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Can Pool Table Felt Be Ironed?

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Have you ever purchased a pool table and the felt got wrinkled when you were transporting the table? Maybe you have tried everything to get it to lay flat, but it still has wrinkles! Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about pool table felt and how to get the wrinkles out. 

So can pool table felt be ironed?

Although some people think felt is a synthetic material and will melt if it is ironed, they are wrong. Pool table felt can be Ironed with any regular iron. You will want to start with the lowest temperature though and work your way up so you do not scorch the felt. 

If you want to know more about pool table felt, and how to iron it, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see exactly the best way to brush and iron your table felt. 

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What is pool table felt?

The table felt means the cloth of a pool table that can be seen in a pool game and it is one of the most versatile elements of the table.  You need a quality pool table felt on your pool table in order to play properly. 

While playing pool, your felt may begin to get wrinkled over time. there will be some dirt and dust that will also create some problems when you are trying to play. To fix this problem, you can brush and iron your table felt. Proper ironing will help you perform a proper cleaning and both of those will make your game of pool much more fun. 

Pool table felt is one of the most important elements for a table. The felt is pretty affordable in cost but most people think that the felt is super expensive, but if you buy some here, you can get it for the entire table without breaking the bank! 

You can find pool table felt at any pool table shop as well as online. You can go to a pool table store and ask for pool table felt if you want, but most people just purchase it online. If you have owned your pool table for a while, you have probably had your pool table felt get dirty at some point. 

If this happens, the pool balls cannot run properly on the pool table’s surface. It seems to be an obstacle against playing the game and that’s why you should brush the pool table felt off and iron it.

You can use some handy tips when you are working with this versatile element. If you keep the table felt for a long time in one certain place, then it may get wrinkled. If you are just getting a new table, the felt at that point may be wrinkled as well. If that happens, you should iron the pool table-felt. 

While ironing you can set the temperature of the iron you are using. Depending on the fiber content of the pool table felt, will depend upon how hot the iron needs to be. You can read the instructions for ironing when you get the felt. 

If you do not have instructions, you can simply start at a lower temperature and work your way up to a hotter one. 

Because you can easily control the temperature you can protect your table felt from getting burned.  You will want to start out at a lower temperature than you do with clothes when ironing felt. While you are ironing, you can gradually increase the temperature based on your needs. 

For your felt, you should not use the water with iron steaming. However, if you are not sure about your ironing process, you can test it beforehand or watch the many videos on Youtube detailing how to do it properly. 

Can I iron pool table felt with a normal iron?

A pool table cloth or felt can be ironed and you can do it with an ordinary iron or a flat iron. You should iron with a normal iron only if you cannot find a pool table felt iron. No matter what iron you use, you will need to be conscious all the time about how long you have been ironing. If you are not, you may cause some damage to the table’s felt by leaving the iron on it for too long. 

If your iron is filled with water, you have to be sure to use it properly. Be sure, you do not accidentally sprinkle water on the felt. While you are ironing with a normal iron, you must be careful on the bumper as well so you do not melt the plastic of the bumper. The easiest thing to do is to simply not touch the bumper with the iron. If you do, the bumper will very easily get damaged. 

If you are using a regular iron, it is harder to manage the temperature, so you will need to be extremely careful. As the table felt can be easily burned you should make sure that the iron is not too hot beforehand by putting the iron on ordinary paper to check the heat. 

The best way to iron pool table felt

Pool table felt is one of the most important elements of a pool table. It enhances the quality of playing pool games and the pool table felt can be ironed although most people never actually iron theirs. You should always iron it in a uniform manner. You should be conscious of the fact that the surface of the pool table should not be affected as long as you do not have the heat up too high. 

If you iron a pool table with chalk residue or hidden dirt, it will affect the movement of the pool balls and if you do not clean the dirt properly, it will cause damage to your felt as well. 

Here are a few steps that you can follow to iron your felt properly. 

First, you will have to make sure that you have cleaned all of the dirt off the table. Sweeping it out to the end of the table is the easiest. This is the best way of cleaning the dirt off.

Second, you can block, brush, and iron the felt. You should brush the table with a maize material as if you are ironing the pool table felt. You should set the temperature of the iron to a suitable range. The range is between 290-300F. 

You can check the hotness on a piece of paper. If the paper burns, then the iron is too hot. 

After setting it, you can place the iron surface on the pool table felt. Once you have finished ironing the pool table felt, you can straighten each line by marking where you have ironed. It will help you to get the same smoothness over the whole table. Be conscious about over ironing as it will dry the wool and cause the felt to wear out faster. 


The cloth on the top of a pool table is also known as the pool table felt. It is very essential for playing pool games and allowing the balls to roll perfectly. Sometimes though, you can see the pool table felt gets wrinkled and dirty. It is not good for the pool table or playing if this happens because, if it gets wrinkled, then players will not be able to play properly. 

Now that you know how to properly iron and brush your felt, you can fix your pool table felt and make it look as good as the day you bought it.