 

You can actually charge your Switch whether it is on, off, or in sleep mode. Sleep mode allows its user to put it to “sleep” per say, instead of shutting it off completely. It turns off the screen and most of the device’s functions but once you pick it back up, you can use it again with the process of a single button. So, you don’t have to fully turn the whole thing back on again which can take longer for you to get back into your game.

Sleep Mode is convenient for shutting down your Switch for short amounts of time without turning it off completely. This allows you to just pick it up without waiting for it to turn on.

If you are running low on battery and need to charge your gaming console, you can leave it in Sleep Mode and charge it. You can also charge the Switch while it is still on if it is plugged in correctly; whether to the console itself or the docking station

If you are waiting to take a quick break but plug in your Switch to charge while you are gone, you can charge it while it is in Sleep Mode.

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Can you charge the Switch while it is off?

Eventually, your Nintendo Switch will need to be charged. As you play it, the battery drains and there will come a time when you need to plug the device in to charge the battery so you can continue playing your games. 

When it comes time to charge your Switch you are probably curious if you can charge the Switch while it is turned off. We know about sleep mode, but what about if it is turned completely off?

You can charge the Switch while it is off. Just be sure to correctly plug it into the wall outlet or docking station and you can leave the device off and charge it at the same time. This is especially helpful for overnight charging.

If you are playing on the TV, you can dock the Switch and plug it into its charger so it charges while you are playing. You can also plug the USB charging cable into the Switch while using it in handheld mode. 

When you are charging your Nintendo Switch, remember to always plug it in correctly. If the console or docking station isn’t plugged in, it won’t charge. To charge the Switch make sure that the USB plug is plugged into the USB connector on the bottom of the console and this is connected to an AC Adapter which is plugged into the wall outlet. 

Another way to change the Switch is to utilize its docking station. First, connect the USB plug from the AC adapter into the top plug that is labeled AC Adapter. Close the cover and dock the Switch making sure that the screen is facing the same direction as the dock’s front panel. Then just connect the AC adapter into the wall outlet. 

You can use both of these ways to charge your Switch, either way, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge the device. But, then you get 20 hours of gameplay! So, you can charge the Switch while it is on, off, or in Sleep Mode.

Is it ok to leave the Switch in Sleep Mode?

You enjoy playing your Nintendo Switch but there are times when you need to take a break from it. If you are setting the Switch down for a little bit, but don’t want to shut it off completely, this is when you use Sleep Mode. If you aren’t going to be using the Switch for a while, is it ok to leave it in Sleep Mode?

It is ok, to leave the Switch in Sleep Mode. Although this mode is convenient for times when you will return shortly to your game, it won’t harm the device in any way. It will, however, drain the battery.

The Nintendo Switch will charge while it’s in Sleep Mode as long as it is probably plugged into a wall outlet via a charging cable or set on a plugged in dock. You can charge this portable gaming console if it is on, off, or in Sleep mode. 

Sleep Mode is super handy because you can just leave the device and come back to it whenever you want. It’s meant to be used when you’re taking short breaks but it won’t hurt the battery if you leave it for a long time. 

It is still best to just turn it off if you won’t be playing for some time since a single button press can “wake” the Switch up from Sleep Mode. This way, you can keep playing without turning it off completely.

While Sleep Mode is a great feature for wherever you take a little break from the device, you will want to turn it off if you are leaving it for a long time. Leaving the Switch in Sleep Mode still drains the battery so you can pick it up again to find it running low on juice. 

You can however charge the decide while it’s in Sleep mode to avoid this problem. Still, it’s a good idea to just turn the console off all the way until you are going to use it again. It doesn’t take too long to turn back on. So, it’s ok to leave your Switch in Sleep mode. 

Nintendo Switches are fun and entertaining. You can challenge your family and friends in exciting games on the TV or use it to play solo as a handheld gaming console. 

The Sleep Mode future helps you to be able to shut off the screen and most of the device’s functions so you can return and begin to play again with the press of a button. If your Switch is running low on battery and you want to charge it while it’s in Sleep Mode, you can!