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Can You Get Banned From Xbox Live For Team Killing?

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Have you ever been playing on Xbox live and been killed by your own teammate? Maybe they do it on purpose and are just going around doing it for the fun of it! Well we are going to let you know if you can get them banned for doing just that! 

So can you get banned from Xbox Live for team killing?

Although the people who go around killing their own teammates should be banned, there is no rule or regulation that states a person killing their own team can be banned. The only way they can be banned is if they break one of the other rules that we will go over below. 

If you want to know all the rules about what you can get banned on the Xbox for doing, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video that goes over the things that will get you banned if you do them while playing on Xbox live. 

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What is team killing?

Team killing is when a person that is on a team goes around killing their own team memebers. It used to be that games didn’t allow friendly fire but some newer online games let you kill teammates to make the game itself more realistic. Afterall, if it was the real world you couldn’t just shoot through your teammates to kill the opposing player without hurting your teammate too.

Why do people team kill?

Honestly there is no reasonable explanation about why someone would kill their own teammate besides either an accident or just to be a troll. Those are really the only two possible options.

Games are just meant to be for fun and that is how that particular user decides to have some fun… by annoying everyone else on their team.

What can be done about a team killer?

Team killing is not strictly against the Xbox terms of service or code of conduct however, if you report the person and they get reported enough Xbox has said that it will ding their reputation but that takes time to do anything.

There is no immediate solution at least where reporting them will get something done immediately but after the person gets reported over and over again eventually they will start being paired with other people with poor reputations.

If the team killing happens on a game that is via its own servers and not Xboxs then it is worthwhile to reach out to their support staff and see if anything can be done about team killing on there.

Why do accounts get banned?

People who are used to online gaming would know the importance that Xbox brings to the online gaming platform. For a lot of gamers, the news that his Xbox has been banned is almost equivalent to the news that someone close to them has passed away. The most irritating thing about these bans is that for the most part they are given for highly unnecessary reasons. An example of these bans is that there have been people that have been banned for cursing while playing online, but yet Xbox has allowed some people to have obscene usernames that everyone can see while playing the entire game. People have also been banned from using the same words that are said while playing the game in campaign mode. 

On the other hand, some accounts may get reported and banned based on even a slight digression from the rules and regulations put forward by the Xbox manufacturing company. The major online gaming platforms do have a team that investigates what is illegal in such cases which reduces the chances of being banned when you didn’t deserve it. 

 How to know if your device has been banned?

How are you to know if your device has been banned? Well for that you do not need to research much as once your device is banned you will receive a notification through email stating why you were banned. A generalised format of the notifications could be as follows: 

  1. Xbox 360: This console has been banned for violating the company’s Terms of Use. Resources are unavailable at the moment and concerned details are withheld keeping the security of the members and the services of the Xbox company in mind.
  1. Xbox . Such a turn of events may have occurred because the term of use of the company might have been violated or disrupted by the user of the concerned console.

If instead of banning your device, your account was to be suspended, which is sometimes the case keeping the severity of violations of rules in mind, then you would also receive an email informing you about the violation. The following are some generalised version of the emails the user might receive: 

  1. There was some trouble regarding the payment option. The concerned account has therefore for the time being been suspended
  1. The account has been observed to have violated some terms and conditions put forth by the company and therefore suffered a suspension

You should also be aware that once you receive this email, you will want to call the company and verify the same information. If they verify it, then you can ask them for further guidance on the matter, and about the specific infraction. 

 Types of bans and how long they last

This is another important aspect as far as the subject of banning is concerned. You must understand that not all bans last forever. A permanent ban comes way after you have been warned about the infractiona and normally after some temporary bans. Initially, if there are some illegal activities spotted on your account, the company will notify you of the same via email. After that, if the user does not abide by the rules a ban is imposed on the device. This is usually a temporary ban that is based on the extent of the violation of the terms of use. This ban can last from one to fourteen days. After the ban time is over, you will automatically be able to get back online. 

During a temporary ban, the user can still use the console as an online playing device, but what happens is that certain online features are made unavailable. These features include items such as texting while gaming, audio, and video communications and so on. On the other hand, during a permanent ban, the console can be used only for offline single-player gaming. Furthermore, during permanent bans of the devices, other accounts can also not be accessed by the banned device. Needless to say, unlike the temporary bans that get lifted after a certain time, permanent bans do not. However, usually, there are many chances offered to a user before Xbox will completely ban a user. 

 Reasons behind your device getting banned: 

The following reasons are some activities you would like to stay clear of. This is a generalised list from Xbox that tells users what they are not allowed to do while playing on the system. 

  1. Cheating in games is an act strictly prohibited. Such cases include cheating via some mods, or exploitation of some game glitches.  
  1. Tampering with any account, be it one’s own or someone else’s. This includes hacking into some other account as well. This will lead to the banning of the user’s console as well as result in the legally punishable act of cybercrime. 
  1. Other issues for suspension of an account may be a solicitation, market theft, phishing, Impersonation, and so on. 
  1. Usage of abusive languages or obscene or offensive words in a user’s account name can also be the reason for banning a device. The company usually takes these kinds of issues quite seriously to maintain a friendly environment.
  1. Uploading Offensive or abusive contents can also result in the suspension of an account or maybe even banning the console. 


Now that you know that it isn’t against the rules for someone to kill their own teammates while playing Xbox live, you will just have to keep playing and play on a different game than with the people who continue to kill their teammates. If you really want to try and get the person or people banned, you now know the rules and regulations of Xbox so you can catch them breaking them. If you get them to send you a message with a curse word or hear them using cursing while playing, you can report them as well to try and get them banned. Although it can be hard to pinpoint a person who cusses at you, if you get them to say it over a message, then you have proof that Xbox can look at, to ban the user. 

Although those people who kill their teammates are annoying, there is no denying that playing games on the Xbox live platform is something that is always fun, and a great way to pass time while playing against friends, and sometimes even strangers.