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Is Nintendo Switch Fragile Or Durable?

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A commonly asked question about the Nintendo Switch is how easily it breaks. The Joy-Cons on this popular gaming console seem so small and if it’s portable and able to be taken anywhere with you, it is bound to be dropped a lot. So, is the Nintendo Switch fragile or durable?

The Nintendo Switch’s system is durable. It takes deliberate force to break it such as dropping it from a high place or purposefully scratch it up. 

Even though some may say that the Nintendo Switch is fragile, it can actually handle a lot. This is good since it is used a lot by kids and can be easily dropped. 

Not only kids like to play the Nintendo Switch though. Teens and adults also enjoy this gaming system. They may throw it into a backpack or purse to take with them, but this can cause a problem. 

Sharp objects that are in the bag or purse can easily scratch the Switch screen. This is why a screen protector is highly recommended. All in all, the Switch is hard to actually break unless you are purposely breaking it. 

It will take a lot of force to break off the Joy-Cons or to break the device itself. Even though some scratches may occur on the screen,it does not affect the ability to play the device. This is why the Nintendo Switch is durable

Still not sure if the Nintendo Switch is durable? You can find a durability video on the Nintendo Switch below. 

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How durable is the Nintendo Switch?

Some say that the Nintendo Switch is fragile but this is really only true if you don’t care for your device properly. If you treat the Switch with care, then it will last for longer than if you were to throw it around. So just how durable is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is pretty durable unless you don’t care for it properly. After years of use, it is possible for things to break on the console and the screen is easily scratched, but overall, the Switch is a durable device.

Although the system is durable, the screen is easily scratched. The Joy-Cons may break or start to drift over time and have been known to experience some cracks along the vents and back corners of the device. 

Overall, the Switch is actually pretty durable. The Switch’s console and Joy-Cons are durable and are hard to damage. Its screen is made of plastic and won’t shatter like glass would if broken. 

Because it is made from plastic, it can be easily scratched and a screen protector is probably needed.  A screen protector is probably a necessary thing to buy for your Nintendo Switch because of how easily the screen is scratched. You can purchase a screen protector for your Switch by clicking here

You don’t want to chance dropping it or putting it in a bag only for it to be scratched by your car keys. You can’t break the Switch by bending it or accidently ripping off the Joy-Cons. So overall, the Nintendo Switch is durable.

Do Nintendo Switches break easily?

Maybe you tend to drop your phone and other devices often or your kids are seen dropping the new and expensive Switch a lot. You don’t want something to accidentally happen to it and so you wonder, do Nintendo Switches break easily?

Nintendo Switches don’t break easily unless you drop it from high up or intentionally try to break it. You will want a screen protector and if you think you may drop it often, a case. 

So, the Switch is durable and the screen easily scratched but what about the Joy-Cons? These are made of plastic and are also easily scratched. On the other hand, the Joy-Con’s joystick is really thick and able to handle years of gameplay. 

You will never have to worry about the buttons on the top of the Joy-Con. This is because the letters won’t rub off of them because they are made into the button not just printed on them. So if you are an avid gamer who plays pretty intensely, you don’t have to worry about the letters rubbing off.

For the system itself to be scratched, you will have to do so deliberately. The vents at the bottom of the console are easily torn, so you will want to be careful when cleaning the console. 

The kickstand for the Switch is easily popped off, but you can pop right back into place. When the Joy-Cons are in the grip, they are durable and won’t break unless you mean to break them.

Where the Joy-Cons attach to the Switch’s console is made of metal and is very sturdy. Even though the Joy-Con part is made of plastic, it’s hard to break this part of the gaming device. So, just because the Nintendo Switches are made to be portable, does not mean that they break easily.

Is the Switch screen durable?

The Switch’s screen is made out of plastic and not glass. This means that it can be easily scattered but also means that it won’t shatter whenever it is dropped making it perfect for taking on the go. So, is the Switch’s screen durable? 

The Nintendo Switch’s screen isn’t too durable. Its plastic screen can be easily scratched but fortunately won’t shatter the way glass will when it is broken.

This is why you may need to purchase a screen protector if you are going to be throwing it into bags, or your pocket. You just never know when you or your kid will drop the device and so the screen being made of plastic is better for this reason.

The screen can get scratched if you just toss it into a bag with keys or other sharp objects. This is why it is recommended to get a screen protector as well as a protective case for your Switch to keep it in good condition. 

If your device’s screen ends up breaking, you can always just dock it and use it only on a TV. It will still work this way. You should know that the plastic on the end of the dock rubs up against the screen whenever it is docked meaning that it can scratch the screen. 

Though the scratches will be on the black part of the screen and not visible on the display as you play the handheld device, investing in a screen protector can help. So, the Nintendo Switch’s screen isn’t as durable as the console but a cheap screen protector will fix the issues.