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How Do You Play Japanese Sega Saturn Games?

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Do you own a Sega Saturn, and thought about playing games from Japan? Maybe you prefer to play the Japanese games but you can never get them to work. 

So how do you play Japanese Sega Saturn games?

Although the Sega Saturn was not made to allow Japanese games to play on the system, we will show you how to play them in this article. There are a few different ways which include modding your console.

If you want to know more about the game cartridge and what it does, as well as the best Japanese games for the Saturn, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to learn what the Saturn cartridge does. 

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Why Can’t The Saturn Play Japanese Games?

To start with, you won’t have the option to play imported Japanese games, which implies you’ll miss a great deal of 2D shooters and many other great games. Also you will have issues because TVs in Japan have an invigorated pace of 50 Hz compared with 60 Hz in American sets.

This means that the ineffectively tuned titles will run slow and it may have dark bars at the top side and base of the screen.

To avoid this from happening, you can simply buy a special cartridge to fix the issue. Once you have the Action Replay cartridge in your system, you will simply put in the game you want to play and turn on the console. 

The cartridge will then pull up the game and you will have options of what you want to do. You can choose to play the game, or manage your memory as this is a memory card as well, as well as add cheat codes for the games you play.

Yes you read that right, this cartridge has built in cheat codes for all of the popular games that can be added with just a click of the button. 

This cartridge really is amazing with all the stuff this little cartridge does for you for the price that it is. The best thing about this cartridge is that it is a good price and allows us to play any game we want from any region without any hesitation!

In today’s day and age, something like this is normally hard to find, so be sure you get yours before they sell out.

The Best Japanese games for the Saturn

The cool thing is, Sega has a colossal online network of fans and acolytes. Destinations like Racquet Boy and Sega-16 are data mining and have a large group of discussions that incorporate benevolent and proficient fans. Saturn may have fizzled, yet it dropped around 1,000 titles (more than 250 of them in PAL territories).

For shooters, anything by Cave, Toaplan or Treasure is worth getting. Brilliant Silvergun, Battle Garegga, Batsugun (ostensibly the principal slug hellfire game), Darius and DoDonPachi are the key titles. Here is also a video that explains the top Sega Saturn games that were made for Japan that you can now play on your console. 

Although most people love the games that were made for the Saturn here in the United States, there are others who like the variety of games that are brought to the Saturns world by playing in a different region.

Not only are these games fun to play, but there are quite a few popular ones as well that were released in Japan and not anywhere else. 

History Of The Sega Saturn

So basically the Sega Saturn is developed by Japan and was released in Japan, on November 22, 1994. It is a 32 bit and fifth generation video game console designed to be played in peoples homes.

After the Japanese, it was developed and released in North America on May 11, 1995. After that Europe developed and released it on November 22, 1994. This game was released after the Sega Genesis and it actually became very successful at the time of development.

The Japanese Sega Saturn game has eight processors and a dual CPU architecture. The Sega Saturn is available with CD-ROM format for the games. Its game library is quite large, and has some great games.

The designers of the Sega Saturn used the best electronics from the company Hitachi in the designing of it. When they developed and released this game in Japan, it was instantly popular, and flew off all of the shelves.

It seemed like an overnight success!  Sadly it was not such a big seller in the United States as the PlayStation released soon after the Saturn. 

Although Sega itself developed and launched so many games with this console, they also used third party manufacturers to produce games. 

Some of the best games for the Satun are: 

  • Night into Dreams
  • Virtua Fighter series, 
  • The Panzer Dragoon series. 

Here is also a video of the top ten games for the Sega Saturn

Surprisingly there is no menu. The way it works is that it sends you into the CD player menu (like when you haven’t embedded a CD or the CD drive entryway is open) first and from that point, the framework will perceive your diverse district circle as a Saturn game.

From that point, you simply click on the Saturn CD-ROM symbol and the game will begin. 


Now that you know about the Action Replay cartridge, you can freely play any games you want for the Sega Ssatun. Although this may not sound like a big deal to some people, this is a lot of people’s lives as they did not release near as many games for the United States as they did in Japan. 

This cartridge is extremely easy to use, and is definitely a must have for anyone who owns a Sega Saturn. Even if you don’t want it for the ability to play Japanese games, you can still use it to free up space on your Saturn with the memory capability of it. 

You can also use the card to upload cheap codes to your favorite games that you already play. These cheat codes can be anything from unlimited lives to playing a game underwater.

This cartridge has it all, and is definitely a must have for anyone who owns the Sega Saturn. 

If for some reason you do not own a Sega Saturn, you are probably realizing you should probably get one to enjoy all of these cool games for it.

Not only is the Sega Saturn a great console with great games, it was so popular, it sold over 9 million consoles. So no matter if you love Sega, or if you are just learning about the greatest console of all time, you will definitely want to add this to your collection.

If you love to play imports, then the Sega Saturn is also the best console for you as well as they made so many Japanese games for the console compared to any other console.