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Can You Reuse Pool Table Felt?

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Have you ever wondered if you can re-use your pool table felt? Maybe it has gotten dirty or damaged, so you are wondering if it can be repaired or cleaned and then re-used?

So, can you reuse a pool table felt? 

Although it is not the easiest process, you can reuse pool table felt. There are many ways for you to clean your pool table felt to reuse for years to come and it can be easily repaired if needed as well. 

If you are interested in reading more about how to reuse your pool table felt, you will definitely want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video below to see how to repair your pool table felt. 

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What is pool table felt?

The pool table is obviously an essential part of the game of pool. Without a pool table, it is not possible to play a game of pool at all. However, the pool table felt is also an important part of a pool table. The quality of the pool table felt affects the performance of playing. If it is not good in quality, you won’t be able to play properly. Sometimes the pool table felt gets dirty and it can become damaged. 

On a pool table, you will see a piece of fabric that is normally blue or green. It is also known as the pool table felt. It is manufactured of wool and nylon and with the mixture of these materials, the manufacturer makes the table felt. 

Since the felt is such an essential part of the game pool table felt must always be in good condition and of a good quality. It should be as fresh and clean as possible as well. A good quality pool table felt will enhance your playing quality immensely. 

You can find a lot of pool table felt locally and there are also many places online where there is plenty of pool table felt to buy as well. Pool table felt is heat resistant and good felt will give you a proper playing surface. It can last three or more years depending on your usage. 

If you use your pool table three to four hours a day, it will last up to three years but if you only play it rarely it could last you decades.  

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Why do you need to reuse pool table felt?

There are multiple reasons for wanting to fix the pool table felt. You can either replace or reuse pool table felt with the difference being that when you replace pool table felt, you are completely removing the current felt, and purchasing a brand new felt to recover your pool table. When you reuse your pool table felt, you are removing the current felt, cleaning it, fixing it, or doing whatever else you need to do, and then putting it back on your pool table. 

This can end up saving you money in the long run, although it is a more involved process. You will want to identify whether you have the time and skill to reuse your pool table felt or not. If you do not, it might be more beneficial to just replace it and have a professional handle the entire process. 

The main reasons for which players replace their felt damage, stains, or even color. Some players want to change the color to match their decor, or to be unique. Though pool table felt can be fine to use regularly for 3-5 years, some people might want to change their pool table felt earlier. There are also times when the pool table felt needs to be fixed because it is worn or damaged. It can start pilling, can be torn, or just be plain dirty. There may even be rips made in the felt because of miscues or things being set on top of the table. If your pool table felt includes any of these issues, it may be time to fix it so that you can get back to playing pool on a smooth surface again. 

What should you consider before replacing your pool table felt? 

Before you decide to replace your pool table felt, you should consider various factors. While it may sound easy to replace your felt, it is actually a detailed process. When you remove your pool table felt, you need to be prepared to staple it, or even glue it back on to the table once it is repaired or cleaned. While stapling is the easiest way, it can be more expensive. You may need to have a staple gun for stapling it back on an you may also need to buy a proper adhesive if you glue it onto your table. 

You will certainly need helping hands to replace your pool table felt once you are done cleaning it. You want your pool table felt to be firm and stretched tightly against your table, which will mean that you will need several people to help you stretch it across the area. 

Either process will depend on the needs of your pool table felt. If your table is made with slate, you can use the gluing process. Slate is a thick piece of stone that makes it easier to install. When your felt surface is made out of MDF, or Medium density fiber wood, stapling is normally used. 

Once you remove your pool table felt, there are different instructions you can follow to clean your felt. Be careful to do your research before cleaning it to ensure that you do not cause more damage to the felt. There are also a variety of ways that you can dye your pool table felt. This can be useful when you want to change the look of your pool table felt, but don’t actually want to buy entirely new felt. 

There is also research to help you fix rips in your pool table felt without even removing the felt from the table. Again, while there are a variety of ways that you can remove, clean, dye, or fix damaged areas on your felt and then reuse that felt, you will want to do important research to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the felt that might end up costing you more money than you wanted or needed to spend. 


Pool table felt is one of the most important parts of a pool table. Depending on the felt’s quality, you can play smoothly or it can be a rough game. But sometimes, the felt will get damaged. At that time you can reuse it if it isn’t too old and the damage to it is not too severe.

Repairing or cleaning the felt without removing it is a better optionIt is a better option but, sometimes it can be that there is serious damage that is not repairable. At that time, you must have to replace it with brand new felt. 

I personally recommend using brand new felt if your table has been used a lot but you can reuse it, if it is in good enough condition. 

While playing pool games on your pool table, the pool table felt may get damaged or there may be something that happens to your pool table felt. When that happens, you have a couple of different options. You can either replace the felt completely and buy new felt to recover the table, or you can choose to reuse your felt. 

Reusing your felt will be more cost efficient but, you will end up spending much more time doing it. This is because you will need to remove the felt, dye it, clean it, or fix the damaged areas and then put the pool table felt back on the table. 

Before choosing either of these options, be sure to do your research and put time and consideration into your decision. While reusing the felt might sound easy, you do risk permanent damage if it is not done right.