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Are Nintendo Switch Games Downloadable?

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the best selling gaming consoles that Nintendo has ever created. One of the things that made this console so popular and set it apart from all the other consoles is that it can be used on the go in a handheld mode, or it can be used docked and connected to a TV. 

If that sounds like the best of both worlds when it comes to a gaming console, you would not be wrong. Something like this has never been accomplished before. Because Nintendo created the Switch to perfection, it was an instant best seller. 

The Nintendo Switch immediately sold out as soon as the item hit the shelves. Every single gamer and Nintendo fan wanted the Nintendo Switch. 

The problem became when people could not get a hold of the Switch because they were always sold out! People would even go and buy the console just to resell it for 2-3 times what they paid. 

If you were lucky enough to get the Switch, or you are thinking about getting one, you probably want to know about the games for the console. If the console can be used on the go, but you still have to carry around games with you, it still isn’t that great of a console. 

This is why so many people are asking about the Nintendo Switch games and if you can download them, or if you have to carry the physical ones with you. 

The Nintendo Switch games are downloadable. You can simply purchase the digital versions of the games through the Nintendo Eshop on the Switch. 

This means that you will not have to worry about grabbing games for the day when you walk out the door. All you will have to do is to simply grab the Switch and be on your way. 

This is exactly the way that Nintendo wanted it. They did not want you to worry about carrying games with you when you owned the Switch. They wanted you to have the freedom to simply grab the Switch from the dock and immediately be on the go playing the exact same game you were on the TV moments before. 

Another thing to consider is the cost of Switch downloadable games which we discuss here.

While other consoles have tried to create something like this, Nintendo was the first one that has ever made the device, and brought it to market. Nintendo made the Switch with its customers in mind, and revolutionized the gaming world! 

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Are all Switch games digital?

Because you know that the Switch has digital games so you can easily take the console on the go, you may be wondering if all of the games that are made for the Switch are only digital. This is very important because some people want to own physical copies of their games because they do not like everything being digital. 

Some people actually prefer to hold the games in their hands and to put them into the consoles rather than going to a digital album and loading the game they want to play. Most of the time the people that think this way are the people who like to buy stuff super cheap. 

They would rather have a physical copy of the game so if they ever decided to sell it, they could do so online, or sell it to one of their friends. If you have a digital game that you download, you are not allowed to sell it, or transfer it to anyone else. 

This means that if you buy a digital game for $20 and a physical copy of the exact same game for $30, if you go to sell the physical copy of the game for $20 when you are done using it, you only paid $10 for the game. 

So if you are purchasing a Switch, it is very important to know if the games are all digital, or if you can use physical ones on the Switch as well. 

Most Nintendo Switch games are made in digital and physical forms. This gives you the option to choose if you want the digital copy of the game, or the physical. 

Giving people the option to have either a digital game on their device, or use a physical copy was just another way that Nintendo showed it was listening to its customers. This is because they knew that some of their customers like having physical copies of the games. 

With both the Switch and the Switch Lite you can download games or use the actual cartridges.

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Will I lose my game if I use a digital copy instead of a physical one?

Many people start off with physical copies of games fir their Switch. This is normally because you can buy older Switch games for a few dollars online, or one of their friends had the game and gave it to them. 

The question that people have is if they have a physical copy of a game, and they are playing it, and want to go to a digital version, will they lose everything they have done in that game so far? 

This is a very valid question as the last thing anyone wants to do is lose all of their saved data when they change over to a digital version of the game instead of the physical version. 

You will not lose any data from the game if you change from using a physical version to a digital version. This is because the data is stored on the device and not on the physical cartridge. 

Now that you know you will not lose anything by changing over, there really isn’t anything stopping you from going digital with your Switch. Many people love having all of their games digitally stored on the console or SD card

They prefer this over having physical copies because they always have all of the games with them, no matter where they are. They also do not have to worry about forgetting a game, or losing it when they are on the go. 

So if you were wondering about changing from one to the other, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Nintendo made sure that you would not lose anything and that you could pick up right where you left off in the game.