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Can a Slate Pool Table Be Warped?

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Have you ever been playing pool and you noticed that the table was not level? Maybe you found out that your slate is not right. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about a slate pool table. 

So can a slate pool table be warped?

Although some people think pool tables are indestructible, they actually can be warped. A pool table can be warped for reasons such as abuse, or slamming pool balls on the table. 

If you want to know more about a slate pool table being warped and how to fix it, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video that will show you exactly how a pool table is made. 

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Why is a slate used on a pool table?

The pool table is one of the most essential materials needed to play a pool game. Without a  pool table, you are limited to only using your imagination to play a pool game. One of the preferred materials used for the table bed is Slate.  

The World Pool-Billiard Association Tournament Table and Equipment Specifications has specified that the table bed is considered to be underneath the cloth. This table bed can be made from slate. Although a slate pool table may be initially more expensive to buy, it is more durable than a pool table made from non-slate material. 

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Can a slate pool table warp?

If you look for slate pool tables, you can see two different varieties of tables – a one piece pool slate, and a three-piece pool slate table. One-piece slate tables have a large, seamless slab. This makes it more difficult to move and it also tends to warp over time. 

Conversely, there are some tables that have a separate three-piece slate. This allows the pool table to be leveled even if the table is on an unlevel floor. In addition, since these individual pieces are not as heavy in weight, the three-piece slate does not tend to warp as easily. 

A pool table can warp for a variety of reasons. It can warp if you abuse your pool equipment. This means that if the players continuously drop the cue balls onto the table, damage will occur. Dropping cue balls on the table can also cause damage to the stone underneath the table. In order to avoid this, you should first learn how to play pool properly and be conscious of using cue balls properly. 

You should also ensure that children are taught the correct way to handle cue balls, and other pool table equipment for their own safety and to also minimize damage caused to your pool table. 

Another way that a pool table can become warped is by exposing it to water.  For example, if you place drinks on the pool table, the condensation from the glass could cause your pool table to become damaged. If the slate table is exposed continuously to water for other reasons, it can begin to absorb that water which will result in warping. 

Hot temperatures are also not good for your pool table as they may cause your pool table to absorb moisture as well.

Can warping be repaired?

If you see that your cue balls are not stopping properly, or going in abnormal directions, you might have a pool table that is warped.  If you discover that your table is warped, you can get it repaired. In order to repair your pool table, you must first check that no other factors are wrong. You should first test whether the floor surface is perfectly level or not. You should also check the felt. 

Sometimes, there may be problems with your pool table felt that is causing the surface to appear warped. If you find that all of these factors are okay, but still there is a problem, you can be sure that your slate is warped.

Repairing your pool table depends on how the table has been warped. You can re-level the slate with minor crowns to maintain a proper surface. However, if the slate is warped more prominently, then it will be harder for you to repair. You can read below for some ideas on how to fix your warped table. 

If these ideas fail, then you should contact a professional to fix your warped pool table. 

How to fix a warped pool table?

As mentioned before, there are both slate pool tables, and non slate pool tables. If your pool table seems to be warped, you need to determine what kind of material it is made out of. If you find that your pool table is made out of slate and is warped, these tables can generally be leveled easily. Of course there could be other factors that decide how easily your warped pool table is to fix, but here are some general ideas to help you fix your warped pool table made of slate. 

 First, you should check the bottom plate. You should check to see whether you can turn it to level the table or not. If you cannot find any bottom plate, try to look for other leveling mechanisms. In order to get the table level, you can adjust any other mechanisms included on your table. You can also utilize four 2-foot-long levels. This is to check where the low spot is on the playing surface. On each side, you can place one level and then identify the low spot.  

If you can see where the levels are indicating the low spot, you can help level the table by shimming the low side of the pool table with a piece of wood. Then, you can slowly roll a cue ball in different directions on the pool table to make sure the ball rolls properly.  

If you still find that the surface appears warped, you can then remove the felt covering. You should do this very carefully to avoid creating spots onto the pool table surface. Once you remove the slate from the table, you will most likely see a plywood surface underneath as they are generally installed into three-piece slate. 

In order to fix the warping of your plywood surface, you will want to place it on a flat and level surface. Then, you can pour water on it and be sure the plywood is completely wet. Next, you will want to weigh down the wood using flat, large, heavy stones or other heavyweights. You should allow the plywood surface to dry being weighed down so that all of the warpings will be removed.

If this fixes your warped plywood surface, you will have to replace the flattened boards back into the pool table. Once you replace the boards, you should again test the table surface to check whether it is flat enough. You can roll your cue ball in different directions to ensure your surface is level.  Finally, you can use spray adhesive to re-apply the pool table felt cover. You should then once again recheck the table surface after recovering the felt to ensure that nothing else appears warped. 


Although some people think pool tables are indestructible, they actually can be warped. A pool table can be warped for reasons such as abuse, or slamming pool balls on the table. Even if you find that your slate pool table is warped, it can be repaired. There are some different factors to check and fix to repair a warped pool table. If you find that your pool table is still warped after trying these ideas, you can also call a professional to repair it.